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Handicare Fortress 1700DT Owner's Manual

Mobility scooter.
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O W N E R' S M A N U A L
3 & 4 Wheel Scooters
Issue 2
January 2008


   Summary of Contents for Handicare Fortress 1700DT

  • Page 1

    O W N E R’ S M A N U A L 3 & 4 Wheel Scooters Issue 2 January 2008...

  • Page 2

    Handicare The information provided is based on general data concerning the constructions known at the time of the publication of this manual. Handicare executes a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to changes and modifications.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Table of contents Introduction ..................5 This manual ..................5 Product labels..................6-7 Symbols used in manual..............8 Service and technical support............9 Identification plate................9 Identification of the product .............. 9 Warranty………..………………………………………………………10-12 Use according to purpose ............... 12 General safety regulations and instructions......

  • Page 4

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Transporting the scooter fully assembled......39 Adjustment options ..............40 Seat adjustments..............40 5.1.1 Adjusting the seat height .......... 40 5.1.2 Adjusting the seat depth ........... 40 5.1.3 Backrest adjustment ..........41 5.1.4 Adjusting the armrest..........42 5.1.5 Adjusting the headrest ..........

  • Page 5: Introduction

    Thank you for choosing a Fortress 1700 DT or TA electric scooter. Welcome to a growing community of people who use a scooter from the Handicare product range. Handicare stands for reliability and innovative technology, which results in easily operated quality products. XXXXXX-010001000-en.doc This Manual With this manual you can safely use and maintain the product.

  • Page 6: Product Labels

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Product Labels Pic.018433_1ML The product has the following decals and labels: A. Charging connection B. Circuit breaker C. Tire pressure wheels D. Freewheel E. Tiller angle adjustment...

  • Page 7: Product Labels

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Product Labels A. Charging connection For charging of the batteries, see 'Charging the batteries'. Pic.14203003ML B. Circuit breaker The scooter has a safety circuit breaker feature. See ‘Automatic circuit breaker’. PIC.14202008ML C. Tire pressure For tire pressure of the wheels, see 'product specifications’. PIC.14550002M Freewheel Lever in the lower position:...

  • Page 8: Symbols Used In This Manual

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Symbols used in this manual: XXXXXX-010004020-en.doc CAUTION Poorly executed procedures that can result in damage to the product, the environment, or injury to the user. PICDOC-010004110-en.doc ATTENTION! Suggestions that help specific procedures to be carried out more easily. PICDOC-010004120-en.doc Consult the specified information source(s) first.

  • Page 9: Service And Technical Support

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Service and Technical Support For information concerning specific settings, maintenance or repair work, please contact your dealer. He is always prepared to help you. Ensure you have at hand: Model • Serial number • This information is provided on the identification plate. See diagram below. PIC.018448ml Identification plate Product information can be found on plate (A).

  • Page 10: Warranty

    Handicare warrants to the original buyer that the new equipment sold by an authorized Handicare dealer is, at the time of delivery to the buyer and for the defined time periods (found below) following such delivery, free from defects in material and workmanship and meets designed performance levels.

  • Page 11

    Warranty Claims All claims for warranty-covered parts under the above warranty must be presented to Handicare by an authorized dealer within forty-five (45) days of the event upon which any warranty claim is made. Handicare reserves the right to refuse the warranty claim should the claim not satisfy the basic requirements.

  • Page 12: Use According To Purpose

    FORTRESS 1700 DT/TA. If you use the scooter in an unsafe manner, or for other purposes than those for which it is intended, Handicare accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury or property damage resulting from such improper use.

  • Page 13: General Safety Regulations And Instructions

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 1 General safety regulations and instructions Handicare accepts no liability whatsoever for damage or injury caused by the failure to (strictly) adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions or else due to carelessness during the use and cleaning of the scooter and possible accessories.

  • Page 14

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA stability, as described in detail on page 26 of this manual. Be sure that no items of clothing hang loose. These could become caught between the wheels. Make sure your fingers do not get caught in the mechanism of the tilt steering adjustment.

  • Page 15: General Description

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA The scooter is electronically operated. Certain parameters have been factory-set. These settings are designed to allow comfortable and efficient use. These parameters cannot be changed. The standard version of your scooter was tested according to the strictest EMI requirements. Mobile telephones have no influence on the driving behaviour of the scooter.

  • Page 16: Main Components

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Main Components Fig. PIC.018433_2ML. The following main components are, or may be, installed on the scooter: A. Seat. This is where the user is seated. B. Backrest. To support the back of the user. C. Head rest To support the head.

  • Page 17

    Fortress 1700DT/TA 4-wheel model:...

  • Page 18: Operation

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Operation XXXXXX-010400000-nl.doc 4.1 Driving with the Fortress 1700 DT/TA To be able to drive, this owner’s manual describes the following: Inspection before use • Console • Driving • Transferring in and out • Pushing • Disassembly • 4.1.1 Inspection before use Before one starts driving the scooter, it is important to check the following...

  • Page 19: Operating Controls

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA If the scooter starts behaving in an unpredictable manner, let go of the throttle levers and let the scooter come to a complete stop. Remove the jack key from the console and then reinsert to restart the scooter. If everything is in order, the scooter can be driven.

  • Page 20: Console

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.2.1 Console Fig. 000000040. The console is provided with the latest technology and offers reliable and useful functions for the operation of your scooter: A. Left & right turn signals B. Battery-condition meter C. Speed control D. Lighting E.

  • Page 21

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Turn Signals left / right By activating the switch (on the left or on the right), the indicator will start flashing to indicate that you intend to change your driving direction: - activate the switch on the left if you wish to turn to the left - activate the switch on the right if you wish to turn to the right.

  • Page 22

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA lights. Pressing this switch a second time will turn the lights off. Horn The horn buttons are used to give a warning sound in dangerous situations. The horn will sound for as long as you keep the button pressed. Jack Key To switch on the scooter, the jack key has to be inserted into the jack key receptacle.

  • Page 23: Switching On

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.2.2 Switching on Fig. 00000005 The scooter should be switched on as follows: Insert the jack key into the jack key receptacle as far as it will go (A). • 4.2.3 Charging connection Fig. 000000060. On the steering column underneath the console, there is the charger •...

  • Page 24: Driving Procedures

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.3 Driving Procedures Before driving with the scooter, it should be adjusted optimally to your personal needs. After you have carried out all inspection points, you can seat yourself in the scooter. See ‘Transferring in and out’. Now you may start your ride.

  • Page 25: Corners

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA • Make sure there is nothing behind the scooter before you travel in reverse. • The maximum speed in reverse is equal to half the maximum speed forward. Braking and stopping while driving forward or reversing If you release the forward/reverse lever slowly, the Fortress 1700 DT/TA will •...

  • Page 26: Slopes

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Reversing while making a turn Turning left or right By turning the handlebars to the left or to the right, the scooter will change • direction and start moving in the opposite direction of the direction you steer. Steering to the right: the scooter will reverse while making a left turn.

  • Page 27

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Instructions for Driving up a slope Position yourself in the “Increased Stability Driving Position” shown in • figure 000000080 (pg 26) by leaning your upper body slightly forward. This will increase the stability of the scooter. Further adjust your body position by adjusting the sliding seat into a forward position (see section 5.1.2 “adjusting the seat depth”, pg 40) Drive up the slope at half speed.

  • Page 28: Obstacles

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.3.4 Obstacles Fig. 000000090 Driving up obstacles Drive straight up to the curb or obstacle, almost touching it with your front • wheel. Push the forward/reverse lever and drive onto the sidewalk without changing • direction. As soon as the front wheel is on the sidewalk, you need to keep up your •...

  • Page 29: Overload Shutdown

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Driving off obstacles Use extreme caution when driving off obstacles. • Drive straight up to the edge of the sidewalk until you reach the curb. • Carefully push the forward/reverse lever and allow the scooter to slowly •...

  • Page 30: Parking

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.3.7 Parking After parking, pull out the jack key from the jack key receptacle, so that no one can use your Fortress 1700 DT/TA without permission. After the scooter has been switched off (the jack key has been pulled out of the receptacle), the automatic parking brake will remain activated even if the batteries are removed.

  • Page 31: Battery Charger

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA The battery charger has been designed in such a way that batteries cannot be overcharged. When the batteries are no longer charging, the charging current will automatically drop until the charging is stopped completely: the batteries are fully charged. The minimum charging time for gel batteries is approximately 8 hours.

  • Page 32: Transferring In And Out

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.4 Transferring in and out Fig. 000000100 (seat may differ • slightly from diagram) Before transferring on or off, the scooter should be switched off by removing the jack key and the automatic parking brake should be engaged. Before making a transfer, the armrest •...

  • Page 33: Freewheel Position Of The Scooter

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA If the scooter is pushed too fast, a built in safey mechanism will automatically activate the motor brake and cause the scooter slow down. 4.5.1 Freewheel position of the scooter See Fig. 000000110. • To be able to push the Fortress 1700 DT/TA, the automatic parking brake has to be de-activated as follows: Move the free wheel lever (A), located...

  • Page 34: Dissassembling The Scooter For Storage Or Transport

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Attention: NEVER switch the scooter into free wheel when you are parked on a slope: the scooter will start moving down the slope as a result of gravity. If the Fortress 1700 DT/TA is in the free wheel position: It is not possible to drive the scooter.

  • Page 35: Separating The Scooter

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4.6.2 Separating the scooter The Fortress 1700 DT/ TA Scooter has been designed to be disassembled and re-assembled quickly, easily and without the use of tools. Should you have any difficulty during either the assembly or disassembly, please re-check the instructions and try again.

  • Page 36

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Carefully tip the rear cover • toward the rear of the scooter to expose its underside. Locate the connector for the rear lighting and disconnect it. The rear cover can now be completely removed Disconnect the red and black •...

  • Page 37

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA move the batteries by lifting • them up by their carrying straps CAUTION – the batteries are much heavier than they appear! Unplug the main cable before • disconnecting the scooter. To separate the front frame • from the rear frame, locate the locking latch in the middle of the battery...

  • Page 38: Folding Dowh The Steering Tiller

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Grasp the seat post with one • hand and the front tiller with the other hand. Gently tip the rear frame of the scooter backward using the seat post until it rests on its rear bumper. Grasp the handlebar with one hand and the centre part of the front •...

  • Page 39: Transporting The Scooter Fully Assembled

    After the scooter has been placed inside the vehicle, you must make sure that the scooter is not in the freewheel position. The scooter should be secured with an approved securement system. Handicare makes no representation of suitability for use with specific securement systems. Handicare also cannot anticipate...

  • Page 40: Adjustment Options

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA the situations that may arise in use of public transportation systems. For instructions on how to use a given securement system, please consult its manufacturer and its operating instructions. In the case of public transit please refer to the municipal transit authority. There are attachment points located at the rear of the scooter and under the front of the floor pan.

  • Page 41: Backrest Adjustment

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 5.1.3 Backrest adjustment Fig. 000000140 The backrest is angle-adjustable. The adjustment must be done as follows: Pull up the handle (A) while you are on the seat. • The backrest will now automatically move forward. Press the backrest backward by leaning back to a position that is most •...

  • Page 42: Adjusting The Armrest

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 5.1.4 Adjusting the armrest Fig. 000000160 Adjust the armrests as follows: The armrest width adjustment knobs (A) are located at • the rear of the seat. To loosen armrest, turn the knob counter-clockwise. • After selecting the new width, re-tighten knobs •...

  • Page 43: Adjusting The Steering Tiller

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 5.2 Adjusting the steering tiller Fig. 000000130 The steering tiller can be adjusted for driving comfort and ease of transferring on and off the scooter. The steering tiller can be adjusted as follows: Pull handle (A) down with one hand, while at the same time pulling the •...

  • Page 44: Maintenance

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Maintenance XXXXXX-01010700000-nl.doc 6.1 Maintenance table In order to optimize your scooter’s performance, durability and longevity, it should be serviced regularly by your dealer. Below, we have indicated what needs to be checked, how often this should be done, and by whom.

  • Page 45: Replacing The Batteries

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA A sticker shows the connection diagram of the batteries. This sticker is placed on the inside of the cover of the battery compartment. Make sure that the batteries are always well charged. Do not use the scooter if the batteries are almost depleted. This may damage the batteries and you run the risk of coming to an unintended stop.

  • Page 46: Cleaning The Batteries

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Connect the cables according to the table below: • Cable colour Text on label Connect to Black Battery 1 Minus terminal of battery 1 (left) Battery 1 Plus terminal of battery 1 (left) Black Battery 2 Minus terminal of battery 2 (right) Battery 2 Plus terminal of battery 2...

  • Page 47: Tires

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Tires For the proper functioning of the scooter it is very important that the tires are kept at the correct pressure. 6.2.1. Inflating the Tires The tires are equipped with a car valve. You can have the tires inflated at your dealer or local gas service station, or you can do it yourself using a foot or hand pump.

  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 7 Troubleshooting If your Fortress 1700 DT or TA will not function, even though the batteries are fully charged, check the following points before getting in touch with your dealer. Check that all battery clamps are securely in place. Check the free wheel lever to ensure it is in the BRAKE ENGAGE position (not in free wheel position).

  • Page 49: Automatic Circuit Breaker

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Possible cause Action Action to be taken The battery voltage is too low. Check the battery voltage. Yourself • • See ‘Battery condition meter’. Charge the batteries for 8 • hours. Check operation of the • battery charger. The scooter drives too slowly.

  • Page 50

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA If you are able to restart the scooter after this, you may drive on. Make sure, however, to avoid obstacles and hills. If the automatic circuit breaker pops out again after the motor was allowed to cool off, there may be a short circuit. In this case, do not attempt driving, but contact your dealer.

  • Page 51: Emi Malfunction

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 7.3 Electro-magnetic Interference (EMI) malfunction Radio waves may negatively influence the drive of an electric scooter. The scooter itself may disrupt the operation of electromagnetic fields, such as those used in alarm systems and shop circuitry. Sources of radio waves, such as radio and TV stations, amateur radio transmitters, elevators, transmitters, stereo radios, and mobile telephones may influence electric wheelchairs and scooters.

  • Page 52: Technical Specifications

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA 8 Technical specifications Handicare Inc: 355 Norfinch Dr. Toronto, Ontario, M3N 1Y7 8.1 Product Specifications Fortress 1700DT/TA Model Fortress 1700 DT/TA 3 Wheel Fortress 1700 DT/TA 4 Wheel Maximum user's weight DT-350 lbs; TA-275lbs Description 1700 DT/TA...

  • Page 53

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Description 1700 DT/TA 1700 DT/TA Minimum turning radius 42” 57.5” Capacity to drive over obstacles 3” 3” Ground clearance 4” 4” Test data Weight test dummy 350 lbs (*275lbs) Operating force Operating-handle power < 60 N Resetting automatic fuse (circuit breaker) <...

  • Page 54: Authorized Service And Technical Support

    Fortress 1700 DT/TA Authorized service and technical support If you have any problems or questions concerning this product, please contact your dealer. For information about a dealer in your area, contact Handicare Canada: Handicare Inc. Canadian Office: 355 Norfinch Drive...

  • Page 55

    Serial #: Model: Colour: Date: Tel: (416) 739-8333 * 1-800-514-7061 Fax: (416) 739-6622 * 1-888-251-9187 E-mail:

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