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Device Elements; Start Up; Dry Vacuum Cleaning - Kärcher NT 35/1 Eco User Manual

Vacuum cleaner
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Table of Contents

Device elements

1 Electrodes
2 Suction hose
3 Cable hook
4 Air outlet, working air
5 Suction head lock
6 Wheel
7 Air inlet, motor cooling air
8 Suction head
9 Steering roller
10 Dirt receptacle
11 Suction support
12 Floor nozzle
13 Suction tube
14 Carrying handle
15 Filter cover
16 Bender
17 Automatic filter dedusting
18 Main switch
19 Flat fold filter
20 Filter dedusting
21 Floor nozzle holder
22 Holder for crevice nozzle
23 Holder for suction pipes
24 Power cord
25 Nameplate

Start up

The flat pleated filter must always be in
place while vacuuming.

Dry vacuum cleaning

To vacuum fine dust, you can also use
an additional paper filter bag, a fleece
filter bag (option) or a membrane filter
Installing the paper filter bag/fleece filter
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Insert the paper filter bag, fleece filter
bag (option) or membrane filter (option).
 Insert and lock the suction head.
Wet vacuum cleaning
Inserting the rubber lips
 Remove the brush strips.
 Install the rubber lips.
Note: The structured side of the rubber lips
must point outwards.
Remove the paper filter bag/fleece filter
If the appliance is used to vacuum wet
dirt, the paper filter bag, the fleece filter
bag (option) or the membrane filter (op-
tion) must always be removed.
It is recommended to use a special filter
bag (wet) (see Filter systems).
If wet dirt is vacuumed with the uphol-
stery or crevice nozzle, or if water is
sucked up from a container, it is recom-
mended to deactivate the "automatic fil-
ter cleaning" function.
If the maximum liquid level is reached
the appliance will turn off automatically.
In case of non-conductive liquids
(such as emulsion drilling fluids,
oils, and greases) the appliance is
not turned off when the container is
full. The filling level must be continu-
ously monitored and the container
must be emptied in time.
After the wet vacuuming: Clean the flat
folded filter with the filter cleaning.
Clean the electrodes with a brush.
Clean the container with a damp rag
and dry it.
Clip connection
The suction hose is equipped with a clip
system. All C-35/C-DN-35 accessories can
be connected.
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Table of Contents