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E Valuated C Onfiguration - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 User Information

Multi-function device security target
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1.4. Evaluated Configuration
The following features are enabled in the evaluated configuration:
 IIO and ODIO (the Image Overwrite Security Package)
 User Authorization
The following features are not included in the evaluated configuration:
 IPX. Network communication protocol.
 AppleTalk. Network communication protocol.
 Internet Fax. Allows the user to scan documents at the control panel,
send them to destination email addresses, or receive and print emails
with attachments.
 Network Domain Security (NDS). Network authentication protocol.
 Server Message Block (SMB). Network authentication protocol.
 Network Accounting. Allows users to manage printer usage with
detailed cost analysis capabilities.
 Network Authorization. When configured, the printer references an
anauthorization server for authorization information, such as role, for
the authenticated user.
 Reprint Saved Jobs. The Reprint Saved Jobs feature allows you to
save your print job on the printer so that you can print it at any time.
 Smart eSolutions. Suite of features that provide free services to
enable administration of metered billing and supplies replenishment
plans for printers on a network.
 Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP). Allows independent
software vendors and partners to develop personalized and
customized document management solutions. These solutions can be
integrated and accessed directly from the printer control panel.
 McAfee Embedded Control. Allows monitoring of system files to
detect and prevent unauthorized modification or execution.
Please see
more specific information about maintaining the security of this TOE.
Xerox Multi-Function Device Security Target
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Table of Contents

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