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Jenn-Air W2780 Use And Care Manual

Self-cleaning convection wall ovens w/electronic controls.
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Use and Care Manual
Self-Cleaning Convection Wall
Ovens w/Electronic Controls
Models W2780, WM2780, WW2780
For Microwave Oven, refer to Use and Care Manual for M167.

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    JENN-AIR mmm ° Use and Care Manual Self-Cleaning Convection Wall Ovens w/Electronic Controls Models W2780, WM2780, WW2780 MODEL WW2780 For Microwave Oven, refer to Use and Care Manual for M167. annum...

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    By following the instructions carefully, you will be able to fully enjoy and properly maintain your oven and achieve excellent results with the food you prepare. Should you have any questions about using your Jenn-Air oven, write to us. Be sure to provide the model number.

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    Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in this manual. All other servicing should be referred to an authorized Jenn-Air Service Con- tractor. Flammable materials should not be stored in an oven.

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    13. Do not clean door gasket. The door gasket is essential for a good seal. Care should be taken not to rub, damage, or move the gasket. 14. Do not use oven cleaners. oven liner protective coating of any kind should be used in or around any part of the oven.

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    Oven Operation Oven Control Panel The control panel is designed for ease in programming. The Display Window features Indicator Words which will flash to prompt you for the next step. To program: 1. Touch the function pad to give command desired. Turn the Set Dial to enter time or temperature.

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    Set Dial: Use to set time or temperature. Display Window: Shows time of day, timer, and oven functions. Oven Light Switch (Control Panel - Lower Right): The oven light automatically comes on whenever the oven door is opened. When door is closed, push in oven light switch to turn oven light on or off.

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    Clock Controls When electrical power is supplied or after power interruption, the last clock time displayed before power was interrupted will flash. Time will advance and continue to flash until clock is reset. To set time of day: Touch Clock Pad. Indicatorword TIME will flash and AM or PMand time digits will appear in the Display.

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    Timer IMPORTANT: This interval Timer can be used to remind you when a period, up to 11 hours and 50 minutes, expires. It can be used independently of any other oven activity and can be set while another oven function is operating. The Timer does not control the oven.

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    Oven Operation- Baking BASIC INSTRUCTIONS Position oven racks. Touch Bake Pad or Convection Bake Pad. Turn Set Dial to desiredtemperature. To set oven on bake or convection 1. Place oven racks on proper rack positions. (See p.11 ) 2. Touch Bake Pad or Convection Bake Pad. Indicator Words BAKE or CONV BAKE will flash and 3 dashes will be shown.

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    Rack Positions The rack positions noted are generally recommended for the best browning results and most efficient cooking times. For many food items, excellent results can be achieved when using one ofseveral different rack positions. Refer to baking and roasting sections for recommendations for specific foods.

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    Clock Controlled Baking BASIC INSTRUCTIONS 1. Touch Bake Pad or Convection Bake Pad, 2. Turn Set Dial to desired temperature. 3. Touch Cook Time Pad. 4. Turn Set Dial to enter cooking hours & minutes. 5. Touch Stop Time Pad.* 6.

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    IMPORTANT: Oven will preheat for approximately 8 to 12 minutes. At end of programmed Cook Time, oven will shut off automatically; retained heatwill continue to cook food. Clock controlled cooking is not recommended for baked items that require a preheated oven, such as cakes, cookies, pies, breads. For these foods, place food in preheated oven, then use Timer to signal end of baking time.

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    Baking General Baking Recommendations • When cooking foods for the first time in your new oven, use recipe cooking times and temperatures as a guide. • Use tested recipes from reliable sources. • Preheat the oven only when necessary. For baked foods that rise and for richer browning, a preheated oven is better.

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    Baking Rack* Productand Type Size Position CAKE Yellow - 2 layers 9" 2, 3o, or 3 White - 2 layers 9" 2, 30, or 3 Chocolate - 2 layers 9" 2, 30, or 3 Bundt tube Angel Food tube 1,20, or 2 Pound Cake 9"...

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    Convection Baking Recommendations • As a general rule, when using recipes or prepared mixes developed for a radiant bake oven, set the oven temperature 25°F lower than the recipe recommended temperature. Times will be similar to or a few minutes less than recipe recom- mended times.

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    Macaroni & Cheese (28oz) Pot Pies Pizza Turkey, slices w/gravy (TV dinner-28 oz.) Convenience for oven temperatu re, foilcovering and use of and temperatures: CONVECTION OVEN RADIANT BAKE NOT PREHEATED PREHEATED Minutes Temp.° F Minutes Temp.° F 375° 35-40 300°...

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    Quantity cooking provides both time and energy savings. The convection oven is suggested for most multiple rack cooking, especially three rack cooking, because the circulating heated air results in more even browning than radiant.

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    Roasting times will vary due to factors such as coldness of meat, size, quality, or cut. In general, roasting times for frozen to finish in the convection oven will be approximately the same as fresh to finish in a radiant bake oven.

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    Roasting (Thawed Meats Only) Oven Temperature Approx. (not Variety and Weight preheated) Cut of Meat (pound) °F BEEF Rib Roast 4 to 8 325° Rib Eye Roast 4 to 6 325° Loin Tenderloin Roast 2 to 3 400 ° Round Eye Round Roast 4 to 5 325 °...

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    Probe BASIC INSTRUCTIONS Insert probe. Touch Probe Pad. Turn Set Dial to desired temperature. Touch Bake Pad or Convect Bake Pad. Turn Set Dial to desiredtemperature. Touch Cook Time Pad.* Turn Set Dial to enter estimatedcookingtime.* Touch Stop Time Pad.* Turn Set Dial to enter Stop Time.* Omit steps6-9 if you wish to start cookingimmediately.

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    After 3 seconds the Display will show probe temperature or 095 °, whichever is higher. Indicator Words CONV and BAKE will flash. I ,0 .LILt Touch Bake Pad or Convection Bake Pad. Indicator Words BAKE or CONV BAKE will flash and Display will show 3 dashes. Turn Set Dial until desired oven temperature appears in the Display.

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    EXAMPLE: If cooking time selected for the oven is 2 hours and 30 minutes, the Display will show: Three seconds after turning dial, Display will return to current time of day and the Indicator Word TIMED will appear in the Display. Touch Stop Time Pad.

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    • Use the roasting chart on page 21 as a guide to the length of cooking time to help plan meal serving time for meats roasted in the convection oven. • Use the handle of the probe for inserting or removing. Do not pull on the cable.

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    Touch Cancel Pad to turn off oven when food is cooked. will cycle on and off. If the fan does not operate, contact your authorized Jenn-Air Service Contractor for repair. I NOTE: A fan comes on during the BROIL cycle. If it does not, the oven broil element...

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    Broiling Tips • Tender cuts of meat or marinated meats are best for broiling. This includes rib and loin cuts of steak, ground beef, ham steaks, lamb chops, poultry pieces or fish. For best results, steaks should be at least 1" thick. Thinner steaks should be pan- broiled.

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    Oven Cleaning How the Self Cleaning Whenthe oven controls are set to CLEAN, the oven heats to temperatures that are higher than those used for cooking. The high temperatures cause food soil to burn off and substantially disappear. While this occurs, a device in the oven vent helps to consume normal amounts of smoke.

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    • Although smoke or fire in the oven is a normal occurrence and there is no safety problem, there will be venting of excessive smoke and odor. • The oven racks can be cleaned in the oven. However, the oven racks will discolor, lose shininess, and become difficult to slide in and out if left in the oven du ring the cleaning process.

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    Three seconds after turning dial, oven door will start to automatically latch and cooling fan will come on. The LOCK Indicator Word will come on when the door is latched. NOTE: If oven door was left open, after I minute "door" will flash in Display and a signal will continuously beep until the door is closed and the Clean Pad is pushed.

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    If the fan does not operate, contact your Jenn-Air Authorized Service Contractor for service. Touch the appropriate time pad.

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    More Information on the Self-Cleaning • A slight odor may be detected, and if an oven is heavily soiled, some smoke may be visible. Some smoke and odor during the cleaning process isa normal occurrence. Since the oven vent is vented on the top of the control panel, vapors, moisture, etc.

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    Other Hints Your Oven Cleaning Other Surfaces Door and control panel trim: The metal trim around the door and the control panel can be cleaned with any nonabrasive cleansers such as Ben Ami or soapy water, rinse well. Be careful not to use an excessive amount of water. Glass on the oven door front: To clean, use any suitable glass cleaner or soapy water.

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    Before You Call for Service Check the following list to be sure a service call is really necessary. A quick reference of this manual, as well as reviewing additional informationon items to check, may prevent an unneeded service call. If nothing on the oven operates: •...

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    Service • call the dealer from whom your appliance was purchased or the authorized Jenn-Air Service Contractor listed in the Yellow Pages. Your Jenn-Air Service Contractor can provide better and faster service if you can accurately describe problems and give model and serial number of the appliance. Be sure to retain proof of purchase to verify warranty status.

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