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Machine Description - GE Pegasus MHV GEEP-427-I Instuctions

Horizontal induction motor totally enclosed water-to-air cooled sleeve bearing
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Machine Description

Type of Enclosure
A totally-enclosed, water-to-air cooled enclosure
is achieved by using an air-to-water heat exchanger,
which transfers the heat from the internal recirculating
air to the external cooling water.
Overall Construction
The unit consists of two major assemblies: (1) the
top cover assembly and (2) the machine assembly. The
top cover assembly is mounted above the frame and
contains the air-to-water, heat exchanger. The machine
assembly contains the pre-wound stator core, rotor, end
shields and bearings which support the rotor (Refer to
section entitled "Machine Assembly" on page 37).
Synchronous machines also have a brushless exciter or
collector rings and brushes. The power terminal box and
the accessory terminal box are mounted on the frame.
GE Energy Motors GEEP-427-I
GEEP-427-I Pegasus, Horizontal Induction Motor
Top Cover
The top cover assembly consists of the top cover
and the surface type, air-to-water, heat exchanger. The
top cover provides the supporting structure for the heat
exchanger and forms the air flow passages for the
internal recirculating cooling air.
The finned-tube, heat exchanger is supported
along its entire length within the top cover. Flanged
piping connections and water box cover plates permit
easy access for tube cleaning without removing the heat
exchanger from this top hat or breaking water
connections. Baffles are located beneath the heat
exchanger to prevent condensation and tube leakage
from dripping water into the machine windings.
Provisions for water leak detectors are furnished.
The rotor and internal fans circulate the internal
air through the active parts of the machine. The heated
internal air leaves the center section of the frame and
enters the bottom middle portion of the top cover. At this
point the air passes around the drip baffles and up
through the finned exterior surfaces of the tubes in the
heat exchanger where the neat exchange between the
internal and air and the cooling water is accomplished.
The cooled air then separates, makes a 180 degree turn
and flows down into both machine ends to reenter the
machine and repeat the circulation path.
Copyright 2009, The General Electric Company, USA
TEWAC, Sleeve Bearing



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