Operation; Turning The Light On/Off; Turning The Blower On/Off; Selecting The Blower Power Level - Miele DAR 1130 Operating And Installation Instructions

Ventilation system
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Turning the light on/off

The overhead LED light and the blower
can be turned on and off separately.

Turning the blower on/off

^ Turn the blower switch to "1" to turn
the blower on and to "0" to turn the
blower off.
Selecting the blower power
Select one of the four power levels
according to the intensity of the
cooking vapors.
Typically, levels "1" to "3" are sufficient
for normal cooking needs.

Intensive level

Use the intensive setting "IS" for short
periods of time when frying or cooking
food with strong vapors and odors.
Always turn the ventilation system
on when cooking.
When using a gas range regardless
of the cooktop setting, use the
following power levels:
Ventilation system with blower DRIB
XL or DREB XL (700 cfm):
22 kW or more: min. Level 2
31 kW or more: min. Level 3
Ventilation system with blower DRIB
XXL or DREB XXL (1100 cfm):
31 kW or more: min. Level 2
40 kW: min. Level 3
The ventilation system is equipped
with a temperature sensor. If an
insufficient power level was
selected, the ventilation system
temporarily switches to the intensive
setting "IS". This also happens when
the ventilation system is off.
After cooking
If the kitchen is still full of cooking
vapors after you have finished cooking,
we recommend leaving the ventilation
system on for approx. 10 minutes.
^ Then turn the system off.



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Table of Contents

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