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Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual page 18

Induction built-in cooktop
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The left and right cooking zones are controlled
by two separate power boards .
Where a power board manages two zones
(front/rear LH zones; front/rear RH zones) the
maximum total power per each power board is
3700 W .
Should the cooking zones of one power board
require more than 3700 W, the last selected
power level has priority and the power of the
other cooking zone is automatically reduced to
the remaining power available .
If this occurs, the cooking zone will display
a flashing figure for about 3 seconds before
automatically displaying the new power level .
This means for example that:
When setting a "Booster" programme for the second zone, the setting for the other
zone could be reduced to the remaining power available .
When setting a "Booster" programme for a zone and then another setting on the
second zone, if the total power exceed 3700 W the "Booster" programme is deleted
and the power reduced to the maximum power available .
The induction hob is fitted with safety devices to protect the electronic system and to protect
each cooking zone from overheating .
In case of overheating, one of the following automatic functions could be started by the
electronic system:
"Booster" program deleted and power reduced .
One or more cooking zone switched Off .
Cooling fan motor of the induction unit switched On .
Controlled by
1st power board
Controlled by 2nd power board
Fig. 2.12



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