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Frigidaire Oslo OWF-1/0303 Instructions & Operating Manual page 8

Wall mount color changing led fireplace
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Step Two
Make sure the area to be drilled does not have any hidden electrical wires or water and
gas pipes.
The screws provided is for concrete walls only; please use suitable fixings for your wall
type. If in doubt, contact a qualified hardware expert.
Drill holes into the wall with respect to the four markings and then insert the screw
anchors. Next, place the bracket onto the wall such that the holes are aligned. Insert the
appropriate screws into the wall and then tighten them with a screwdriver.
Step Three
Using the two supplied (small) black screws, attach the lower fixing bracket to the base
of the fireplace such that the bracket is fitted to be level with the back.
Carefully lift up the fireplace onto the top rear ledge of the fireplace. Once the ledge
latches onto the wall bracket and is evenly balanced, gently bring the fireplace down
against the wall.
Mark two positions on the wall for two holes to match the lower fixing bracket holes.
Once the positions are properly marked, remove the fireplace.
Drill holes into the marked position on the wall and then insert the screw anchors.
Put the fireplace on the wall and fasten the bottom fixing bracket to the wall using the
provided screws to permanently fix the fireplace in place



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