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Group Pickup (Optional); Redial The Last Number Called - Cisco 7941 Quick Start Manual

Ip telephone
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Group Pickup (Optional)

You can answer a call to your extension outside your call group.
Step 1)
As a phone rings at an extension outside of your call group, press a Line button.
Step 2)
Press the more soft key one time.
Step 3)
Press the GPickup soft key.
Step 4)
Dial the desired call pickup group number.
Step 5)
Answer the incoming call that is redirected to your phone.

Redial the Last Number Called

Redialing the most recently dialed number.
Step 1)
Lift the handset and press the Redial soft key.
Note: You can also press the Redial soft key to activate the speakerphone and redial the last number
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Quick Start Guide: Cisco 7941/7961 IP Telephone – 11

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