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Kenwood HCE600 Nstructions For Use

Ceramic cooktop installation advice


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model HCE600
Instructions for use - Installation advice
Before operating this hob,
please read these instructions carefully


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  • Page 1: Ceramic Cooktop

    CERAMIC COOKTOP model HCE600 Instructions for use - Installation advice Before operating this hob, please read these instructions carefully...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Page Number Introduction ........Before Using For The First Time .
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing a Kenwood HCE600 Ceramic Hob. The safety precautions and recommendations in these instructions are for your own safety and that of others. They will also provide a means by which to make full use of the features offered by your appliance.
  • Page 4: Before Using For The First Time

    BEFORE USING FOR THE FIRST TIME Read the instructions carefully before installing and using the appliance After unpacking the appliance, make sure it is not damaged. In case of doubt, do not use the appliance and contact your supplier or a qualified engineer. Remove all packaging and do not leave the packing material (plastic bags, poly- styrene, bands etc ) in easy reach of children as they may cause serious injury.
  • Page 5: Features

    1 - FEATURES Fig. 1.1 The ceramic surface of the hob allows a IMPORTANT NOTE: fast transmission of heat in the vertical The heating elements incorporate a direction, from the heating elements thermolimiter that switches the element underneath the ceramic glass to the ON &...
  • Page 6 The temperature control knobs located on the right hand side of the hob. These knobs are connected as follows (Fig. 1.2): Rear right cooking zone Rear left cooking zone Front left cooking zone Front right cooking zone The hob has a power on light (5) which lights up when the hob is switched on. The hob also features 4 warning lights (6) which are connected to the corresponding cooking zone.
  • Page 7: How To Use The Ceramic Hob

    2 - HOW TO USE THE CERAMIC HOB Before you switch the hob on make sure 3 CIRCUIT RADIANT ZONES that it is clean. Incorporating 3 heating elements (fig. To switch a cooking zone on you must 2.2) you can control and light up all 3 turn the relevant control knob anticlock- wise.
  • Page 8 COOKING HINTS: DOUBLE RADIANT ZONE The heating element is formed of a coil To reduce the cooking time, you can turn the control knob to the max when of resistant material which reaches the working temperature quickly. you switch the zone on. After a short time you can set the con- Operation of the cooking zone is con- trol knob to the required position.
  • Page 9 CO0KING HINTS Cooking plate con- Cooking plate con- trolled by a 6 posi- trolled by a 12 posi- Knob tion switch tion switch TYPE OF COOKING setting Switched OFF For melting operations (butter, chocolate). To keep food hot and to heat small quantities of liquid (sauces, eggs).
  • Page 10 SAFETY HINTS 1. Never put aluminium foil or plastic DISTORTED materials on the ceramic surface PANBASE when the hob is hot. WRONG 2. Make sure that the hob is clean before you use it. 3. Remember that the zone will remain hot for approximately half an hour after the zone has been switched off.
  • Page 11 COOKWARE It is very important that the pans used on the hobs are made of a suitable material and have the correct base as follows: The base should be flat and smooth. Any rough part on the pan base could scratch the hob surface. Choose pans which are the same size as the cooking zone and with bases that are as non reflective as possible.
  • Page 12: Cleaning & Maintenance

    3 - CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before you begin cleaning make sure If any of these products has melted on that the hob is switched off. the ceramic surface, you should remove Remove spillages and other types of it immediately (when the surface is still incrustations.
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA 3 circuits cooking zone Ø 145 - 1200 W 3 circuits cooking zone Ø 180 - 1700 W 3 circuits cooking zone Ø 195 - 1900 W “ON” indicator light Cooking zone and residual heat indicator Voltage 230 V~ 50 Hz Maximum absorbed power 6,0 kW DIMENSIONS...
  • Page 14: Advice For The Installer

    Advice for the installer IMPORTANT – Appliance installation and maintenance must only be carried out by QUALIFIED TECH- NICIANS and in compliance with the local safety standards. Failure to observe this rule will invalidate the warranty.
  • Page 15: Installation

    4 - INSTALLATION TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR THE INSTALLER Minimum distance of hob to back wall 50 mm. Minimum distance of hob from any vertical surface either side of the hob 50 mm. Minimum height of a cabinet directly above hob if not fitting a hood 900 mm. Minimum of 650 mm from the hob to a cooker hood.
  • Page 16 HOW TO INSTALL THE HOB 1. The hob requires a space in the kitchen work surface as shown in the diagram (Fig. 4.2) below: Fig. 4.2...
  • Page 17 2. Apply the adhesive seal around the edge of the hob ensuring that the ends do not over lap or leave a space. (Fig. 4.3). Adhesive side Fig. 4.3 3. Place the hob in the work top cut out NOTE: A partition should be fitted a mini- and secure it in position by using the mum of 4 cm below the base of the hob brackets as indicated in Fig.
  • Page 18: Electrical Installation

    5 - ELECTRICAL SECTION WARNING! IMPORTANT: This appliance requires a 30 amp - This product is not supplied with a mains cable. supply. - This appliance must be earthed. - Your hob must be installed by a quali- A double pole switch must be provided no fied electrician in line with all electrical further than 2 metres from the appliance to and installation requirements published...
  • Page 19: Service & Guarantee

    GUARANTEE UK only If your appliance goes wrong within one year from the date you bought it, we will repair it (or replace it if necessary) free of charge provided: • you have not misused, neglected, or damaged it; • it has not been modified; •...
  • Page 20 code 1102421 ß3 Part Number 56323/1...

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