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Toe Function Access Control Sfp - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 User Information

Multi-function device security target
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Indicates data that are associated with a copy job.
Indicates data that are associated with an inbound (received) fax job.
Indicates data that are associated with an outbound (sent) fax job.
Indicates data that are associated with a document storage and retrieval
Indicates data that are transmitted or received over a shared-medium
Application Note:
FDP_ACC.1 for each function package that is claimed by a ST and a
Common Access Control SFP for D.FUNC and D.DOC (Operation: read). In
this ST, the SFPs for each package are combined with the Common Access
Control SFP then refined to form Table 21 (User Access Control SFP). The
User Access Control SFP represents more detail and a more restrictive
requirement than the combination of package SFPs and the Common Access
Control SFP. Hence the ST is conformant to IEEE Std. 2600.2-2009.
Application Note: A document (D.DOC) is "owned" by a User (U.User) if
that document was created or submitted to the TOE by that User. The only
exception are documents received as fax (D.DOC +faxIN), for which the
system administrators are considered as the owner. This is in conformance to
IEEE Std. 2600.2-2009 application note 94 and 95.
Application Note: Access control rules for the "Create" Operation are not
specified because typically, any authorized U.User can create his/her own
documents and cannot create documents that are owned by another User.
Application Note:
Table 24) does not apply to D.FUNC, and in this ST is only applicable to
D.DOC with attribute +SCN. Attribute +SMI does not apply to this SFP.

TOE Function Access Control SFP

Users (U.NORMAL) require explicit authorization from system administrators
(U.ADMINISTRATOR (System Administrator)) for them to be allowed to
perform the following TOE Functions as defined in the IEEE Std. 2600.2-2009
SFR Packages in Section 12.3 via the Web UI or the LUI:
 Print (PRT)
 Scan (SCN)
 Fax (faxIN / faxOUT)
 Copy (CPY)
 Document Storage and Retrieval (DSR)
Xerox Multi-Function Device Security Target
IEEE Std. 2600.2-2009 specifies the contents of
IEEE Std. 2600.2-2009 defined attribute +DSR (see
2013 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

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