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Preventative Maintenance; Oil Change Record - Kärcher HE-201006D Operator's Manual

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This pressure washer was produced with the best available materials and quality craftsmanship. However, you
as the owner have certain responsibilities for the correct care of the equipment. Attention to regular preventative
maintenance procedures will assist in preserving the performance of your equipment. Contact your dealer for
maintenance. Regular preventative maintenance will add many hours to the life of your pressure washer. Perform
maintenance more often under severe conditions.
Pump Oil
Replace High Pressure Nozzle
Replace Quick Connects
Replace Clean Water Screen/Filter
Replace HP Hose
Grease Motor
general Inspection
Lubrication & bearings
Type of grease
Date Oil Changed


Inspect the motor at regular intervals, approximately every 500 hours of operation,
or every 3 months, whichever occurs first. Keep the motor clean and the ventilation
openings clear. The following steps should be performed at each inspection:
WARNINg: Do not touch electrical connections before you first ensure that power
has been disconnected. Electrical shock can cause serious or fatal injury. Only
qualified personnel should attempt the installation, operation and maintenance of
this equipment.
1. Check that the motor is clean. Check that the interior and exterior of the mo-
tor is free of dirt, oil, grease, water, etc. Oily vapor, paper pulp, textile lint, etc.
can accumulate and block motor ventilation. If the motor is not properly ven-
tilated overheating can occur and cause early motor failure.
. Check all electrical connectors to be sure that they are tight.
Bearing grease will lose its lubricating ability over time, not suddenly. The lubricating
ability of a grease (over time) depends primarily on the type of grease, the size of
the bearing, the speed at which the bearing operates and the severity of the operat-
ing conditions. Good results can be obtained if the following recommendations are
used in your maintenance program.
A high grade ball or roller bearing grease should be used. Recommended greases
standard service conditions are: Shell Dolium R (Factory installed) or Chevron


Estimated Operating
Hours Since Last
Oil Change
9.800-088.0 • REV. 0/08
Daily, Inspect the oil level
After first 50 hours, then every 500 hours
or annually
Every 6 months
Annually if there is any sign of wear
Every 10,000 hours or annually
Date Oil Changed
Estimated Operating
Hours Since Last
Oil Change



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