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Appendix - Kenwood KOS-A210 Instruction Manual

External media controller
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About Audio file
• Playable Audio file
AAC-LC (.m4a), MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma),
WAV (.wav)
• Playable USB device
USB mass storage class
• Playable USB data storage device file system
FAT16, FAT32
Although the audio files are complied with the
standards listed above, the play maybe impossible
depending on the types or conditions of media or
• Playing order of the Audio file
In the example of folder/file tree shown below, the
files are played in the order from
An online manual about audio files is put on the
site, On this online
manual, detailed information and notes which are not
written in this manual are provided. Make sure to read
through the online manual as well.
• In this manual, the word "USB device" is used for data
storage device and digital audio players which have USB
About "KENWOOD Music Editor"
• This unit supports the PC application "KENWOOD
Music Editor version 3.0" or later.
• When you use the audio file with database
information added by the "KENWOOD Music Editor
ver3.0", you can search a file by title, album or artist
name using the <Music Search> (page 11).
• In this manual, "Music Editor media" means the
device that contains music data exported with
KENWOOD Music Editor.
• "KENWOOD Music Editor ver3.0" is available from the
following web site:
• For further information on "KENWOOD Music Editor
ver3.0", refer to the site above or the application
: Folder
: Audio file
Audio file
Autogood products internet store
iPod/iPhone that can be connected to this
Made for
• iPod nano (1st generation) • iPod nano (2nd generation)
• iPod nano (3rd generation) • iPod nano (4th generation)
• iPod with video
• iPod touch (1st generation) • iPod touch (2nd generation)
Works with
• iPhone
• Update iPod/iPhone software to the latest version.
• The word "iPod" appearing in this manual indicates
the iPod or the iPhone connected with the iPod
connection cable* (optional accessory).
* Not supported model KCA-iP500.
Refer to the web site for connectable iPod and iPod
connection cable.
• If you start playback after connecting the iPod, the
music that has been played by the iPod is played
In this case, "RESUMING" is displayed without
displaying a folder name, etc. Changing the browse
item will display a correct title, etc.
• You cannot operate iPod if "KENWOOD" or "✓"
displayed on iPod.
About USB device
• When the USB device is connected to this unit,
it can be charged up provided that this unit is
• Install the USB device in the place where it will not
prevent you from driving your vehicle properly.
• You cannot connect a USB device via a USB hub.
• Take backups of the audio files used with this unit.
The files can be erased depending on the operating
conditions of the USB device.
We shall have no compensation for any damage
arising out of erasure of the stored data.
• No USB device comes with this unit. You need to
purchase a commercially available USB device.
• When connecting the USB device, usage of the USB
cable (accessory) is recommended.
Normal playback is not guaranteed when a cable
other than the USB compatible cable is used.
Connecting a cable whose total length is longer
than 5 m can result in abnormal playback.
• iPod classic
• iPhone 3G



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