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Fujitsu 9319357003-02 Installation Manual page 5

Air conditioner indoor unit compact wall mounted type
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6.6. Cutting the hole in the wall for the connecting piping
(1) Cut a 65 mm diameter hole in the wall at the position shown in the following.
(2) Cut the hole so that the outside end is lower (5 to 10 mm) than the inside end.
(3) Always align the center of the wall hole. If misaligned, water leakage will occur.
(4) Cut the wall pipe to match the wall thickness, stick it into the wall cap, fasten the cap with
vinyl tape, and stick the pipe through the hole.
(5) For left piping and right piping, cut the hole a little lower so that drain water will fl ow
Wall hook bracket
Center mark
65 mm dia. hole
Fasten with
vinyl tape
Wall pipe*
Wall cap*
If the wall pipe is not used, the cable interconnecting the indoor unit(s) and outdoor unit
or branch box may touch metal and cause electric discharge.
6.7. Installing the wall hook bracket
(1) Install the wall hook bracket so that it is correctly positioned horizontally and vertically.
If the wall hook bracket is titled, water will drip to the fl oor.
(2) Install the wall hook bracket so that it is strong enough to support the weight of the
• Fasten the wall hook bracket to the wall with 5 or more screws through the holes near the
outer edge of the bracket.
• Check that there is no rattle at the wall hook bracket.
Wall hook bracket
Tapping screw
Install the wall hook bracket level, both horizontally and vertically.
6.8. Forming the drain hose and pipe
[Rear piping, Right piping, Bottom piping]
• Install the indoor unit piping in the direction of the wall hole and bind the drain hose
and pipe together with vinyl tape.
• Install the piping so that the drain hose is at the bottom.
• Wrap the pipes of the indoor unit that are visible from the outside with decorative tape.
[For Left rear piping, Left piping]
Interchange the drain cap and the drain hose.
Center mark
65 mm dia. hole
5 to 10 mm low
*Field supplied
Insert drain hose and drain cap securely. Drain should slope down to avoid water
When inserting, be sure not to attach any material besides water. If any other
material is attached, it will cause deterioration and water leakage.
After removing drain hose, be sure not to forget mounting drain cap.
Be sure to fi x the drain hose with tape to the bottom of piping.
Prevent drain water freezing under low temperature environment.
When installing indoor unit's drain hose outdoors, necessary measure for frost
protection should be taken to prevent drain water freezing.
Under low temperature environment (when outdoor temperature under 0 °C), after
cooling operation is executed, water in the drain hose could be frozen. Once drain
water is frozen, the drain hose will be blocked and water leakage may result at the
indoor unit.
Installation method of Drain cap
Use a hexagonal wrench 4 mm at opposite side to insert
the drain cap, till the drain cap contacts the tip of drain
Right piping
Indoor unit drain hose (bottom)
Bottom piping
Indoor unit
drain hose
Removal method of drain hose
Remove the screw at the left of
drain hose and pull out drain hose.
Drain fixture
Drain hose
Please hold around the joint of the drain hose during working.
As the screw is inside, be sure to use screwdriver treated with magnet.
• For left piping and left rear piping, align the marks on the wall hook bracket and shape the
connection pipe.
• Bend the connection piping at a bend radius of 70 mm or more and install no more than
35 mm from the wall.
• After passing the indoor piping and drain hose through the wall hole, hang the indoor unit on
the hooks at the top and bottom of the wall hook bracket.
No gap
Drain cap
Bind with vinyl tape
Refrigerant pipes (top)
Rear piping
For left outlet piping,
cut off the piping
outlet cutting groove
with a hacksaw.
Drain cap
Remove the drain cap by pulling
at the projection at the end of the
cap with pliers, etc.
Installation method of drain hose
Vertically insert the drain hose toward the
inside, so that the drain fi xture (white) can ac-
curately align with the screw hole around the
drain cock.
After inserting and before replacing, please
reinstall and fi x the removed screws.
Drain cock
Screw hole
Drain hose
Drain fixture

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