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Special Installation (pdp-507cmx); Mounting To Fittings - Pioneer PDP-507CMX Technical Manual

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3.5 Special Installation (PDP-507CMX)

The unit can be hung from or embedded in a wall. However, some installations impose additional limitations on
operating temperatures and other factors.
Examine installation methods and the ambient conditions for your installation site. Refer to sections "3.1 Installation
Site Requirements" (pg. 20), "3.2 Installation Conditions (PDP-507CMX)" (pg. 22), and "3.4 Installation Procedures"
(pg. 30) in this manual.
Measurements discussed in this manual assume the following conditions:
• A 100 % white input is supplied.
• Sufficient aging has been completed.
Make all measurements under identical conditions. The aging period required for correct measurement
is about two and a half hours, depending on the time available at the installation site.

3.5.1 Mounting to fittings

Observe the following guidelines when mounting the unit to fittings.
Notes 2 to 8 apply to all cases of mounting to fittings.
1 Remove any objects from around the panel within a distance of
300 mm.
2 Any unit deformation/warping occurring as a result of installation
should be less than 4 mm.
3 Never block or cover vents or other openings aside from those
shown as blocked in the illustrations on the following page.
4 The fittings should have a thickness of less than 20 mm.
(This limit does NOT apply to fitting in examples 1, 4, 6, and 7 on
the following page.)
5 L-shaped fittings should have a thickness of less than 100 mm.
6 The strength of the fittings should be adequate to bear the weight
of the display.
7 Take precautions to avoid sharply bending the power cable.
8 If necessary, remove the handles. When reinstalling the handles,
completely tighten the screws for safety.
✩ Operating environment for standard installation
• Ambient Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (examples 1 to 4)
✩ Operating environment for vertical installation
• Ambient Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (vertical installation:
examples 5 to 8)
✩ Operating temperatures for Upside-Down Installations
• Ambient Temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C (examples 1 to 4)
The operating temperature restrictions for the speaker system (PDP-
S53-LR) are the same regardless of whether installation is horizontal
or vertical.
For this installation, set the 'FAN CONTROL' to 'MAX' as shown in "5.4.3
Adjustment and Setting in the Integrator Mode 14) Cooling Fan Control
Setting (pg. 235)".
When INPUT2 has been selected, use input compatible signal up to
1280x1024 (60 Hz) at ambient temperature condition of 0 °C to 35 °C.
When a video card other than PDA-5003/PDA-5004 is used, the operating
temperature conditions given above may vary. Check the video card
operating instructions for the conditions.
Special Installation (Mounting to fittings)
Maximum allowable deformation/
warping is 4 mm.
Less than
20 mm
(No thickness limitations in examples 2
and 4 on the following page.)
Less than
20 mm
(No thickness limitations in examples 2
and 4 on the following page.)
(*1, *2)
Less than
100 mm
4 mm MAX
L-shaped fitting
Arrange the power
cable so that minimum
stress is placed on it.


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