Description Of Functions - Miele DAR 1130 Operating And Installation Instructions

Ventilation system
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The ventilation system offers the
following modes of operation:
Air extraction with internal blower
A blower that is integrated into the
ventilation system removes any cooking
vapors. The air is guided though the
baffle filters and cleaned. Then the air
is directed outside.
A non-return flap in the exhaust air
system closes when the ventilation
system is turned off so that no
exchange of outside air and room air
can occur.
It is closed when the ventilation system
is turned off.
When the hood is turned on, the air
pressure of the exhaust blower opens
the flap and blows the cooking vapors

Description of functions

Air extraction with external blower
The external blower must be installed
outside the room at a location of your
The external blower is connected to the
ventilation system by a control cable
and is operated via the control panel of
the ventilation system.
Air recirculation mode
The air that is drawn in is cleaned by
the baffle filters and then by an
OdorFree charcoal filter. The air is
returned to the kitchen through opening
on the top of the range hood.
In air recirculation mode, please
ensure that the OdorFree charcoal
filters are in place; see "Cleaning
and Care".

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Table of Contents

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