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Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual page 23

Induction built-in cooktop
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This cooktop can be built into a working surface 30 to 40 mm thick and 600 mm deep .
In order to install the ceramic hob into the kitchen fixture, a hole with the dimensions shown
in figure 4.1 has to be made, keeping in consideration the following:
The cooktop shall not be installed directly above a dishwasher, fridge, freezer, washing
machine or clothes dryer, as the humidity may damage the cooktop electronics .
If the cooktop is installed above an oven, the oven shall be provided with cooling fan .
The two appliances should be connected to the electrical supply with independent
connections .
IMPORTANT WARNING! This cooktop requires adequate supply of fresh, cool
air to fully function. The base of the cooktop must have direct unrestricted
ventilation to the room where the cooktop is installed. Follow the requirements
of figure 4.3 or 4.4.
There must be a distance of at least 650 mm between the hob and any wall cupboard
or extractor hood positioned immediately above (see fig. 4.2).
We would point out that the adhesive which bonds the plastic laminate to the furniture
must withstand temperatures not less than 150° C to avoid delamination .
The walls of the units must be capable of resisting temperatures of 75 °C above
room temperature.
Do not seal the cooktop into the benchtop with silicone or glue; this makes future
servicing difficult. The manufacturer will not cover the costs of removing the cooktop,
or of damage caused by this removal .
The walls surrounding the cooktop must be made of heat-resistant material.
Do not install the appliance near inflammable materials (eg. curtains).
When correctly installed, your product meets all safety requirements laid down for
this type of product category. However special care should be taken around the
underneath of the appliance as this area is not designed or intended to be touched
and may contain sharp or rough edges, that may cause injury.
Fig. 4.1
from the top of
58 mm
countertop to
bottom of cooktop
(1) at least 50 mm between the
back side of the cut-out and
the back of the countertop .



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