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Plywood Backing - Miele DAR 1130 Operating And Installation Instructions

Ventilation system
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Plywood backing

The majority of the weight of the
installed ventilation system will be
supported by the retaining plate. It
must be firmly attached to the stud
framing behind the drywall. If studs
are not available in the required
locations, a plywood backing (min.
½" (13 mm) thick) spanning at least
two studs must be installed. Failure
to adequately support the weight as
stated may result in the ventilation
system falling off the wall, causing
personal injury and property
(If plywood backing is not needed,
proceed to the included "Installation
To install a plywood backing
^ Determine and mark the location for
the canopy as outlined in "Appliance
^ Make a cutting line 3" (76 mm) above
and 3" (76 mm) below the outline of
the retaining plate.
^ Find the studs to the left and right of
the mounting location by tapping the
wall or using a stud finder.
^ Mark a vertical cutting line along the
center of each stud.
When cutting or drilling into the wall
or ceiling, do not damage electrical
wiring and other hidden utilities.
^ Remove the drywall between the
cutting lines and replace it with
plywood of a matching thickness
(min. ½" (13 mm) thick). Tape the
joints and refinish the wall.
^ Proceed to the enclosed "Installation
diagram" to complete the installation.



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