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GE Pegasus MHV GEEP-427-I Instuctions page 9

Horizontal induction motor totally enclosed water-to-air cooled sleeve bearing
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integral with the frame. When foundation caps or sole
plates are used, their function is to act as spacers between
the actual foundation and the unit. They are to be a part
of the foundation. Accordingly, if they are used, it is
important that they be firmly attached to the foundation
to withstand the applied torques and normal vibration
forces. It is also imperative that they be supported evenly
on the foundation and be located in a level plane.
GE Energy Motors GEEP-427-I
GEEP-427-I Pegasus, Horizontal Induction Motor
Place the machine on the foundation (sole plates,
if used) with its shaft approximately in line with and at
proper distance from the shaft of the machine to be
coupled. Use shims under the feet to adjust for the
correct shaft height. Refer to the outline drawing for
information covering the shim location and required
shim and depth. When this preliminary alignment is
complete, install the holdown bolts but do not tight them
until final alignment has been made.
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TEWAC, Sleeve Bearing



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