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Ventilation system
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Appliance dimensions
Distance between cooktop and hood (S)
Do not install this exhaust hood over cooktops burning solid fuel.
Observe the cooktop manufacturer's instructions when determining the
distance between cooktop and lower edge of the hood.
Unless the instructions require a greater distance, the adjacent minimum safety
distances apply for Miele cooktops.
– If several gas surfaces are installed under the hood, the total output must be
considered when determining the minimum safety distance.
– Be sure to follow the minimum safety distances given by the gas cooktop
manufacturer to easily flammable materials e.g. upper cabinets.
– If local building codes require a greater safety distance, follow their requirement.
– If there is more than one appliance beneath the hood and they have different
minimum safety distances always select the greater distance.
See "Important Safety Instructions" for further information.
– To ensure free access to work under the ventilation hood, a distance of a
minimum of 26" (660 mm) above the electric cooktop is also recommended.
– Take the user's body height into consideration when selecting the installation
height. Adequate work space at the cooktop and optimal operation of the
ventilation system should be ensured.
– However, the greater the distance from the cooktop, the less effectively cooking
odors are drawn in.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents