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Frigidaire Oslo OWF-1/0303 Instructions & Operating Manual page 9

Wall mount color changing led fireplace
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Step Four
Unpack the pebbles from the bag and place them along the light unit in the desired
position. Please note the pebbles are located in the side of the polystyrene packaging.
Step Five
Place the front frame over the front of the fireplace aligning the slots in the bracket at
each side of the glass panel with the knobs on the sides of the fire (see figure below).
Two people will be required for this operation.
Instructions for Use
This fireplace can be operated either by the switches located on the top right hand side
of the fireplace or the supplied remote control.
Manual Operation
The switches are located on the top right hand side of the fireplace. The standby switch
must first be turned on.
Press the
appear to indicate that the function is ON.
Press the
flame colors will change every 10 seconds.
Press the 750W button once for low heat setting; press twice to turn off the heat.
Press the 1500W button once for high heat setting; press twice to turn off the heat.
Remote Control Operation
The power switch
on; the fireplace will beep to indicate that it is powered up.
Insert 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included) into the battery compartment of the remote
control. Make sure they are inserted with the correct polarity. (The -/+ signs placed in the
proper position.) Securely close the battery compartment cover.
It takes some time for the receiver to respond to the transmitter. Do not press any
button once to turn on the fireplace and flame effect. A red indicator light will
button for 3 seconds to operate the automatic color change function. The
located at the right hand side of the fireplace must first be switched



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