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Electrical Section - Kenwood KHC604-IND Instructions For Use Manual

Induction built-in cooktop
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IMPORTANT: The appliance must be installed in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions. Incorrect installation, for which the manufacturer
accepts no responsibility, may cause damage to persons, animals and things.
The connection of the appliance to earth is mandatory. The manufacturer declines
all responsibility for any inconvenience resulting from the inobservance of this
Before effecting any intervention on the electrical parts of the appliance, the
connection to the network must be interrupted.
If the hob surface is cracked disconnect the appliance from the mains and contact
the After-Sales Service.
The appliance must be connected to the electrical network verifying that the voltage
corresponds to the value indicated on the specifications plate and that the cables section
of the electrical wiring can bear the load which is indicated on the rating plate .
We recommend that the appliance is connected by a suitably qualified person who will
comply with the current IEE and local regulation .
It is recomended that the appliance is connected via a dedicated circuit using a double pole
switch with a rating equal or greater than the total loading of the appliance, with a minimum
opening between the contacts of 3 mm .
Alternative connection methods may be available as long as they conform to current IEE
wiring regulation .
The power supply cable must not touch the hot parts and must be positioned so that it does
not exceed 75°C at any point .
Once the appliance has been installed, the switch must always be accessible .
IMPORTANT: This appliance must be connected to a suitable double pole control
unit adjacent to the cooktop.
No diversity can be applied to this control unit.
The control unit must be capable of breaking the full load current of the appliance.



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