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    F7400 User Manual ENGLISH...

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    Code: 820040362 N2468 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Datalogic reserves the right to make modifications and improvements without prior notification. Product names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks and or regis- tred trademarks of their respective companies.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATION ................1 1.1. SCOPE OF THE MANUAL .................. 1 1.2. ENCLOSED DOCUMENTS ................. 2 1.3. PACKAGE CONTENTS ..................2 1.4. TERMINAL MANUFACTURER AND MODEL IDENTIFICATION ......3 TECHNICAL INFORMATION ............... 4 2.1. F7400 TERMINAL DESCRIPTION ..............4 2.2.

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    CONTENTS 5.6. STRUCTURE OF THE SETUP PAGES FOR THE F7400 TERMINAL AND DESCRIPTION OF THE SETUP ITEMS .............31 5.6.1. Console ....................31 5.6.2. Devices ....................32 5.6.3. Power Management ................32 5.6.4. Activities .....................33 5.7. EXIT MENU ......................34 5.8. EXIT FROM THE SETUP PROCEDURE ..............34 5.9.

  • Page 5: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1. SCOPE OF THE MANUAL This manual was compiled by Datalogic S.p.A. and accompanies the Formula 7400. The information contained here is divided into two parts: - Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6: which define the F7400 terminal’s characteristics and methods of use; these chapters are for whomever uses the terminal in their day to day work activity.

  • Page 6: Enclosed Documents

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 1.2. ENCLOSED DOCUMENTS The documents listed in the following table are enclosed with the manual. - Declaration of conformity - Test chart - Menu & commands booklet 1.3. PACKAGE CONTENTS The F7400 terminal package contains: - No.

  • Page 7: Terminal Manufacturer And Model Identification

    GENERAL INFORMATION ________________________________________________________ 1.4. TERMINAL MANUFACTURER AND MODEL IDENTIFICATION 37-Key models 24-Key models Model identification and serial number Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 8: Technical Information

    F7400 TERMINAL DESCRIPTION The Formula 7400 is the new Hand-held PC with integrated laser scanner based on PC technology designed by Datalogic S.p.A. The Formula 7400 is capable of reading all common barcode symbologies. The Formula 7400 is equipped with an IrDA port for short-range wireless infrared...

  • Page 9

    TECHNICAL INFORMATION ______________________________________________________ Key: A) Laser beam output window B) Programmable two-color LED C) Keyboard D) Protected reset button E) F970-cradle communication window F) Contacts for the recharging the batteries G) Direct RS-232 connection cover (see "RS-232 Direct Connection" on page 20) Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 10: Technical Characteristics

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 2.2. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Optical Characteristics - laser 1D Light source laser scanner VLD source, 670 nm 36 ± 3 scan/sec Scan rate Minimum resolution 0.13 mm ± 65° Skew angle ± 55° Pitch angle Depth of field 30 to 800 mm (depends on the type and density of the code) Electrical characteristics...

  • Page 11

    TECHNICAL INFORMATION ______________________________________________________ Environmental Conditions operating 0 to +45 °C; Temperature storage (without battery) -20 to +60 °C; Relative Humidity 95% without condensation Degree of protection sealed against rain and dust Electrostatic discharge IEC 1000-4-2 (up to 15KV on air) Resistance to falls IEC 68-2-32 (up to 1.2 m on concrete) Safety standards...

  • Page 12

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ Communication characteristics Optical Interface IrDA 1.0 F970 Interface cradle-terminal interface via IrDA Cradle-Host Interface RS-232 RS-485 Eavesdrop Maximum speed of transmission 115 Kbit/sec max RF Communication Characteristics Frequency 2.4 GHz Power output 100 mW Max In compliance with ETS 300-328 Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 13: Safety Regulations

    SAFETY REGULATIONS Read this manual carefully before performing any type of connection or repair on the F7400 terminal. The user is responsible for any damages caused by incorrect use of the equipment or by inobservance of the indication supplied in this manual.

  • Page 14: Laser Safety

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 3.2. LASER SAFETY Be sure the laser warning label applied to the terminal is readable at all times. If necessary, replace it with a new one. The laser light is visible to the human eye and is emitted from the window indicated in the figure.

  • Page 15

    SAFETY REGULATIONS __________________________________________________________ ENGLISH The following information is provided to comply with the rules imposed by international authorities and refers to the correct use of your terminal. STANDARD LASER SAFETY REGULATIONS This product conforms to the applicable requirements of both CDRH 21 CFR 1040 and IEC 825-1 at the date of manufacture.

  • Page 16

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ DEUTSCH Die folgenden Informationen stimmen mit den Sicherheitshinweisen überein, die von internationalen Behörden auferlegt wurden, und sie beziehen sich auf den korrekten Gebrauch vom Terminal. NORM FÜR DIE LASERSICHERHEIT Dies Produkt entspricht am Tag der Herstellung den gültigen IEC 825-1 und CDRH 21 CFR 1040 Normen für die Lasersicherheit.

  • Page 17: Fcc Compliance - Information For The User

    SAFETY REGULATIONS __________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL Las informaciones siguientes son presentadas en conformidad con las disposiciones de las autoridades internacionales y se refieren al uso correcto del terminal. NORMATIVAS ESTÁNDAR PARA LA SEGURIDAD LÁSER Este aparato resulta conforme a las normativas vigentes de seguridad láser a la fecha de producción: CDRH 21 CFR 1040 y IEC 825-1.

  • Page 18: Connections

    CONNECTIONS 4.1. CRADLES With the F7400 terminal, both the standard cradle F970 and the vehicle version can be used. Key F970 cradle: A) IrDA window B) Two-color LED – spare battery slot C) F7400 terminal battery - recharge contacts D) Connectors for host computer connections E) Power jack Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 19

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ Key F970 vehicle cradle: A) Cradle retaining clip B) Metal bracket Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 20: F970 Cradle

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 4.1.1. F970 Cradle The F970 cradle is a battery charger and also functions as a serial communication inter- face between the host computer and the IrDA optical interface on the F7400 terminal. By inserting the F7400 terminal into the cradle as shown in the figure, its batteries can be charged.

  • Page 21: F970 Vehicle Cradle

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ 4.1.2. F970 Vehicle Cradle The F970 vehicle cradle has the same functions as the F970 standard cradle in terms of battery charging and serial communication interfacing. The F970 vehicle cradle comes with its accessories already assembled. To install it inside a vehicle driving compartment, proceed as follows: 1 - Simply mount the metal bracket;...

  • Page 22

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 4 - To take out the F7400 terminal from the F970 vehicle cradle, you must first press the plastic retaining clip shown in the figure and pull the F7400 terminal upwards. Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 23: Terminal Connection To The Host Computer

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ 4.2. TERMINAL CONNECTION TO THE HOST COMPUTER Before continuing with this phase, be sure both the computer and the F7400 terminal are turned off. 4.2.1. RS-232 Connection via Cradle To connect the cradle F970 to the host computer proceed as follows: 1 - connect the serial port of the host computer to cable 94A054000 for 9-pin connections or to cable 94A054010 for 25-pin connections;...

  • Page 24: Rs-232 Direct Connection

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 4.2.2. RS-232 Direct Connection You can connect the F7400 terminal directly to the host computer. Proceed as follows: 94A054240 Null Modem Adapter Cable Key: A) Host computer B) F7400 terminal C) RS-232 Direct Connection Kit Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 25: Other Connections

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ 4.2.3. Other Connections The use of the following connections depends upon the application program loaded on the F7400 terminal. Connection with the Eavesdrop Interface The cable Kit 94A054030 provides two cables; one for Eavesdrop connections and one for Modem connections. The Eavesdrop connection enables the F7400 terminal to be connected to an existing asynchronous RS-232 line (for example between host computer and Video terminal).

  • Page 26

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ RS-485 Connection Allows for the connection of several terminals on a single RS-232 line through the installation of a Sysnet network (see “Formula 904/N User Manual”). If the Sysnet network is made using the Formula 902 T-Box, up to 32 Formula cradles can be connected, including different types (if multiple cradles are used, the individual work stations must be counted.

  • Page 27

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ RF Connection F7400 RF versions can communicate with the host using the on-board radio frequency module and an Access Point connected to the host computer. Key: A) F7400 B) Access Point Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 28: Connection Cables

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 4.3. CONNECTION CABLES Several types of cables are available depending on the type of computer and connection. The following cables and cable Kits are listed with their order number. RS-232 Connection with PC/AT or compatible: cable 94A054000 RS-232 Connection with PC/XT or compatible: cable 94A054010 Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 29

    CONNECTIONS ________________________________________________________________ RS-485 Connection: cable 94A054020 Modem and/or Eavesdrop Connections: cable Kit 94A054030 Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 30

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ RS-232 Direct Connection: Kit 94A054240 Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 31: Bios Setup Menu

    BIOS SETUP MENU 5.1. GENERAL INFORMATION The F7400 terminal is very versatile and can be adapted to suit many special requirements by configuring certain parameters which can be changed after the F7400 terminal’s boot sequence. The activities of accessing the parameters and their modification are commonly referred to as F7400 terminal setup activities.

  • Page 32: Activating The Setup Procedure

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 5.2. ACTIVATING THE SETUP PROCEDURE The BSETUP.EXE program is the only way to modify the F7400 terminal parameters, it is a normal DOS program and can be invoked after the F7400 terminal’s boot sequence. BSETUP.EXE is intended to be invoked via the NEWAUTO.BAT, but you can use it when you want at the DOS prompt, or you can remove it from the F7400 terminal.

  • Page 33: Password

    BIOS SETUP MENU _____________________________________________________________ 5.3. PASSWORD The password mechanism is used for protecting the access to F7400 terminal parameters. This protection applies only to the setup procedure, so the check option “BSETUP -C” is not protected; this means that everybody can know the nature of loaded parameters (cmos, eeprom or factory configuration).

  • Page 34: Changing The Values Of The Menu Items

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 5.5. CHANGING THE VALUES OF THE MENU ITEMS To change the values of the menu items, you must use the F7400 terminal keyboard. To change an item, first go to its page and then select it by moving the dot.

  • Page 35: Structure Of The Setup Pages For The F7400 Terminal And Description Of The Setup Items

    BIOS SETUP MENU _____________________________________________________________ 5.6. STRUCTURE OF THE SETUP PAGES FOR THE F7400 TERMINAL AND DESCRIPTION OF THE SETUP ITEMS The tables below describe the SETUP pages which are available as well as the SETUP items relating to each page. In the VALUES column, an asterisk or a value in parenthesis indicates the default value.

  • Page 36: Devices

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 5.6.2. Devices ITEM VALUES DESCRIPTION NOTES Cpu high 8 MHz Clock frequency in ON See description of 16 MHz(*) state Power Management 32 MHz for further information Com1 Select type and use of Electrical COM1 Elect+wake(*) Optical uISA...

  • Page 37: Activities

    BIOS SETUP MENU _____________________________________________________________ ITEM VALUES DESCRIPTION High->low tout 1/8 s (*) Select the period without 1/4 s Primary activity (see 1/2 s Activities) before passing from High speed to the IDLE state (Low speed) 16 s Low->sleep tout Select the period without 16 s (*) any activity before 32 s...

  • Page 38: Exit Menu

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ ITEM VALUES DESCRIPTION Disk Indicates the level of Primary (*) activity for all Secondary accesses to flash disk (boot and non-boot) If the Power Manegement - Automatic parameter is selected OFF, all Activities parameters have no meaning. 5.7.

  • Page 39: Default Values

    BIOS SETUP MENU _____________________________________________________________ 5.9. DEFAULT VALUES The configuration parameters are saved in a particular area of memory (CMOS RAM) which is call NON VOLATILE because it has a battery back-up that allows the saved values to be maintained even in the event of a power failure or if the main batteries are not available (not present/run down).

  • Page 40: Use And Functioning

    USE AND FUNCTIONING The use of the F7400 terminal is subordinate to the application software loaded, whether it is provided by Datalogic, or created with the F7400 Development System. Once an application is loaded, barcode scanning can be performed by pressing [SCAN].

  • Page 41: Bar Code Scanning

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ 6.2. BAR CODE SCANNING To scan bar codes, point the F7400 terminal laser beam onto the code from an adequate distance while pressing the [SCAN] key. The lighted band emitted by the laser must completely intercept the bar code; the LED and the emission of an acoustic signal –...

  • Page 42: Description Of The Keys (37-key Models)

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 6.3. DESCRIPTION OF THE KEYS (37-KEY MODELS) The F7400 terminal keyboard is made up of a total of 37 keys. The keyboard can be divided into two parts: UPPER KEYBOARD MAIN KEYBOARD UPPER KEYBOARD Just beneath the display are five other keys with the following functions: [SCAN]: this key is used to turn on the bar code reader and only becomes active if made operative by the dedicated software.

  • Page 43

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ ARROW KEYS: they correspond to the arrows used to move the cursor on a standard PC, but have the following added functions when preceded by the [FUNC] or [SHIFT] keys: ARROW [FUNC]+[T] [FUNC] [SHIFT] Increase the display contrast Page Up Scroll Up Down...

  • Page 44

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ MAIN KEYBOARD The main keyboard has 32 keys, among which: [ENTER]: corresponds to the [ENTER] key on a PC. GENERAL KEYS: the 28 keys that carry extra symbols; their function changes according to the various keyboard functions and mode To explain their function, the key is logically divided into 4 sections according to the following figure:...

  • Page 45

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ When the F7400 terminal is restarted, the keyboard is in ALPHA mode but you can change the keyboard mode by using the SPECIAL KEYS. SPECIAL KEYS: [ALPHA], [FUNC], [SHIFT] to change the keyboard mode; ALPHA MODE Switches keyboard from the alphabetical ALPHA mode to the number and symbol NORMAL mode.

  • Page 46

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ CTRL MODE The CONTROL mode is the same obtained by pressing the [CTRL] key on a PC keyboard; on the F7400 it is activated with the [SHIFT]-[FUNC] sequence from the ALPHA or NORMAL mode. The keyboard remains in this new mode only when the next general key is pressed, then it returns to the previous mode.

  • Page 47

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ To summarize: - The [SHIFT]-[FUNC] sequence is equivalent to pressing the [CTRL] key on the AT keyboard, and the combination is valid only for the next key pressed. - The [SHIFT]-[ALPHA] sequence is equivalent to pressing the [ALT] key on the AT keyboard, and the combination is valid only for the next key.

  • Page 48

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ The [FUNC]-[Y] sequence allows you to display the state STAT (STAT mode) of the keyboard by changing the cursor. By pressing [FUNC]-[Y] again, it returns to the previous one. The cursor will take on the appearance of the pixel matrix of the font corresponding to the codes described in the following table: STATE...

  • Page 49

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ For example: EVENT CURSOR 1. Power up shows standard DOS cursor 2. Press [SHIFT]-[SP] (enable) shows keyboard state 3. Press [SHIFT]-[ESC] shows battery level icon (enable) 4. Press [SHIFT]-[ESC] shows keyboard state (disable) 5. Press [SHIFT]-[SP] (disable) shows standard DOS cursor When in BATT mode, loading a new font may affect the cursor shape.

  • Page 50: Description Of The Keys (24-key Models)

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 6.4. DESCRIPTION OF THE KEYS (24-KEY MODELS) The F7400 terminal keyboard is made up of a total of 24 keys. The keyboard can be divided into two main parts. UPPER KEYBOARD MAIN KEYBOARD UPPER KEYBOARD Just beneath the display are five other keys with the following functions: [SCAN]: The [SCAN} key is used to turn on the terminal and to activate the laser scanner for bar code reading.

  • Page 51

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ ARROW KEYS: they correspond to the arrows used to move the cursor on a standard PC, but have the following added functions when preceded by the [FUNC] or [SHIFT] keys: ARROW [SHIFT]+[BS] [FUNC] [SHIFT] Increase the display contrast Page Up Scroll Up Down...

  • Page 52

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ MAIN KEYBOARD The main keyboard has 19 keys, among which: [ENTER]: corresponds to the [ENTER] key on a PC. GENERAL KEYS: the 16 keys that carry extra symbols; their function changes according to the various A B C D E F G H I...

  • Page 53

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ C) functions of the key when preceeded by a SHIFT keypress (SHIFT mode). More precisely after pressing [SHIFT]: - Press [:] once to get the first symbol (\) - Press [:] twice to get the second symbol (|) - Press [:] three times to get the third symbol (_) When you press the key the first time, the cursor is turned to the ‘\’...

  • Page 54

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ CTRL MODE SHIFT FUNC The CONTROL mode is the same obtained by pressing CTRL the [CTRL] key on a PC keyboard. On the F7400, it is activated with the [SHIFT]-[FUNC] sequence from the NORMAL mode. The keyboard remains in this new mode only when the next general key is pressed, then it returns to the previous mode.

  • Page 55

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ Below is a description of the remaining terminal keys: The [*] key, when in FUNC mode, changes cyclically FUNC between Upper case and Lower case letters. It CTRL corresponds to the function of the CAPS-LOCK key on a + - / PC keyboard.

  • Page 56

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ By pressing the [SHIFT]-[ESC] keys, the cursor is replaced SHIFT with a BATT icon that represents the battery's charge state or the character that indicates the terminal has been inserted into the cradle. The codes used are from 251 to 255.

  • Page 57: Protected Reset Button

    USE AND FUNCTIONING ________________________________________________________ In FUNC mode, the [.] key controls the back FUNC lighting of the LCD display. The light will CTRL turn on for a pre-set amount of time. If you enter the BIOS setup you can change the time for the back lighting to remain on..

  • Page 58: Maintenance And Diagnostics

    MAINTENANCE AND DIAGNOSTICS Rechargeable battery packs (NiMH) are not initially charged. Therefore the first operation to perform is to charge them in the appropriate cradle. See paragraphs 7.2 and 4.1. 7.1. CHARGING THE BATTERIES The duration of the battery charge varies according to many factors, such as the frequency of barcode scans, the type of laser scanner used on the F7400 terminal.

  • Page 59: Replacing The Batteries

    MAINTENANCE AND DIAGNOSTICS _______________________________________________ 7.2. REPLACING THE BATTERIES To correctly replace the batteries, proceed as follows. 1 - Turn off the F7400 terminal. 2 - Turn the F7400 terminal over and press the lock runner as indicated in figure below: 3 - Remove the battery pack .

  • Page 60: Cleaning The Terminal

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ 4 - Insert the new battery pack, keeping the lock runner pressed up. Once the battery pack is correctly inserted, release the lock runner. Dispose of the batteries as required by the relevant laws in force. 7.3.

  • Page 61: Products And Accessories Of The Formula 7400 Line

    PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES OF THE FORMULA 7400 LINE Formula 7400 Terminals - Formula 7400 Laser Scanner Hand-held programmable laser micro-terminal. - Formula 7400/RF Radio Frequency Laser Handheld PC Hand-held programmable laser micro-terminal, equipped with RF module for radio frequency transmission. Cradle - Formula 970 Transceiver charger Battery charger and optical transceiver for connections between terminal and...

  • Page 62

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ Software - Development System for Formula 7400 and C Compiler - Formula TN Client (only for F7400/RF) Formula TN Client is a complete terminal emulation software package based on the standard Telnet-TCP/IP protocol. Radio Frequency - Formula One AP 7520 Ethernet - Formula One AP 7100 ISA Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 63: Terminal Emulation Keyboard Overlays


  • Page 64

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ VT/HP SCAN ALPHA CTRL FUNC SHIFT & BTAB SPACE < > HOLD STAT VT-XXX FUNC + SHIFT = 3270 SCAN ALPHA CTRL FUNC SHIFT & BTAB SPACE ATTN < > SREQ HOLD STAT 3270 FUNC + SHIFT = Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 65

    _____________________________________________________________________________ 5250 SCAN ALPHA CTRL FUNC SHIFT & FLD+ ATTN BTAB SPACE < > SREQ FEXT HOLD STAT 5250 FUNC + SHIFT = Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 66

    F7400 - USER MANUAL _________________________________________________________ This page has been left blank intentionally! Ed.: 06/00...

  • Page 67

    EN 50082-1 Product Safety EN 60950 Safety of information tecnology EN 60825-1 Radiation Safety of laser products EN60825 Mogliano Veneto, 29.12.98 Roberto Tunioli, Managing Director Datalogic S.p.A Secondary Unit - IDWare Division Via G.Marconi, 161 Mogliano Veneto (TV) - Italia...

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