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Kenwood KOS-A210 Instruction Manual page 28

External media controller
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• BT DVC Status (D-STATUS)
You can display the connection status, signal
strength, and battery level.
: Battery level of cell-phone.
: Signal strength of cell-phone.
• Icons are not displayed if information cannot be
obtained from the cell-phone.
• Since the number of steps for signal and battery level
may differ on this device compared to your phone you
could experience some inconsistancies.
• Power Off Mode (PWR OFF)
Sets the power-off condition of this unit.
"1": All functions stop during power off.
"2": The power is automatically turned on when
there is an incoming call during power off.
However, remember the followings when setting to
The setting should be left "1" if the vehicle does not
have the ACC position, because setting to "2" will
provide a constant current of electricity.
Restore the setting to "1" if the seek function
cannot be stop when using the tuner. Setting to "2"
activates part of the internal circuit and decreases
the receiver sensitivity.
• Russian (RUS)
When this is set to ON, the following character
strings are displayed in Russian:
Folder name/ File name/ Song title/ Artist name/
Album name/ KCA-BT200 (optional accessory)
• SCL Speed (SCL-SPD)
You can set the scroll speed time of the vehicle
display. Adjust the scroll speed time with this
function when the proper view of characters does
not appear on the vehicle display.
• SP Select (SPK)
You can specify the voice output speakers.
"All" ("ALL"): Outputs voice from the left and right
"Right" ("RCH"): Outputs voice from the right
"Left" ("LCH"): Outputs voice from the left speaker.
• Select the speaker which is further from the microphone
in order to prevent howling or echoes.
Nearly dead
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• Supreme
Technology to extrapolate and supplement with
proprietary algorithm, the high-frequency range
that is cut off when encoding at low bit rate (less
than 128Kbps, Sampling frequency is 44.1kHz).
Supplementing is optimized by compression
format (AAC, MP3, and WMA) and processed
according to bit rate.
The effect is negligible with music that is encoded
at high bit rate, variable bit rate or has minimal high
frequency range.



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