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Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual page 7

Induction built-in cooktop
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• WARNING: If the hob is cracked or otherwise damaged by falling
objects etc ., disconnect the appliance from the electrical power supply
to avoid the possibility of electric shock and call Customer Service .
• WARNING: When correctly installed, your product meets all safety
requirements laid down for this type of product category . However
special care should be taken around the underneath of the appliance
as this area is not designed or intended to be touched and may contain
sharp or rough edges, that may cause injury .
Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not
be placed on the hob surface since they can get hot .
Do not use metallic kitchen utensils (e .g . ladles) . It is preferable to
use plastic or wood kitchen utensils .
Please use pans of recommended size (see minimum pan diameter
recommended) . It is not advisable to use pans smaller than the
cooking zone . The pans have to be placed in the centre of the
cooking zone .
Do not use defective pans or pans with a curved bottom .
Please use suitable pans marked for induction cooking .
Please keep your distance from the electromagnetic fields by
standing 5-10 cm from the cooking zones . When possible use the
rear cooking zones .
Magnetic objects (e.g. credit cards, floppy disks, memory cards)
and electronic instruments (e .g . computers) should not be placed
near the induction hob .
The heating of magnetic tins is forbidden! Close tins may explode
by exceeding pressure while heating . There is a burning risk with
open tins as well, because the integrated temperature protection
can't work well .
IMPORTANT WARNING: The induction hob complies with
European Standards for domestic cooking appliances . Therefore it
should not interfere with other electronic units . Persons with cardiac
pacemakers or any other electrical implants must check with their
doctor if they can use an induction cooking system (and check any
possible interferences with the implants) .



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