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JVC TK-WD31 Instructions Manual

Jvc color video camera instructions
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For Customer Use:
Enter below the Serial No. which is
located on the body. Retain this
information for future reference.
Model No. TK-WD310
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  Summary of Contents for JVC TK-WD31

  • Page 1 COLOR VIDEO CAMERA TK-WD310 For Customer Use: Enter below the Serial No. which is located on the body. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. TK-WD310 Serial No. INSTRUCTIONS LWT0181-001B-H...
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    These are general IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS and certain items may not apply to all appliances. IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1. Read all of these instructions. 2. Save these instructions for later use. 3. All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.
  • Page 3 8. Slots and openings in the cabinet and the back or bottom are pro- vided for ventilation, and to insure reliable operation of the appli- ance and to protect it from overheating, these openings must not be blocked or covered. The openings should never be blocked by plac- ing the appliance on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface.
  • Page 4 13. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the appliance. 14. Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords as this can result in fire or electric shock. 15. Never push objects of any kind into this appliance through cabinet slots as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock.
  • Page 5 18. When replacement parts are required, be sure the service techni- cian has used replacement parts specified by the manufacturer that have the same characteristics as the original part. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock, or other hazards. 19.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    (servicing) instructions in the litera- ture accompanying the appliance. Information for USA This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Changes or modifica- tions not approved by JVC could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...
  • Page 8: Features

    INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this product. (These instrustions are for TK-WD310U and TK-WD310E.) Before beginning to operate this unit, please read the instruction manual carefully in order to make sure that the best possible per- formance is obtained. Features Backlight compensation over a wide area is realized by the 14-bit Wide Dynamic Range feature.
  • Page 9 EASY INSTALLATION The factory default settings are intended to give easy installation. Please attach a lens, a power supply, a video cable and mount the camera securely. You should now have good images. The additional information contained in this handbook is intended to give additional flexibility to more demanding installations.
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Contents INTRODUCTION Features ... 2 Contents ... 4 Operating Precautions ... 5 Names and Operations of Parts ... 8 CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Basic System ... 13 Mounting the lens ... 14 Connections on the back ... 16 Mounting the camera ... 18 Auto iris lens adjustment ...
  • Page 11: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Operating Precautions To save energy, when it is not being used turn the system’s power off. This camera has been designed for indoor use. When you use it outdoors, be sure to use an appropriate housing. Do not install or use the camera in the following places. •...
  • Page 12 INTRODUCTION Operating Precautions (continued) The white balance (ATW) of this device is optimally set for sunlight. Proper white balance may not be achieved for artificial lighting such as fluorescent lighting, etc. If you use this camera in locations where the camera is exposed to fluorescent light, a slow color change may occur.
  • Page 13 Blemishes: Small spots are normal, the camera contains compen- sation functions for blemishes above 120 mV (p-p) in value. Please contact your JVC authorised dealer for further information. For temperatures higher than the recommended temperature, the slow shutter may not work correctly.
  • Page 14: Names And Operations Of Parts

    INTRODUCTION Names and Operations of Parts [Front and Bottom] 1 Lens mount For use with CS mount lens. (C-mount lenses require a conversion ring.) 2 Backfocus adjustment ring Adjusting the back focus during lens installation. Please refer to “Back focus adjustment” on tions on how to adjust the back focus.
  • Page 15 3 [BF LOCK] Back focus locking screw (× 2: 2 mm) This serves to fix the back focus-adjusting ring. 4 Camera-mounting bracket The bracket has been attached on the bottom of the camera before shipment. It can also be attached on the top according to the cir- cumstance.
  • Page 16 INTRODUCTION Names and Operations of Parts [Rear Panel] 8 [DC 12V, AC 24V] Power input terminals To input DC 12V or AC 24V power. 9 [VIDEO OUT] Video signal output connector This BNC connector outputs a composite video signal. Connect this to the video input connector of a video monitor, switcher, etc.
  • Page 17 A [SET] button During normal screen display, pressing and holding this button for more than 2 seconds will display the MENU screen. Page 24) During MENU screen display, this button is pressed to display or enable the selected menu item. The input digit will change when entering the camera title.
  • Page 18 INTRODUCTION Names and Operations of Parts [Side Panel] D [VIDEO/DC] Iris Selector Switch This should be set according to the type of lens if an automatic iris control lens is used. VIDEO : In case of lens with EE amp built-in. Page 20) : In case of lens without EE amp built-in.
  • Page 19: Connection/Installation Basic System

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Basic System System with up to 8 cameras Power Camera 1 cable COLOR VIDEO CAMERA Video signal cable Camera 2 COLOR VIDEO CAMERA Camera 8 COLOR VIDEO CAMERA AC24V or DC12V AC24V or DC12V AC24V or DC12V • • • • • • Switcher Monitor DVR, etc.
  • Page 20: Mounting The Lens

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Mounting the lens Mount the lens according to the procedures described below. Lens mount IRIS VIDEO COLOR VIDEO CAMERA IRIS VIDEO Ferrite core...
  • Page 21 Before mounting a lens, check whether it is CS-mount lens. Dimension (b) of the lens shown in the illustration must be as shown in the table below. If (b) exceeds the value in the table, it may dam- age the inside of the camera or correct mounting may be impos- sible;...
  • Page 22: Connections On The Back

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Connections on the back Turn off the power supply to all components before making con- nections. DC12V SEE INST- AC24V RUCTION MANUAL CLASS 2 ONLY (U TYPE) ISOLATED POWER ONLY (E TYPE) POWER VIDEO OUT Video signal cable (BNC) Connect the coaxial cables (BNC) to the VIDEO OUT connector (BNC).
  • Page 23 Power supply (DC 12 V or AC 24 V) Connect the DC 12 V or the AC 24 V power supply to the DC 12V/ AC 24V terminals. To prevent connection errors or a cable discon- nection, we recommend the use of lug plates for the connections. The following table shows the connection distances and connection cables provided that 2-conductor VVF cables (vinyl-insulated vinyl sheath cables) are used.
  • Page 24: Mounting The Camera

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Mounting the camera Camera mounting screw hole When mounting the camera on a fixer, pan/tilt, etc., use the camera mounting screw hole located on the camera-mounting bracket. CAUTION: Use the screw with a length shorter than 7mm from a camera-mounting face. Furthermore, make use of the rotation prevention hole to prevent the camera from falling and securely mount the camera.
  • Page 25 DC12V SEE INST- AC24V RUCTION MANUAL CLASS 2 ONLY (U TYPE) ISOLATED POWER ONLY (E TYPE) POWER VIDEO OUT Fall Prevention • Exercise maximum caution when installing the unit to the wall or ceiling. You should not engage in the installation work yourself. Ask a professional to do the job, since the fall of the unit can result in injuries and accidents.
  • Page 26: Auto Iris Lens Adjustment

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Auto iris lens adjustment Connect the camera according to the connection method, turn it on, display an image on the monitor, and check the image. The white bal- ance adjustment mode is selected. The camera has been factory-adjusted to the best position, but it may need to be adjusted according to the object conditions or combination of lenses.
  • Page 27 • LEVEL adjustment Monitor screen Too bright Too dark Memo If the sensitivity adjustment LEVEL is turned excessively to L, the sensitivity increases because of the AGC function of the camera, and the image looks grainy. At Low light levels, video iris lens may “Hunt”. Please adjust iris level on lens to minimise hunting.
  • Page 28: Back Focus Adjustment

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Back focus adjustment Be sure to make back-focus adjustments when changing the lens mount- ing method or using a different lens. To make accurate back focus adjustments, carry out adjustments in a state where the lens iris is released. To open the lens iris, set MODE in the FOCUS ADJUST menu screen to ON.
  • Page 29 • With a fixed-focus lens If the focus can not be adjusted correctly by rotating the lens focus ring, adjust the back focus as follows. Loosen the back focus locking screws by turning it counterclock- wise ( ) with a Phillips screwdriver. (2 locations) Shoot a pattern closely.
  • Page 30: Menu Setting Menu Settings

    MENU SETTING Menu settings POWER VIDEO OUT Cursor — — — — — — ME N U F OCU S A D J U S T . . V I D E O A D J U S T . . C AM E R A S E T T N G S...
  • Page 31 — — — V I D E O J U ST A G C B A L A N C E C O L O R L E V E L E N H A N C E L E V E L E X I T —...
  • Page 32: Menu Tree

    MENU SETTING Menu tree The menu screens are structured as shown below. — — — ME N U — — — F O C U S A D J U S T . . V I D E O A D J U S T . . C AM E R A S E T T N G S...
  • Page 33: About Menus

    About menus FOCUS ADJUST ... Used during focus adjustment of the auto iris VIDEO ADJUST ... Sets the wide dynamic range, gain, color tem- CAMERA SETTINGS ... Sets the DC iris, camera title and vertical FACTORY SETTINGS ... Restores the menu settings to the factory set- FOCUS ADJUST screen MODE Used during focus adjustment of the auto iris lens.
  • Page 34: Video Adjust Screen

    MENU SETTING VIDEO ADJUST screen WDR MODE Setting of the wide dynamic range (WDR) is performed. CUSTOM : Manually adjusts the wide dynamic range. Pressing the SET button will display the WDR CUSTOM SETTINGS screen. ( MODE1 : When shooting in a bright area outdoors MODE2 : Standard video MODE3 : To brighten the video taken indoors MODE4 : To brighten areas with little luminance in video with large...
  • Page 35: Wdr Custom Settings Screen

    WDR CUSTOM SETTINGS screen The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is adjusted manually. — — — I D E O J U ST WD R MOD E A G C MOD E WH I B A L A N C E C O L O R L E V E L E N H A N C E L E V E L...
  • Page 36 MENU SETTING VIDEO ADJUST screen (continued) Item WDR BIAS Sets the low/mid luminance level of the Wide Dynamic Range [Setting range: -36 ~ -8 ~ 36] WDR LIMIT Sets the maximum value of the Wide Dynamic Range [Setting range: 0 ~ 25 ~ 36] EXP.
  • Page 37: Agc Mode

    AGC MODE Sets the maximum gain of AGC (Auto Gain Control). You can set this device to maximum gain by the use of the slow shutter. Refer to the chart below and set according to the subject. Setting : Gain Gain 10dB Setting...
  • Page 38 Memo When raising the gain, noise will appear in the screen for dark areas. When in a dark area and setting AGC MODE to HIGH (×2) and • Video may temporarily lock or noise may be noticeable. • The entire screen may temporarily change from a dark to a bright state.
  • Page 39 MENU SETTING VIDEO ADJUST screen (continued) WHITE BALANCE The white balance adjustment mode is selected. White balance can be adjusted for lighting with color temperature in the range between 2,500K and 10,000K. : The unit will be in the Auto Tracking White Balance mode. The white balance will be adjusted automatically accord- ing to the color temperature of the lighting.
  • Page 40: Manual White Balance Screen

    MANUAL WHITE BALANCE screen If the entire screen appears to be reddish or bluish in color as the result of automatic white balance adjustment, manually adjust the white bal- ance. — — — I D E O J U ST WD R MOD E A G C...
  • Page 41: Camera Settings Screen

    MENU SETTING VIDEO ADJUST screen (continued) COLOR LEVEL The color level of video signals is adjusted. To lighten colors: decrease the value. To darken colors: increase the value. [Setting range: -5 ~ NORMAL ~ 5] ENHANCE LEVEL The aperture control/contour level of the video signals is adjusted. Soften video: decrease the value.
  • Page 42 Item DC GAIN Adjusts operating speed of the DC auto iris lens. Adjust according to the lens used. Increasing the value: the speed will increase [Setting range: 0 ~ 60 (default setting) ~ 255] * Depending on the lens, hunching may occur DC OFFSET Standard level (brightness) for controlling the DC auto iris operation is set.
  • Page 43: Camera Title Edit Screen

    MENU SETTING CAMERA SETTINGS screen (continued) CAMERA TITLE EDIT screen Up to 24 characters can be entered for the camera title. The entered camera title will appear on the bottom left of the screen when the CAM- ERA TITLE menu item is set to ON. —...
  • Page 44 Allowed characters 8 direction (SELECTOR button) t direction Space Pressing the SELECTOR button in the t direction will select the character on the right and pressing in the 8 direction will select the character on the left. Pressing and holding the button will continu- ously change the character selected.
  • Page 45: Factory Settings Screen

    MENU SETTING FACTORY SETTINGS screen Returns set values to their factory settings. — — — — — — ME N U F OC U S A D J U S T . . V I D E O A D J U S T . . C AM E R A S E T T N G S...
  • Page 46: Others Troubleshooting

    OTHERS Troubleshooting Symptom The operation becomes un- stable The auto iris will not operate There is noise in the screen or increase in residual im- ages The colors of the screen are not natural White balance adjusted automatically/manually cannot be used The camera title will not ap- pear The vertical phase cannot be...
  • Page 47: Specifications

    OTHERS Specifications Image pickup device Number of effective pixeis Synchronizaton method Scanning frequency Resolution VIDEO OUT Video S/N ratio Minimum required illumination : 1.9 lx (50%, F1.2, AGC HIGH) Lens mount Power supply Power consumption Ambient temperature Mass Accessory External Dimensions (Unit: mm) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 48 VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED is a registered trademark owned by VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LTD. is a registered trademark in Japan, the U.S.A., the U.K. and other countries. Printed in Thailand © 2004 VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED LWT0181-001B-H...

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