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Kenwood KOS-A210 Instruction Manual page 38

External media controller
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The messages shown below display your
systems condition.
An Audio file is played with a format that this unit can't
Copy Protection (COPY PRD):
A copy-protected file is played.
Read Error (READ ERR):
The file system of the connected USB device is broken.
➪ Copy the files and folders for the USB device again. If
the error message is still displayed, initialize the USB
device or use other USB devices.
No Device (NODVICE):
The USB device is selected as a source although no USB
device is connected.
➪ Change the source to any source other than USB.
Connect an USB device, and change the source to USB
N/A Device (NADVICE):
• An unsupported USB device is connected.
• Connection to the iPod has failed.
➪ Check that the connected iPod is an iPod that is
supported. See <About Audio file> (page 25) for
information on supported iPods.
No Music Data (NOMUSIC)/Error 15:
• The connected USB device contains no playable audio
• Media was played that does not have data recorded that
the unit can play.
Some trouble may have occurred to the connected USB
➪ Remove the USB device, then cycle the power switch
to ON. If the same display is repeated, use another USB
iPod Error (IPOD ERR):
Connection to the iPod has failed.
➪ Remove the USB device and then reconnect it.
➪ Confirm that the software for the iPod is the latest
The Remove mode has been selected for the USB device/
iPod. You can remove the USB device/iPod safely.
NO Number (NO-NMBER):
• The calling party does not notify a caller ID.
• There is no phone number data.
No Data (NO DATA):
• There is no outgoing call list.
• There is no incoming call list.
• There is no missed call list.
• There is no phone book list.
No Entry (NO ENTER):
The cell-phone has not been registered (pairing).
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HF Disconnect (HF D-CON):
The unit cannot communicate with the cell-phone.
HF Error 07 (HF ERR07):
The memory cannot be accessed.
➪ Turn off the power and on again.
HF Error 68 (HF ERR68):
The unit cannot communicate with the cell-phone.
➪ Turn off the power and on again.
Un Known (UNKNOWN):
The Bluetooth device cannot be detected.
Device Full (DVS FULL):
5 Bluetooth device have already been registered. No more
Bluetooth device cannot be registered.
The PIN code is wrong.
The unit cannot be connected to the device.
Pairing Failed (PAIR NG):
Pairing error.
Err No Matching (NO MATCH):
The voice tag is wrong. Voice cannot be recognized
because of an unregistered voice tag, etc.
Too Soft (TOO SOFT):
Voice is too small and cannot be recognized.
Too Loud (TOO LOUD):
Voice is too large to be recognized.
Too Long (TOO LONG):
The word or speech is too long to be recognized.
No Phonebook (NO PB):
Data is not contained in the phone book.
No Message (NO SMS):
No short message in In Box.
No Record (NO REC):
The voice tag is not registered in the phonebook.
Memory Full (MEM.FULL):
The number of voice tags reaches the maximum number
to be registered in the phonebook.
Favorite: No Memory:
The procedure is not registered to Favorite Preset Memory
The procedure preset with Favorite Control cannot
be available. The preset content may not be recalled
depending on the selected source or mode.
No Voice (NO VOICE):
No call.
Some trouble may have occurred to the controller.
➪ After checking the connection to the controller, turn off
the power and on again.



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