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Table 28: Ieee 2600.2 Security Assurance Requirements - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 User Information

Multi-function device security target
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Explicitly Stated Requirements
for the TOE
FPT_FDI_EXP.1 Restricted forwarding of data to
external interfaces
Hierarchical to:
FPT_FDI_EXP.1.1 The TSF shall provide the capability to restrict data
Application Note:
following: "The ST Author can use this SFR to define the roles that are
permitted to allow unmediated transmission between Interfaces.
unmediated transmission is never allowed, "Nobody" should be instantiated
as the authorized identified roles." This extended component, as defined in
IEEE 2600.2, does not provide a mechanism for specifying authorized
identified roles. For this reason, the authorized identified role that is not
included in this extended requirement claim should be "Nobody". Additionally,
for this TOE, the restricted forwarding from the external interfaces to the
network controller are architectural design features which cannot be
configured; hence the dependencies on FMT_SMF.1 and FMT_SMR.1 are
not met.
TOE Security Assurance
Table 28 lists the security assurance requirements for "IEEE 2600.2,
Standard Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices in IEEE Std. 2600™-2008
Operational Environment B", and related SFR packages, EAL2+ augmented
with ALC_FLR.3.
Security Assurance Requirements; they are not iterated or refined from their
counterparts in CC Part 3.

Table 28: IEEE 2600.2 security assurance requirements

Assurance Class
ADV: Development
Xerox Multi-Function Device Security Target
No other components.
FMT_SMF.1 Specification of Management Functions
FMT_SMR.1 Security Roles
received on [any external Interface] from being forwarded
without further processing by the TSF to [any Shared-
medium Interface].
IEEE 2600.2 PP Application Note 116 states the
This Security Target claims conformance with these
Assurance Components
ADV_ARC.1 Security architecture description
2013 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

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