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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood KOS-A210 Instruction Manual

External media controller
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Troubleshooting Guide

Some functions of this unit may be disabled by
some settings made on this unit.
• Cannot set up Display.
<Cancel the Demonstration mode> (page 5) is not
turned off.
What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit
may just be the result of slight misoperation or
miswiring. Before calling service, first check the
following table for possible problems.
The sound skips when an Audio file is being
✔ The recording condition is bad.
☞ Record the media again or use another media.
The unit cannot be turned ON.
✔ The unit is malfunctioning for some reason.
☞ Turn off the vehicle engine switch and then on.
✔ The terminal connection is not appropriate.
☞ Check the connection of the controller, etc.
The audio becomes distorted.
✔ The modulation level of the transmitter is high.
☞ Adjust "MENU"
<Function Control> (page 6)
The receiver sensitivity of the vehicle radio is bad.
✔ The transmitter function of this unit is affecting the
☞ Turn off the power of this unit. Set "MENU"
"Power Off Mode" ("PWR OFF") of <Function
Control> (page 6) to "1" when the setting is "2".
"ModulationLV" ("MOD LV") of
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No sound is heard from the rear speakers.
✔ You are talking in the hand-free talk mode.
☞ No sound is heard from the rear speakers in the
hands-free talk mode.
No beep is heard at reception of an incoming call.
✔ No beep is heard depending on the type of your
☞ The "MENU"
"Call Beep" of <Function Control>
(page 6) is set ON.
Voice is not recognized.
✔ The vehicle window is open.
☞ If the surrounding noise is large, voice cannot be
recognized properly. Close the vehicle windows
to reduce noise.
✔ Small voice.
☞ If voice is too small, it cannot be recognized
properly. Speak into the microphone a little more
loudly and naturally.
✔ The person speaking the voice tag is not the one
who registered it.
☞ Only the voice of the person who registered the
voice tag can be recognized.
Bluetooth audio source
The Bluetooth audio player cannot be registered
✔ The PIN code is fixed.
☞ When a PIN code is specified in the Instruction
Manual for Bluetooth Audio Player, register it
with reference to <Registering PIN Code> (page
20) to register the Bluetooth audio player. If no
PIN code is specified in the Instruction Manual,
try "0000".
The sound from the Bluetooth audio player is
✔ The distance between this unit and audio player is
too far.
☞ Move the audio player nearer to this unit.
✔ Another Bluetooth device is affecting the Bluetooth
☞ Turn off another Bluetooth device.
☞ Move another Bluetooth device away from this
✔ Another Bluetooth device or profile is used for
☞ The downloading of the Phone book or the SMS
disconnects the sound.



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