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Selecting The Mounting Position; Installation Work - Fujitsu 9319357003-02 Installation Manual

Air conditioner indoor unit compact wall mounted type
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Decide the mounting position with the customer as follows:
5.1. Indoor unit
(1) Install the indoor unit level on a strong wall which is not subject to vibration.
(2) The inlet and outlet ports should not be obstructed: the air should be able to blow all
over the room.
(3) Install the unit a dedicated electrical branch circuit.
(4) Do not install the unit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
(5) Install the unit where connection to the outdoor unit or branch box is easy.
(6) Install the unit where the drain pipe can be easily installed.
(7) Take servicing, etc. into consideration and leave the spaces shown in "6.1. Installation
dimensions". Also install the unit where the fi lter can be removed.
Correct initial installation location is important because it is diffi cult to move unit after it is
Select installation locations that can properly support the weight of the indoor. Install the
units securely so that they do not topple or fall.
Do not install the unit in the following areas:
• Area with high salt content, such as at the seaside. It will deteriorate metal parts, causing the parts
to fail or the unit to leak water.
• Area fi lled with mineral oil or containing a large amount of splashed oil or steam, such as a
It will deteriorate plastic parts, causing the parts to fail or the unit to leak water.
• Area that generates substances that adversely affect the equipment, such as sulfuric gas, chlorine
gas, acid, or alkali.
It will cause the copper pipes and brazed joints to corrode, which can cause refrigerant leakage.
• Area that can cause combustible gas to leak, contains suspended carbon fi bers or fl ammable
dust, or volatile infl ammables such as paint thinner or gasoline.
• If gas leaks and settles around the unit, it can cause a fi re.
• Area where animals may urinate on the unit or ammonia may be generated.
Do not use the unit for special purposes, such as storing food, raising animals, growing
plants, or preserving precision devices or art objects.
It can degrade the quality of the preserved or stored objects.
Do not install where there is the danger of combustible gas leakage.
Do not install the unit near a source of heat, steam, or fl ammable gas.
Install the unit where drainage does not cause any trouble.
Install the indoor unit, outdoor unit, branch box, power supply cable, transmission cable,
and remote control cable at least 1 m away from a television or radio receivers. The
purpose of this is to prevent TV reception interference or radio noise.
(Even if they are installed more than 1 m apart, you could still receive noise under some
signal conditions.)
If children under 10 years old may approach the unit, take preventive measures so that
they cannot reach the unit.
Install the indoor unit on the wall where the height from the fl oors more than 1.8 m.


6.1. Installation dimensions
120 mm or over *
110 mm or over **
1.5 m or over
* The distance between the wall hook bracket and the ceiling
should be 120 mm or more.
** The side next to the sidewall must follow the size indicated in the
Wall hook
110 mm or over **
1.8 m or over
(Wall cap)
Remote controller
Tapping screw
6.2. Indoor unit piping direction
The piping can be connected in the 6 directions indicated in the following.
When the piping is connected in direction (2) , (3) , (4) or (5) , cut along the piping groove
in the side of the under cover with a hacksaw.
(2) Right
(1) Right rear outlet
(3) Right bottom outlet
6.3. Under cover removal
(1) Remove the screw caps and screws from the
under cover (in each of 3 places).
(2) Lift up the central part of the under cover.
(3) Release the tabs by pressing on the side of the
under cover (in 2 places on the side).
(4) Remove the under cover while turning it.
Screw cap
Under cover
6.4. Under cover installation
(1) Push the tabs on the side of the under cover into
the base (in 2 places on the side).
(2) Press in the top parts of the triangle markings on
the under cover (in 2 places).
(3) Attach the screws (in 3 places).
(4) Attach the screw caps (in 3 places).
6.5. Cutting the knockout hole
Cutting the knockout hole for piping on under cover:
The piping can be connected in the 6 directions indicated in the following.
When the piping is connected in direction (2), (3), (4) or (5), use a cutting tool to cut along
the groove for the piping that will coming out of the under cover.
For (5) Left outlet
For (4) Left bottom outlet
(5) Left
(6) Left rear
(4) Left bottom outlet
For (3) Right bottom outlet
For (2) Right outlet

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