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Fixed dome camera


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  • Page 1 FIXED DOME CAMERA TK-C2201U TK-C2201E For Customer Use: Enter below the Serial No. which is located on the body. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. TK-C2201U,TK-C2201E Serial No. INSTRUCTIONS LST0952-001A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Contents Introduction Contents ... 2 Features ... 3 Operating Precautions ... 4 Name of Parts ... 6 Setup Setting the Switches ... 9 About Connection Cables ... 10 Installation Mounting the Camera ... 12 Adjustment Adjusting Image ... 17 Adjusting the Auto White Balance ...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    : Indicates a reference page or item. Contents of this manual JVC holds the copyright to this manual. Any part or all of this manual may not be reproduced without prior consent from the company. Product names of other companies described in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
  • Page 4: Operating Precautions

    Introduction Operating Precautions Storage and Location of Use This camera has been designed for indoor use. It cannot be used outdoors. Do not install the camera in the following places. - In a place exposed to rain or moisture. - In a place with vapor or oil, for example in a kitchen. - When the ambient temperature rises above or falls below the acceptable range (from -10 f to 50 f) - In a place at which corrosive gases are emitted.
  • Page 5 Disclaimer We will not be responsible for any inconveniences or disturbances caused in the event of privacy invasion as a result of camera footages of this product. Others When using this camera with [AGC] set to "MID" or "HIGH", the sensitivity increases automatically for dark images and the screen may appear grainy, but this is not a malfunction.
  • Page 6: Name Of Parts

    Introduction Name of Parts Camera (Interior) The dome cover and inner dome are removed. Refer to "Mounting the camera directly to the ceiling or on the wall" (A page 13) step 2 to 3 on the removal methods. Focus Adjustment Ring (A page 19) Zoom Adjustment Ring (A page 19)
  • Page 7 Tilt Fastening Screw (A page 18) Focus Adjust Gear (A page 19) Shooting Direction Mark (A page 15) (A page 18) Pan Center Mark (A page 18) Rotation Center Mark (A page 18) Function Selection Switches (A page 9) [MENU] Button Display the menu screen.
  • Page 8 Introduction Name of Parts (Continued) Camera Mounting Hole (A page 15) Dome Cover (A page 13) Inner Dome (A page 13) Video Signal Output Connector (BNC) (A page 14) Protection Cover (A page 14) Power Supply Cable (A page 11) Wiring Hole (A page 16) Fall Prevention Wire Mounting Screw...
  • Page 9: Setup

    Setting the Switches Before mounting the camera, set the function setting switches on the camera. To set the switches, use a fine-tipped screwdriver. Function selection switches 1 [D/N AUTO/OFF] Easy Day & Night Switch Set this to "AUTO" when shooting a subject with continually changing brightness (day/night).
  • Page 10: About Connection Cables

    Setup About Connection Cables The maximum connection distance varies with the type of cable used. Be sure to turn off the power of devices before connecting cables. Video signal cable (coaxial cable) Connect a RG-59 75 K coaxial cable (BNC) to the video signal output connecter (BNC).
  • Page 11 Do not connect the AC 24 V cable to commercial power supply. If it is connected by mistake, the internal circuit may be damaged. Do not use the camera and make sure to send it to the nearest JVC dealer for inspection.
  • Page 12: Installation

    (recessed bracket) in use for details on its installation. For details on the embedded cover (recessed bracket), please contact your JVC dealer. Embedded Cover in Ceiling (recessed bracket) Memo To mount the camera using an electrical box, please contact the nearest JVC dealer.
  • Page 13 Mounting the camera directly to the ceiling or on the wall When mounting to a wall, replace areas indicated as "ceiling" in the procedures by "wall". Setup 1 Open a hole in the ceiling (Φ 30 mm, 1-1/8 inches), and draw the fall prevention wire, power supply cable and coaxial cable out from the ceiling (fall prevention wire is not included) (1-1/8 inches)
  • Page 14 Installation Mounting the Camera (Continued) Connection 1 Attach the fall prevention wire from the ceiling to the camera (fall prevention wire is not included) 2 Connect the coaxial cable (A page 10) Lower the protection cover and connect the connectors. Upon connecting, restore the protection cover to cover the connectors.
  • Page 15: Adjusting Images

    Mounting 1 Align (ñ) with the shooting direction, and mount the camera onto the ceiling Mounting screw (not included) Note The diameter of the attachment hole is Φ 4.5 mm (3/16 inch). Do not use flathead screws. When using an impact screwdriver, do not tighten the screws fully. Tighten using your hand instead.
  • Page 16 Installation Mounting the Camera (Continued) Mount by allowing the cable to exit from the side When mounting the camera to the ceiling or a wall, it is possible to guide the cable from the side without opening any holes. The basic mounting method is identical to steps in "Mounting the camera directly to the ceiling or on the wall"...
  • Page 17: Adjustment Adjusting Image

    Adjustment Adjusting Image After mounting the camera, adjust the images while looking at the actual image. Discharge the static electricity from your body by touching the metallic part of the monitor terminal before handling the camera as static electricity may cause the camera to malfunction.
  • Page 18 Adjustment Adjusting Image (Continued) 3 Adjust the shooting direction of the camera Adjust the camera for pan, tilt and rotation, and face the camera towards the subject. Tilt fastening screw Rotation: Rotate both pan Memo aligned with the camera’s shooting direction mark, pan center mark and rotation center mark.
  • Page 19 4 Adjust the image size Loosen the fastening screw for the zoom adjustment ring and move the ring to the left/right to adjust the image size. After adjustment is complete, fasten the screw with pressing it slightly toward the lens direction (toward the shooting direction). 5 Adjust the focus ①...
  • Page 20 Adjustment Adjusting Image (Continued) 6 Fine adjust the focus ① Press and hold the [J] button. Focus adjust mode will be activated and "FOCUS ADJUST MODE" is displayed on the monitor screen. The contours are emphasized as the iris opens and the depth of field becomes shallow.
  • Page 21 Adjustment 7 Tighten the fastening screw of the focus adjustment ring Hold and press the focus adjust gear between your fingers in the direction of the arrows in the diagram, and tighten the fastening screw of the focus adjustment ring. Focus adjustment ring...
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Auto White Balance

    Adjustment Adjusting the Auto White Balance Each light source has its own color temperature. Therefore, when the main light source lighting the subject is changed, adjust the white balance again. 1 Press the [MENU] button. 2 Select [WHITE BALANCE] with the [J/K] button and "AWC" with the [H/I] button, then press the [SET] button.
  • Page 23: Mounting The Dome Cover

    Adjustment Mounting the Dome Cover Attach the dome cover back when all settings are finished. 1 Mount the inner dome Mount the inner dome in a way that supports the tilt direction of the lens. Insert the inner depression of the inner dome into the protruding parts beside the fastening screw.
  • Page 24 Adjustment Mounting the Dome Cover (Continued) 2 Mount the dome cover, and peel off the dome cover protection sheet ① Align the position marks of the same shape on the camera unit and dome cover. (Camera unit: double track, dome cover: double track) ②...
  • Page 25: Others

    Specifications Horizontal : 550TV lines (typical) resolution Video S/N : 52 dB (typical, AGC OFF) Minimum : Color mode: 0.05 lx (typical, 50 %, F1.2, AGC HIGH) illumination Black and white mode: 0.03 lx (typical, 50 %, F1.2, AGC HIGH) Zoom ratio : 3.75 Focal length...
  • Page 26 Others Specifications (Continued) External Dimensions [Unit: mm (inch)] 46(1-13/16) * Specifications and appearance of this unit are subject to change for further improvements without prior notice. 110(4-3/8) 95(3-3/4)
  • Page 27 Others Ceiling Mounting Hole [Unit: mm (inch)] Front up Screw 46 (1-13/16) Camera Body 30 (1-3/16) Hole for cables Lens shooting range Screw Cable direction 7.7 (3/8) 10 (7/16)
  • Page 28 2009 Victor Company of Japan, Limited LST0952-001A...

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