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Figure 5 Y/C Mini Din Connector Configuration; Figure 6 Multiple Monitor Connection - Honeywell HHMC21 Installation Manual

21-inch color monitor
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The S-VHS connectors can be used with VCRs that have S-VHS input and
output connectors.
Pin 4: C Signal
Pin 2: Ground
Figure 5 - Y/C Mini DIN connector configuration
If your plan to loop the video out to another monitor, connect a cable to the
Video Out
BNC and route it to the
monitors can be connected using the loop-through feature.
Video Camera
Figure 6 - Multiple monitor connection
Connect the power cord to the back of the monitor and plug it into the power
Video In
of the second monitor. Up to three
Loop Through
Pin 3: Y Signal
Pin 1: Ground
Loop Through


Table of Contents

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