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Frigidaire Oslo OWF-1/0303 Instructions & Operating Manual page 7

Wall mount color changing led fireplace
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Do not connect the fireplace to the power supply until properly fixed to the wall and the
instructions are carefully read.
Make sure the area to be drilled does not have any hidden electrical wires or water and
gas pipes.
The minimum distances must be observed as shown in the diagrams below.
During installation of the fireplace, avoid any possible damage to concealed cables.
Please be careful when drilling holes.
This fireplace is designed to be permanently fixed to a wall. Choose a wall that is sturdy
enough to hold the weight of the fireplace such as a brick or cinder block wall. If
positioning on drywall, it must be fixed to studs. If you are not sure if the wall is stable
enough, then consult a hardware expert. The wall bracket must be fixed horizontally
with the cable routed to the bottom right of the fireplace.
For optimum viewing of the fuel bed, it is recommended that there be a distance of 2 feet
from the bottom of the fireplace relative to the floor (see figure for recommended fixed
Step One
Keep the top of the fireplace at least 3 feet away from the ceiling or other objects for
optimum heat ventilation.
Remove the front frame from the fireplace and place it away safely so that it does not
become damaged.
For optimum viewing, place four marks on the wall with respect to the recommended
fixed dimensions for the top screws (see figure below).
Note: use a level when marking the positions of the holes to ensure that the bracket is
mounted horizontally.
35.4 inch
2 feet
5.9 inch



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