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Spare Parts - GE Pegasus MHV GEEP-427-I Instuctions

Horizontal induction motor totally enclosed water-to-air cooled sleeve bearing
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Spare Parts

General considerations
The machines covered by this Instruction have
been designed and manufactured to provide excellent
reliability and quality. If properly handled, stored,
installed, operated and maintained, and if the site is
equipped with adequate protective equipment, the unit
will give many years of reliable service. However, as
with all power equipment, certain parts are subject to
normal wear. In addition, there is great variation between
sites in severity of environmental conditions.
For these reasons an adequate stock of spare parts
is important, as insurance, in order to minimize down
time of the unit. The correct number of spare parts to
carry in stock depends upon how critical the installation
is to the owner. This decision must be weighed with an
evaluation of the severity of environmental conditions at
the site and of the effectiveness of the local maintenance
Parts subject to wear
Two parts which are in physical contact in which
there is relative motion between the two members will
experience wear. Sleeve bearings and oil rings are in
contact with the shaft and move relative to the shaft. The
balls or rollers of antifriction bearings are in contact
with, and move relative to the inner and outer race.
Brushes are in contact with, and move relative to
collector rings and brush holders. Oil seals are in contact
with and move relative to the shaft.
All of the mentioned parts are subject to wear.
The rate of wear, in each case, is determined by factors
discussed previously. It is recommended that these parts
be regularly stocked as spare parts.
Other parts
There are other essential parts which may
deteriorate at an unpredictable rate, over a period of time,
for which the mode of failure is more subtle. Air filters
used to remove dirt should be inspected and cleaned
periodically, over a period of time, corrosive and other
types of chemical contaminants, as well as certain types
of physical contaminants, will cause air filters to
deteriorate. This may cause throttling of cooling air and
GE Energy Motors GEEP-427-I
GEEP-427-I Pegasus, Horizontal Induction Motor
an undesired increase in operating temperature of the
The insulation of all the electrical windings will
give long life if operated within temperature ratings, if
cleaned in accordance with instructions and if not
damaged. Lightning surges, switching surges, general
system disturbances and other abnormal voltage
conditions have the potential to cause dielectric damage
that can result in turn and ground insulation breakdown
over a period of time. The large magnitude of ambient air
which passes through the machine and over the coils for
ambient breathing machines can cause the winding
insulation to be abraded and even penetrated by abrasive
particles, conducting particles, moisture and normal dirt.
Criticality of the application
The owner should evaluate the critical nature of
this machine's application at it relates to the economy of
potential downtime and loss of production.
Recommended Spare Parts.
1. Non-Critical - Minimum Protection (Basic Spares)
2. Semi-Critical - Adequate Protection
3. Critical - Full Protection
These recommendations are being made to assist
the owner in developing a Protection Planning
Program for parts to be maintained in stock.
Recommended Spare Parts
The recommended list of spare parts is as follows:
1. Non-Critical Application - Basic Spares -
Minimum (one set of each item, as originally supplied)
*Oil Rings
*Oil Seals
*When so Equipped
2. Semi-Critical
Protection (one set of each item, as originally supplied)
First thee Items in (1) (as applicable)
Prewound Stator Core
Synchronous Rotor Wound Poles
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TEWAC, Sleeve Bearing



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