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GE Pegasus MHV GEEP-427-I Instuctions page 6

Horizontal induction motor totally enclosed water-to-air cooled sleeve bearing
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Always lift or move the unit with all assembly
bolts, screws and studs in place, secured with the shaft
clamp in position when supplied (supplied on machines
with sleeve bearings only). Machines with oil-lubricated
bearings are shipped without oil.
If, at the time of purchase, it was specified that the
motor be packaged for long-term storage, the package
should be left intact during the period of storage.
If the machine is not put in service immediately,
adequate precautions must be taken to protect it while in
storage. The following instructions are provided as a
guide for storage. Full compliance with these instructions
is required to maintain the warranty.
During manufacturing, testing, and preparation
for shipment basic precautions are taken by the factory to
guard against corrosion of the bearing journals and shaft
extension. The shaft extension is treated with a heavy
coating of rust inhibitor. All machines with oil-lubricated
bearings are operated and tested at the factory with a
rust-inhibiting oil in the lubrication system. Although the
machines are shipped without oil , a rust-inhibiting film
remains on the critical bearing surfaces during transit and
for up to three months of normal storage. Nevertheless ,
when the machine is received, the bearing oil reservoirs
should be filled to the proper oil level with a good grade
of rust-inhibiting oil. (See
Recommendation on page 24).
Grease-lubricated machines have the bearings
packed at the factory and no further preventive
maintenance is required on the bearings during storage.
For clean, dry, indoor storage locations, rotate the
shaft of all two-bearing machines at three-month
intervals so as to thoroughly coat journals with a fresh oil
film or change the rolling element under load.
Machines equipped with brushes should have the
brushes lifted in the brush holders so they are not in
contact with the collectors.
GE Energy Motors GEEP-427-I
GEEP-427-I Pegasus, Horizontal Induction Motor
section entitled Lube Oil
TEWAC, Sleeve Bearing
Outdoor storage is not recommended. Aside
from all the possibilities of external weather conditions,
erection conditions, environmental conditions etc., which
can affect an idle machine, variations in temperature and
humidity can cause condensation throughout the unit,
producing rust and corrosion on metal parts as well as
deterioration of the electrical insulation. If outdoor
storage cannot be avoided, contact the factory through
information on the circumstances and explaining steps to
be taken to protect the machine. Failure to protect the
machine may invalidate the warranty.
The storage facility must provide protection from
contact with rain, hail, snow, blowing sand or dirt,
accumulations of ground water, corrosive fumes and
infestation by vermin or insects. Continuous or severe
intermittent floor vibration should be avoided. Electrical
service for space heater and illumination should be
provided. There should be fire detection and a fire
fighting plan. The machines must not be stored where
they are liable to accidental damage or exposed to weld
spatter, exhaust fumes or dirt. If necessary, erect suitable
guards or separating walls to provide adequate
protection. Avoid storage in a atmosphere containing
corrosive gases, particularly chlorine, sulphur dioxide
and nitrous oxides.
The machine in storage must be protected from
moisture condensation on the windings and other critical
parts. To prevent condensation, energize the machine's
space heaters to keep the machine temperature above the
room temperature by at least 3C. During the periods of
extreme cold or rapid temperature decrease, the space
heaters may not be adequate to maintain this temperature
differential. Therefore, safe supplementary space heating
may be required.
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