Epson dreamio EH-R4000 User Manual

Epson dreamio EH-R4000 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Safety Indications

    About the Manuals and Notations Used Types of Manual The documentation for your EPSON projector is divided into the following two manuals. Refer to the manuals in the order given below. Safety Instructions/Support and Service Guide This manual contains information on using the projector safely, and also includes a guide for warranty service, and a troubleshooting check sheet.
  • Page 3 Checking the Components When you unpack the projector, make sure that you have all these components. If any of the components are missing or incorrect, please contact the place of purchase. ❏ Projector (with lens cover) ❏ Remote control ❏ Power cable (3.0m) ❏...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ■ Features of the Projector......4 Remote control ............ 7 ■ Part Names and Functions ......6 Rear..............8 Front / Top ............6 Base ..............8 ■ Control panel............6 Appearance........... 9 Installing the Projector ■ ■ Setting up............ 10 Preparing the Remote Control ....
  • Page 5: Configuration Menu

    Reading the indicators........54 • Other problems ............ 62 • When the (warning) indicator is lit or • Network problems (EH-R4000 only) ....62 flashing ...............54 • HDMI link problems..........63 • Indicator statuses in normal operation....55 Reading Problem Mail Notification When the indicators provide no help....56...
  • Page 6: Features Of The Projector

    Features of the Projector Image appearance can be selected to match the projection environment (Color Mode) The optimum images for the location can be projected simply by selecting the desired color mode from the following five preset modes. p.18 Dynamic Cinema Living Room Color...
  • Page 7: Frame Interpolation

    Features of the Projector Advanced image quality adjustment functions In addition to the preset color modes, you can easily adjust absolute color temperature and skin tones. Further, you can adjust gamma, the offset and gain for RGB colors, and the hue, saturation, and brightness of RGBCMY colors, to create colors that match the image.
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and Functions Front / Top • • Remote control light-receiving area p.13 Control panel (side) Receives signals from the remote control. See below • • Air inlet (air filter) Lamp cover p.70 p.65, 69 Open this cover when replacing the This draws in air for cooling lamp inside.
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Part Names and Functions Remote control • Remote control light-emitting area p.13 Outputs remote control signals. • Power buttons p.14, 15 • Turns the projector power on/off. Illumination button Illuminates all of the buttons on the remote control for 15 seconds so that they can be seen in dark •...
  • Page 10: Rear

    Part Names and Functions Rear The illustrations used here are of EH-R4000. • • Cable holders [Video] input port p.12 Attach the HDMI cable clamps to secure Connects to the Composite HDMI cables to prevent the thick and Video output port of the video heavy cables from being disconnected equipment.
  • Page 11: Appearance

    Appearance Center of lens * Distance from center of lens to suspension bracket fixing point Center of lens Units: mm...
  • Page 12: Setting Up

    Setting up Adjusting the projection size When the projector is further away from the screen, the projection image size is larger. While referring to the table below, position the projector so that the images are projected onto the screen at the optimum size. The values should be used as a guide for setting up the projector.
  • Page 13: Projection Methods

    Setting up Projection methods If you are installing the projector on the ceiling, this projector should be installed by qualified technicians using only approved mounting equipment. If installation work is not carried out correctly, the projector could fall down. This may result in injury or accidents.
  • Page 14: Connecting Image Sources

    Connecting Image Sources The illustrations used here are of EH-R4000. • Turn the power off for both the projector and the signal source before connecting them. If the power for either device is on at the time of connection, damage may result.
  • Page 15: Preparing The Remote Control

    Preparing the Remote Control Inserting batteries into the remote control At the time of purchase, the batteries are not inserted into the remote control. Insert the supplied batteries before using the remote control. Lift up the battery cover while pressing its tab.
  • Page 16: Starting And Stopping Projection

    Set mirror setting or By setting "Standby Mode" to "On", you can turn the display detection. Macintosh Depending on OS, you can projector on and off from a web browser on a networked change the output computer. (EH-R4000) p.42 selection by pressing...
  • Page 17: When The Expected Images Are Not Projected

    Starting and Stopping Projection When the expected images are not projected If more than one signal source has been connected, or if no images are projected, use the remote control or the projector's control panel buttons to select the signal source. For video devices, press the [Play] button on the video equipment first, then select the signal source.
  • Page 18: Adjusting The Projection Screen

    Adjusting the Projection Screen Focus, zoom and image position can be adjusted electronically. The following describes how to adjust these settings using the remote control. The settings can also be adjusted using the projector's control panel. Focus adjustment Press and then use to make the adjustment.
  • Page 19: Adjusting The Tilt Of The Projector

    Adjusting the Projection Screen Adjusting the tilt of the projector When an image from the projector that is placed on a flat surface is tilting horizontally ( ), use the front feet to correct the tilt. Extend Retract Extend Retract Adjusting the tilt of the projector Displaying a test pattern Displaying a test pattern...
  • Page 20: Basic Image Quality Adjustments

    When you select any of the modes, the Epson cinema filter is automatically applied to achieve high fidelity color reproduction for original video sources.
  • Page 21: Selecting The Aspect

    Basic Image Quality Adjustments Selecting the aspect Press s and select the aspect mode from the menu. Depending on the input signal, you may not be able to select the aspect ratio. When projecting using Auto For 4:3 input signals Normal For input images recorded in squeeze mode Full...
  • Page 22 Basic Image Quality Adjustments Recommended Input signal Result Remarks aspect mode • Images with standard aspect ratio (4:3) Normal • Computer When HDTV images are projected, Black bands will appear at the left images the images appear in 16:9 size. and right of the images.
  • Page 23: Advanced Color Adjustments

    Advanced Color Adjustments You can select "Image" - "Sharpness" or "Advanced" to adjust the images according to your own preferences. The adjustment screen for "RGBCMY" can be displayed on the screen directly by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. The adjustment values can be stored in the memory so that you can retrieve them and apply them to the projected images at any time.
  • Page 24: Gamma Adjustment

    Advanced Color Adjustments Gamma adjustment Adjusting from the gamma correction values Operate using the remote control. Press k, and then select "Image" "Advanced" "Gamma" in that order, and confirm the selection. Gamma adjustment Differences between equipment may result in a to select, and press slight variation in the coloring when images are confirm.
  • Page 25: Rgb Adjustment (Offset, Gain)

    Advanced Color Adjustments RGB adjustment (Offset, Gain) The image brightness can be adjusted by adjusting Press and then select "Image" - the individual R (red), G (green) and B (blue) "Advanced" - "RGB" in that order and components of the dark areas (offset) and bright confirm the selection.
  • Page 26: Examining Image Quality Further

    Examining Image Quality Further In addition to color adjustments, adjustments to advanced sharpness and the amount of light from the lamp can also be made to match the image in search of the best picture. Sharpness (Advanced) adjustment If "Thin Line Enhancement" is set in the + Press , and then select "Image"...
  • Page 27: Super-Resolution

    Examining Image Quality Further Super-resolution Blurred edges or portions of images caused by Press upscaling images, such as images of SD source, to panel resolution (1080p) can be sharpened with the super-resolution processing. The larger the number, the stronger the effect. For some images, interference at the edges may Press to adjust.
  • Page 28: Viewing Images At A Preset Image Quality (Memory Function)

    Viewing Images at a Preset Image Quality (Memory Function) After using a subset of "Signal" and "Image" in the configuration menu to adjust the projected images, the adjusted values can then be saved (Save Memory). In addition, the saved data can be retrieved easily, so that you can enjoy viewing images with the adjusted settings at any time (Load Memory).
  • Page 29 Viewing Images at a Preset Image Quality (Memory Function) Select the memory name to be changed, The color mode selected when and then press the memory was registered is displayed on the right side. Some settings retrieved from The name selection screen is memory may not be applied to displayed.
  • Page 30: Projecting Images At A Preset Lens Position

    Projecting Images at a Preset Lens Position The Focus, zoom and lens shift adjustment results can be stored as a setting file in the memory of projector. (Save Lens Position) The stored settings can be loaded easily, so that you can enjoy watching images without adjusting the focus, zoom, and lens position.
  • Page 31 Projecting Images at a Preset Lens Position Deleting Stored Settings Changing the Name of Stored Settings The stored settings can be erased. The names of stored settings can be changed. Press and select "Memory" - "Erase Press and select "Memory" - Lens Position".
  • Page 32: Configuration Menu Functions

    Configuration Menu Functions The configuration menus can be used to make a variety of adjustments and settings involving image quality and input signals. The following describes how to make these settings using the remote control. The settings can also be adjusted using the projector's control panel.
  • Page 33 Configuration Menu Functions Changing settings Example: to adjust values. (green): Current setting value to select an item, then press If you press when an item with next to it is selected, the selection screen for that item will be displayed. To return to a previous display, press •...
  • Page 34: List Of Configuration Menus (Eh-R2000)

    Mosquito NR Super-resolution p.40 On, Off Block NR Auto Setup p.40 On, Off Setup Level 0%, 7.5% Advanced p.40 EPSON Super White On, Off Overscan Auto, Off, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% Reset p.41 Yes, No HDMI Video Range Auto, Normal, Expanded...
  • Page 35 Configuration Menu Functions Lock Setting p.42 Lens Lock On, Off On, Off Child Lock Control Panel Lock On, Off Front, Front/Ceiling, Rear, Rear/Ceiling Projection p.42 Operation p.42 Direct Power On On, Off Sleep Mode Off, 5min., 10min., 30min. Illumination On, Off Trigger Out Off, Power, Anamorphic Wide High Altitude Mode...
  • Page 36: Lamp Hours

    Configuration Menu Functions Only displayed for composite video/S-Video input Only displayed for component video/Computer image input • The message text will be displayed in yellow when it is time to replace the lamp. Lamp Hours • Time from 0H to 10H will be displayed as 0H. From 10H onwards, the display will be in units of 1H. Source Input Signal Resolution...
  • Page 37: List Of Configuration Menus (Eh-R4000)

    Configuration Menu Functions List of configuration menus (EH-R4000) When no image signals are being input, the "Image" menu and the "Signal" menu cannot be adjusted. Also, the items displayed in the "Image" menu, the "Signal" menu and the "Info" menu will vary depending on the type of image signals that are being projected.
  • Page 38 Configuration Menu Functions Lock Setting p.42 Lens Lock On, Off Child Lock On, Off On, Off Control Panel Lock Projection p.42 Front, Front/Ceiling, Rear, Rear/Ceiling Communication On, Communication Off Standby Mode p.42 Direct Power On Operation p.42 On, Off Off, 5min., 10min., 30min. Sleep Mode On, Off Illumination...
  • Page 39 Configuration Menu Functions Projector Name Network information p.45 DHCP IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway Address MAC Address Basic p.45 Projector Name PJLink Password Web Control Password Wired LAN p.45 On, Off DHCP IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway Address Mail p.46 Mail Notification On, Off SMTP Server...
  • Page 40: Image" Menu

    Abs. Color Temp. (Adjustment is not possible when "Color Mode" is set to the following. EH-R4000 : "Natural", "x.v.Color") This adjusts the overall tints of the images. If you select a higher value, images appear bluish, and if you select a lower value, images appear reddish.
  • Page 41: Signal" Menu

    Configuration Menu Functions RGBCMY This lets you adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness for each of the R/G/B/C/M/Y color components. p.21 Color Gamut (This can be set only when "Color Mode" is set to "Natural".) Select according to the color gamut mode for the equipment being used. p.23 •...
  • Page 42: Auto Setup

    Configuration Menu Functions Not displayed when image signals are being input from a computer. Only displayed for Computer image input (does not appear when signals from the [HDMI1] /[HDMI2] input port are being input) Zoom Caption Pos. (This can be set only when "Aspect" is set to "Zoom".) This function moves the display position of the image in one direction, up or down, to display captions when projecting images with captions.
  • Page 43 [HDMI1] / [HDMI2] input port, "Auto" will not be displayed.) HDMI Video Range (Setting is possible only when "EPSON Super White" is "Off". Setting is not possible, however, when "Color Mode" is set to "x.v.Color".)
  • Page 44: Settings" Menu

    • Rear/Ceiling : Select when the projector is set up behind the screen and suspended from a ceiling. Standby Mode (EH-R4000 only) Set to "Communication On" if you want to monitor and/or control the projector via a network even while the projector is in standby mode.
  • Page 45: Display

    Startup Screen This sets whether the startup screen (the EPSON logo screen which is projected when projection starts) is displayed (On) or not displayed (Off). If you change the setting, the new setting will take effect after the power has been turned off and the cool-down period is complete.
  • Page 46: Memory" Menu

    This sets the display language for messages and menus. Reset All adjustment values in the "Settings" menu other than "High Altitude Mode", "Projection", "Component", "Language" and "Standby Mode" (EH-R4000 only) are reset to their default values. "Memory" menu Load Memory This retrieves settings previously saved using "Save Memory".
  • Page 47: Network" Menu (Eh-R4000 Only)

    Configuration Menu Functions "Network" menu (EH-R4000 only) Network information You can check the setting status for each network. Projector Name Displays the projector name used to identify the projector when connected to a Network. DHCP Shows whether DHCP is in use (On) or not in use (Off).
  • Page 48 Configuration Menu Functions Gateway Address You can input the IP address for the gateway for the projector. You can enter a number from 0 to 255 in each field of the address. However, the following gateway addresses cannot be used. 0.x.x.x, 127.x.x.x, to (where x is a number from 0 to 255) Mail Mail Notification...
  • Page 49: Soft Keyboard Operations

    "Settings" menu and the "Memory" settings are not reset when the "Reset All" command is used. Settings for the "Network" menu are not reset when the "Reset All" command is used. (EH-R4000 only) Reset Memory This resets (erases) all settings that have been made using the "Save Memory".
  • Page 50: Using The Hdmi Link

    Using the HDMI Link HDMI-CEC compatible audio-video devices connected to the HDMI ports of the projector can be controlled from one remote control; such as turning on the projector and the devices at one time, or adjusting the volume of the amplifier using the projector's remote control. Even if the amplifier does not conform to the HDMI-CEC standard, the remote operations can be carried out as long as the connected device conforms to the HDMI-CEC standard.
  • Page 51 Using the HDMI Link ■ Power On Link (PJ -> Device) When the projector is turned on, the connected devices are also turned on. If you have connected multiple devices other than an amplifier, the power for the last-used device is turned on.
  • Page 52: List Of Connected Devices

    Using the HDMI Link ■ AV amplifier volume adjustment / Control of connected devices You can adjust the volume of the amplifier, mute audio, or perform other operations using the f e c \ v l keys. If you have connected multiple amplifiers or devices, a device first recognized is operated. To control another device, select the target device from the list of connected devices.
  • Page 53: Operating From A Computer (Eh-R4000 Only)

    Operating from a Computer (EH-R4000 Only) Changing Settings Using a Web Browser (Web Control) You can set up and control the projector from a computer by using the Web browser of a computer that is connected to the projector via a network. Setup and control operations can be performed remotely if this function is used.
  • Page 54: Projector Setup

    Operating from a Computer (EH-R4000 Only) Projector Setup You can set items that are usually set in the projector's Configuration Menu. The contents set are reflected in the Configuration Menu. There are also items that can only be set in the Web browser.
  • Page 55: Using The Mail Notification Function To Report Problems

    Operating from a Computer (EH-R4000 Only) Using the Mail Notification Function to Report Problems By setting the Mail Notification function from the projector's Configuration Menu, notification messages will be sent to the preset email addresses when a problem or warning occurs with a projector.
  • Page 56: Problem Solving

    Epson Projector Contact List If the lamp is Contact your local dealer or the nearest address provided in the Epson broken Projector Contact List. When using above an altitude of about 1500 m, make sure you set the "High Altitude Mode" to "On".
  • Page 57: Indicator Statuses In Normal Operation

    (Approx. 16 down sufficiently (approximately 10 minutes is required), and then turn seconds) the main power switch back on. Preparing for network None of the buttons can be operated while this is flashing. monitoring (EH-R4000 only)
  • Page 58: When The Indicators Provide No Help

    Other problems ● I want to change the language for messages and menus p.62 Network problems (EH-R4000 only) ● Mail is not received even if a problem occurs in the projector p.62 HDMI link problems ● Operations cannot be carried out using the HDMI link p.63...
  • Page 59: Problems Relating To Images

    Problem Solving Problems relating to images ■ No images appear Have you pressed the [Power] Press on the remote control or on the projector’s control button? panel. Is the main power switch Turn on the main power switch at the rear of the projector. turned off? Are all of the indicators Disconnect the power cable and then reconnect it.
  • Page 60: The Message "Not Supported" Is Displayed

    Problem Solving ■ The message "Not Supported" is displayed If a composite video or S-Video is being input Are the image signal format If projection does not occur when the "Video Signal" menu settings correct? command is set to "Auto", select the signal format that matches the signal source.
  • Page 61: Images Are Fuzzy Or Out Of Focus

    Problem Solving ■ Images are fuzzy or out of focus Adjust the focus. p.16 Has the focus been adjusted correctly? Remove the lens cover. Is the lens cover still attached? The recommended distance from the projector to the screen is Is the projector at the correct within 83 to 1210 cm for a screen size of 16:9, and 102 to 1482 cm distance?
  • Page 62 Problem Solving ■ Image is truncated (large) or small Press to select the aspect that corresponds to the input Has the correct aspect been signal. p.19 selected? If images with subtitles are being projected using "Zoom", use the "Zoom Caption Pos." menu command to adjust the images. "Signal"...
  • Page 63: Problems When Projection Starts

    If this does not solve the problem, there may be a problem with when the power cable is the power cable. Then contact your local dealer or the nearest touched? address provided in the Support and Service Guide. Epson Projector Contact List...
  • Page 64: Problems With The Remote Control

    I want to change the language for messages and menus Adjust the "Language" setting from the configuration menu. Change the Language setting. "Settings" - "Language" p.44 Network problems (EH-R4000 only) ■ Mail is not received even if a problem occurs in the projector Check the projector's network settings.
  • Page 65: Hdmi Link Problems

    Problem Solving HDMI link problems ■ Operations cannot be carried out using the HDMI link You need to use HDMI compatible cables. Are HDMI compatible cables being used? An HDMI- CEC non-compatible device cannot be operated even if Are the connected devices it has an HDMI port.
  • Page 66: Reading Problem Mail Notification Function

    Reading Problem Mail Notification Function When the Mail Notification function is set to On and a problem/warning occurs in the projector, the following e-mail will be sent. Subject: EPSON Projector Line 1: The Projector Name where the problem has occurred Line 2:...
  • Page 67: Maintenance

    Maintenance This section describes maintenance tasks such as cleaning the projector and replacing consumable parts. Cleaning You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality of projected images starts to deteriorate. Do not use sprays containing a flammable gas to remove dirt or dust which is adhering to parts such as the lens or filter of the projector.
  • Page 68 Maintenance Tap the air filter four or five times with the surface facing downwards to shake off the dust. Hold the filter at the other side and tap it again to shake off the dust. • Do not hit the air filter hard, otherwise it may become bent or broken and can no longer be used.
  • Page 69: Cleaning The Projector Case

    Maintenance Cleaning the projector case Clean the projector case by wiping it gently with a soft cloth. If the projector is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth with water containing a small amount of neutral detergent, and then firmly wring the cloth dry before using it to wipe the projector case.
  • Page 70: Consumable Replacement Periods

    You should always have a spare lamp ready in case it is needed. • Contact your local dealer or the nearest address provided in the Epson Projector Contact List.
  • Page 71: Replacing Consumables

    Maintenance Replacing consumables Replacing the air filter Do not touch the lamp cover soon after power-off or you may get burned because it is very hot. Dispose of used air filters properly in accordance with your local regulations. Frame material: PP Filter materials: PP, PET or A to Press...
  • Page 72: Replacing The Lamp

    Maintenance Replacing the lamp If the lamp stops working and needs to be replaced, there is the danger that the lamp may already be broken. If replacing the lamp of a projector which has been installed to the ceiling, you should always assume that the lamp is broken and handle it with extreme care during removal.
  • Page 73: Resetting The Lamp Operating Time

    Maintenance Resetting the lamp operating time The lamp operating time must always be reset after the lamp has been replaced with a new one. The projector has a built-in counter which keeps track of the lamp operating time. When the cumulative operating time reaches a certain point, it causes the replacement warning message to be displayed.
  • Page 74: Optional Accessories/Consumables

    Optional Accessories/Consumables The following optional accessories/consumables are available for purchase if required. This list of optional accessories/consumables is current as of: 2010.7. Details of accessories are subject to change without notice. Varies depending on country of purchase. ■ Optional Accessories 50"...
  • Page 75: About Pjlink

    INPT 22 Component INPT 24 HDMI1 INPT 32 HDMI2 INPT 33 • Manufacturer name displayed for "Manufacture name information query" EPSON • Model name displayed for "Product name information query" Home Cinema EH-R4000 PowerLite Pro Cinema 61000 Home Cinema EH-R5000C...
  • Page 76: List Of Supported Monitor Displays

    List of Supported Monitor Displays Component Video Signal Refresh rate (Hz) Resolution (Dots) SDTV (480i) 720×480 SDTV(576i) 720×576 SDTV(480p) 720×480 SDTV(576p) 720×576 HDTV (720p) 50/60 1280×720 HDTV(1080i) 50/60 1920×1080 HDTV(1080p) 50/60 1920×1080 Composite Video /S-Video Signal Refresh rate (Hz) Resolution (Dots) TV(NTSC ) 720×480 TV(SECAM )
  • Page 77: Input Signal From The [Hdmi1] / [Hdmi2] Input Port

    List of Supported Monitor Displays Input signal from the [HDMI1] / [HDMI2] input port Signal Refresh rate (Hz) Resolution (Dots) 640×480 SDTV (480i) 720×480 SDTV(576i) 720×576 SDTV(480p) 720×480 SDTV(576p) 720×576 HDTV (720p) 50/60 1280×720 HDTV(1080i) 50/60 1920×1080 HDTV(1080p) 24/50/60 1920×1080 Computer image (analog RGB) Signal Refresh rate (Hz)
  • Page 78: Specifications

    Specifications EH-R4000 EH-R2000 Product name 440 (W) × 175 (H) × 370 (D) mm Dimensions (not including feet and projection lens) 0.74 inch wide Panel size Polysilicon TFT active matrix Display method 2,073,600 pixels (1920 (W) × 1080 (H) dots) × 3 Resolution Pixel clock: 13.5 to 148.5 MHz...
  • Page 79 Specifications Ports Component RCA pin jack × 3 input PC input Mini D-sub 15-pin (female) blue HDMI input* HDMI Compatible with HDCP, CEC signals Video input RCA pin jack S-Video input Mini DIN 4-pin RJ-45 RS-232C D-sub 9-pin (male) Trigger out 3.5 mm mini jack 3.5 mm mini jack * You can connect any HDMI or DVI-D compatible equipment.
  • Page 80 Specifications ■ RS-232C cable layout • Connector shape: D-Sub 9-pin (male) • Projector input connector: RS-232C <At the computer> <At the projector> <At the projector> (PC serial cable) <At the computer> Signal Function GND Signal wire ground Transmit data Receive data ■...
  • Page 81 According to 47CFR, Part 2 and 15 Class B Personal Computers and Peripherals; and/or CPU Boards and Power Supplies used with Class B Personal Computers Epson America, Inc. Located at: 3840 Kilroy Airport Way MS: 3-13 Long Beach, CA 90806...
  • Page 82: Glossary

    Glossary Following is an explanation of some of the terms used in this guide which may be unfamiliar or which were not explained in the manual itself. Further information can be obtained by referring to other commercially-available publications. HDMI Aspect Ratio An abbreviation for High Definition Multimedia The ratio between an image's length and its height.
  • Page 83 Glossary SECAM An abbreviation for Sequential Couleur A Memoire, and a format for ground-based analogue color television broadcasts. This format is used in France, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Africa. Security lock A device consisting of a protector case with a hole in it that a commercially-available theft-prevention cable can be passed through in order to secure the device to a table or pillar.
  • Page 84: Index

    Overheating .............. 54, 64 Overscan ............. 32, 35, 41 Epson Cinema Filter ............18 EPSON Super White .......... 32, 35, 41 Erase Memory ............ 26, 33, 36 PC input port ..........8, 12, 75, 76 Port ............... 8, 12, 76 Position ...............
  • Page 85 Index Refresh Rate ..............34, 37 Warning indicator ..........6, 54, 64 Remote control ............7, 13 Wide ................20 Rename Memory ..........27, 33, 36 Replacing the air filter .............69 Replacing the battery ............13 ..............4, 18 Replacing the lamp ............69 Reset ..........32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 39, 44 Reset All ..............34, 37, 47 YCbCr ..............
  • Page 86 Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alter- ations to this product, or (excluding the U.S.) failure to strictly comply with Seiko Epson Corpora-...

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