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Changing The Transmitting Frequency - Sony CDX-434RF Operating Instructions Manual

Sony compact disc changer system operating instructions.
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• To listen to an 8 cm CD, use the optional Sony CD
adaptor CSA-8. Be sure to always use the
specified adaptor, as failing to do so may cause a
malfunction of the unit. If you use any other
adaptor, the unit may not operate properly.
When using the Sony CD adaptor, make sure that
the three catches on the adaptor are firmly
latched onto the 8 cm CD.
• Do not insert the Sony CD adaptor CSA-8 in the
disc magazine without a disc, malfunction may
If the disc magazine does not lock properly
Take out the disc magazine, press Z, and re-
insert it.
Use the unit with the door closed
Otherwise, foreign matter may enter the unit
and contaminate the lenses inside the CD
Notes on the disc magazine
•Do not leave the disc magazine in locations
with high temperature and high humidity,
such as on a car dashboard or in the rear
window where the disc magazine will be
subject to direct sunlight.
•Do not place more than one disc at a time
onto a tray, otherwise the CD changer and
the discs may be damaged.
•Do not drop the disc magazine or subject it to
a violent shock.
When the tray comes out
Normally, the trays will not come out of the
disc magazine. However, if they are pulled out
of the disc magazine, it is easy to re-insert
With the cut-away portion of the tray facing you,
insert the right corner of the tray in the slot, then
push in the left corner until it clicks.
Do not insert the tray upside down or in the
wrong direction.
Changing the transmitting
Because this unit processes CD playback
sound through an FM tuner, there may be
interference noise during CD playback. In such
a case, change the frequency of the modulated
RF signal transmitted from the unit. The initial
setting is 88.3 MHz.
Press (SHUF/REP) for two seconds until
frequency appears.
select the frequency.
Each time you press
the frequency changes as follows:
88.3 MHz t 89.9 MHz t 89.7 MHz t
89.5 MHz t 89.3 MHz t 89.1 MHz t
88.9 MHz t 88.7 MHz t 88.5 MHz t
88.3 MHz
88.3 MHz t 88.5 MHz t 88.7 MHz t
88.9 MHz t 89.1 MHz t 89.3 MHz t
89.5 MHz t 89.7 MHz t 89.9 MHz t
88.3 MHz
Press (SHUF/REP) for two seconds.
• When you change the transmitting frequency on
the unit, be sure to tune your FM tuner to the
newly selected one.
• Press u on the wired remote before changing
the frequency if the power to the unit is turned
repeatedly to


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