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Ordering Parts - GE Pegasus MHV GEEP-427-I Instuctions

Horizontal induction motor totally enclosed water-to-air cooled sleeve bearing
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2. Critical Application or Multiple Units - Full
Protection (one set of each item, as originally supplied)
First thee Items in (1) (as applicable)
GE Energy Motors GEEP-427-I
GEEP-427-I Pegasus, Horizontal Induction Motor

Ordering Parts

A general view of the machine is given in the
instruction section entitled "Parts Identification". When
ordering parts or seeking additional information from
your General Electric Company contact, include the
serial number and model number of the machine as well
as the rating and the part number reference from the Parts
Identification section.
Copyright 2009, The General Electric Company, USA
TEWAC, Sleeve Bearing

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents