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Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual page 17

Induction built-in cooktop
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The program for automatic switch Off can be cancelled at any time:
Select the programmed cooking zone by touching the relevant display of the cooking zone .
Touch one time the timer key and then, within 8 seconds, the timer display will switch Off .
IMPORTANT: Remember to switch Off the zone manually .
When at least one cooking zone is in
operation, the cooking may be paused
temporarily by touching the key
Already programmed automatic cookings
are stopped and do not continue during the
pause .
The residual heat calculation and operating
time limitation continue and are not stopped .
The pause mode may last for max 10 minutes .
If the pause mode is not terminated within the
time, the cooktop switches Off automatically .
To deactivate the pause mode touch again
the key
and then touch any cooking zone
display .
The cooktop may be switched Off at any time
with the On/Off key; any possibly program
already set (pause mode included) is then
terminated .
When not using the induction hob, set the
Child Lock safety to prevent children from
accidentally switching On the cooking zones .
Ensure all cooking zones are switched Off .
Simultaneously touch the front right
cooking zone display and the key
then touch again the same cooking zone
display until "
2 .11b) .
To deactivate the Child Lock, touch
simultaneously the front right cooking
zone display and the key
again the key
displays of the cooking zones .
(fig. 2.10).
" lights up (fig. 2.11a,
; then touch
until "
" lights up on the
Fig. 2.10
Fig. 2.11



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