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User Data Protection – Ip Filtering (Tsf_Fdp_Filter) - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 User Information

Multi-function device security target
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Xerox Multi-Function Device Security Target User Data Protection – Disk Encryption
The TOE utilizes data encryption (AES) to support encryption and decryption
of designated portions of the hard disk where user image data files may be
temporarily stored. User Data Protection – IP Filtering (TSF_FDP_FILTER)
The TOE enforces administrator defined IPv4 filtering rules. IP filtering is not
available for IPv6. Network Security (TSF_NET_SEC)
The TOE supports the following secure communication protocols: TLS for
Web UI; SFTP and TLS for document transfers to the remote file depository;
IPsec for communication over IPv4 and IPv6; and Kerberos and TLS for
remote authentication. Information Flow Security (TSF_FLOW)
The TOE prevents unintentional transmission of data between its interfaces
and the network and/or PSTN to which the TOE is connected. Security Management (TSF_FMT)
The security functions of the TOE are managed by the system administrator
from both the LUI and WebUI. User and role management is only accessible
via the Web UI.
The TOE is capable of verifying the integrity of the TSF at the request of the
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Table of Contents

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