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Operation Of Hands-Free Phoning; Before Use; Receiving A Call; During A Call - Kenwood KOS-A210 Instruction Manual

External media controller
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Function of KCA-BT200 (Optional Accessory)

Operation of hands-free phoning

Before Use

• For details on the Bluetooth cell-phone with the
hands-free function, see <About the Cell-Phone>
(page 26).
• You need to register your cell-phone before using
it with this unit. For more details, see <Registering
Bluetooth device> (page 20).
• If you have registered two or more cell-phones,
you need to select one of them. For more details,
see <Selecting the Bluetooth device You Wish to
Connect> (page 21).
• To use the Phone Book, it must be downloaded to
this unit in advance. For details, see <Downloading
the Phone Book> (page 21).
• "BT" indicator is lit when a cell-phone is connected
to this unit.

Receiving a call

Answering a Phone Call
Press the [
] button.
When a vehicle audio source is playing, switch
the source to this unit (AUX). When using the
transmitter function, tune your tuner frequency to
the transmitter frequency set with this unit.
• A phone call cannot be noticed with this unit powered
Setting "MENU"
"Power Off Mode" ("PWR OFF") of
<Function Control> (page 6) to "2", the power will be
automatically turned on when there is an incoming call.
• If a USB device is connected during a call the call will be
• The name of the calling party is displayed if it has already
been registered in the Phone Book.
Rejecting an Incoming Call
Press the [SRC] button or press the [

During a call

Disconnecting a Call
Press the [SRC] button or press the [
Switching to the Private Mode
Press the Control knob for at least 1 second.
Switches between Private talk ("PRIVATE") and
Hands-free talk each time this button is pressed.
] button.
] button.

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• Depending on the type of your cell-phone, switching
to the private talk mode may select the source that was
used before commencing the hands-free connection.
If this happens, the source cannot be switched back to
the hands-free talk mode by operating this unit. Operate
your cell-phone to return to the hands-free talk mode.

Call waiting

Answering Another Incoming Call with the
Current Call Suspended
Press the Control knob.
Turn the Control knob or push it towards up
or down. Select the "ANSWER" display.
Press the Control knob.
Answering another Incoming Call after
Terminating the Current Call
Press the [SRC] button.
Answering the Waiting Call after Terminating
the Current Call
Press the [SRC] button.
Switching between the Current Call and Waiting
Press the Control knob.
Each pressing of this knob switches the calling

Other functions

Clearing the Disconnection Message
Press the [SRC] button.
"HF Disconnect" ("HF D-CON") disappears.



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