Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual
Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual

Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual

Induction built-in cooktop


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Instructions for use - Installation advice
Before operating this cooker,
please read these instructions carefully


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  • Page 1 INDUCTION BUILT-IN COOKTOP KHC604-IND model Instructions for use - Installation advice Before operating this cooker, please read these instructions carefully...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Page Number Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Important Safety Precautions and Recommendations .
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing a Kenwood Induction Hob. The safety precautions and recommendations in these instructions are for your own safety and that of others. They will also provide a means by which to make full use of the features offered by your appliance.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Precautions And Recommendations

    IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS IMPORTANT: This appliance is designed and manufactured solely for the cooking of domestic (household) food and is not suitable for any non domestic application and therefore should not be used in a commercial environment. The appliance guarantee will be void if the appliance is used within a non domestic environment i.e.
  • Page 6 • Do not use the appliance whilst in barefoot . • If you should decide not to use this appliance any longer (or decide to substitute another model), before disposing of it, it is recommended that it be made inoperative in an appropriate manner in accordance to health and environmental protection regulations, ensuring in particular that all potentially hazardous parts be made harmless, especially in relation to children who could play with unused appliances .
  • Page 7 • WARNING: If the hob is cracked or otherwise damaged by falling objects etc ., disconnect the appliance from the electrical power supply to avoid the possibility of electric shock and call Customer Service . • WARNING: When correctly installed, your product meets all safety requirements laid down for this type of product category .
  • Page 8: Features And Technical Data

    1 - FEATURES AND TECHNICAL DATA Fig. 1.1 1 . Induction cooking zone Ø 160 mm Normal Power: 1400 W 2 . Induction cooking zone Ø 200 mm Normal Power: 2300 W Booster Power: 3000 W 3 . Touch controls Note: The Nominal and Booster Power may change depending on the size and material of the pan set on the cooking zone .
  • Page 9 Fig. 1.4 TOUCH CONTROLS ON/OFF key Setting selector Booster function key (some zones only) and Child Lock selection key (to be set in combination with other keys, see chapter CHILD LOCK SAFETY) Pause function key Front right cooking zone display Rear right cooking zone display Front left cooking zone display Rear left cooking zone display...
  • Page 10: Use Of Induction Hob

    2 - USE OF INDUCTION HOB The ceramic hob is fitted with induction cooking zones. These zones, shown by painted disks on the ceramic surface, are controlled by a touch control system . In the front central area of the hob, the displays of the touch control system indicate: = Cooking zone Off (not activated) Fig.
  • Page 11 REMAINING HEAT INDICATORS When the temperature of a cooking zone is still hot, the relevant remaining heat indicator lights up on the display to alert you of the hot surface . Avoid touching the hob surface over the cooking area . Please pay special attention to children .
  • Page 12 HOW TO SWITCH ON/OFF THE COOKTOP Switching ON Fig. 2.2 Touch the key until the touch control system is lit (fig. 2.2). The displays of the cooking zones read “ ” . Notes: • If the safety Child Lock protection is active, the cooktop can be used only after having deactivated this protection (see chapter CHILD LOCK...
  • Page 13: Booster Function

    BOOSTER FUNCTION This function allows the cooking zone to operate at the “Booster” maximum power (above the nominal power) for maximum 5 minutes; it could be used, for example, to rapidly heat up large amount of water . – The “Booster” function is always limited to a maximum of 5 minutes. –...
  • Page 14 OPERATION TIME LIMIT OF POWER LEVEL OF OPERATION THE COOKING ZONES COOKING ZONES TIME LIMIT Each cooking zone is automatically 480 minutes switched Off after a maximum preset time if no operation is performed . maximum preset time limit 360 minutes depends on the set power level, as illustrated in this schedule .
  • Page 15 COOKING COOKING COOKING ZONE ZONE ZONE POWER Ø 160 mm Ø 200 mm LEVEL (Watt power) (Watt power) 1470 1400 2300 not available 3000 EXAMPLES OF COOKING POWER SETTING Cooking zone not operating Melting Sauces, butter, chocolate, gelatine Reheating Dishes prepared beforehand Simmering Rice, pudding, sugar syrup Defrosting...
  • Page 16 PROGRAM AUTOMATIC Fig. 2.6 SWITCHING OFF OF A COOKING ZONE This function permits to set a timer from “ ” to “ ” minutes for automatic turning Off the cooking zone/s . With the cooktop switched On: • Select the cooking zone and set the desired power level .
  • Page 17 The program for automatic switch Off can be cancelled at any time: • Select the programmed cooking zone by touching the relevant display of the cooking zone . • Touch one time the timer key and then, within 8 seconds, the timer display will switch Off . •...
  • Page 18 MAXIMUM USABLE POWER FOR THE Controlled by Fig. 2.12 COOKING ZONES 1st power board The left and right cooking zones are controlled by two separate power boards . Where a power board manages two zones (front/rear LH zones; front/rear RH zones) the maximum total power per each power board is 3700 W .
  • Page 19 ERROR CODES ON THE DISPLAYS OF THE COOKING ZONES Error code Example What to do Switch Off the cooktop and disconnect it from the mains . Wait for about 1 minute, then Erxx reconnect the cooktop and turn on or Ex (not E2 or the cooking zones .
  • Page 20 ADVICE FOR SAFE USE OF THE HOB • Before switching on make sure that you have the correct cooking zone for the hotplate chosen . It is advisable to put the pan on the hotplate before switching on and to take it away after switching off .
  • Page 21: Cleaning And Maintenance

    3 - CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE GENERAL ADVICE • Before you begin cleaning, you must ensure that the appliance is switched off and disconnected from the electrical power supply. • It is advisable to clean when the appliance is cold . •...
  • Page 22: Advice For The Installer

    Advice for the installer 4 - INSTALLATION CAUTION: • This appliance must be installed in accordance with these installation instructions. • This appliance shall only be serviced by authorised personnel. • This appliance is to be installed only by an authorised person in compliance with the current electrical regulations and in observation of the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Page 23 FITTING REQUIREMENTS This cooktop can be built into a working surface 30 to 40 mm thick and 600 mm deep . In order to install the ceramic hob into the kitchen fixture, a hole with the dimensions shown in figure 4.1 has to be made, keeping in consideration the following: •...
  • Page 24 Fig. 4.2 65 mm minimum between the side of the cut-out and the side wall Fig. 4.3 Fig. 4.4 min 5 mm min 5 mm Oven with cooling fan min 30 mm min 30 mm Minimum clearances and Minimum clearances and ventilation requirements ventilation requirements (oven installed below)
  • Page 25 FASTENING THE COOKTOP Each cooktop is provided with an installation kit including brackets and screws for fastening the cooktop to benches from 30 to 40 mm thick . The kit includes four “F” brackets and four self-threading screws “S” (fig. 4.6). •...
  • Page 26: Electrical Section

    5 - ELECTRICAL SECTION IMPORTANT: The appliance must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrect installation, for which the manufacturer accepts no responsibility, may cause damage to persons, animals and things. The connection of the appliance to earth is mandatory. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any inconvenience resulting from the inobservance of this condition.
  • Page 27 CONNECTION OF THE POWER SUPPLY CABLE Important! This cooktop must be connected to the electricity supply only by an authorised person. To connect the feeder cable to the hob it is necessary to carry out the following operations: • Unhook the terminal board cover “A” by inserting a screwdriver into the two hooks “B” (fig.
  • Page 28 Fig. 5.1 Fig. 5.2 220 - 240 V~ 380 - 415 V 2N~ 380 - 415 V 3N~ N (L...
  • Page 29: Guarantee

    6 - GUARANTEE Your new “KENWOOD” product comes with 12-month guarantee covering all parts and labour . If your appliance proves to be defective as a result of faulty materials or workmanship during the guarantee period, these parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge .
  • Page 32 The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for possible inaccuracies due to printing or transcription errors in the present booklet . The manufacturer reserves the right to make all modifications to its products deemed necessary for manufacture or commercial reasons at any moment and without prior notice, without jeopardising the essential functional and safety characteristics of the appliances .

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