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Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB216JSH-W-E Installation Manual

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Safety Precautions

Do not install in locations where salt damage may
occur, or where corrosive, neutral, or reductive
gases are present.
This may cause malfunctions.
Do not scratch, damage, process, excessively
bend, pull, twist or bundle the power cable, and
do not place heavy objects onto it or trap it.
Doing so may damage the power cable, causing fires or
electric shocks.
Do not attempt any disassembly or modification
of the appliance that is not expressly stated in this
Do not
Doing so may result in fires, electric shocks or injuries.
Do not use in a hot location such as a shower
room, where condensation may form on the
appliance, or where water may splash directly
Do not use in the
onto the appliance.
This may cause electric shocks or malfunctions.
shower room
Do not install when the product (power cable) is
Doing so may result in electric shocks.
The following may lead to death or serious personal
injury if the appliance is handled incorrectly.
Electrical wiring work should be done by a certified
professional in conformance with the technical
standards for the equipment or official standards.
Incorrect wiring can cause electric shocks and fires.
Use single-phase 220-240V power.
Using the incorrect power supply may cause fires, electric
shocks or malfunctions.
Use exclusive wiring
Using this appliance with other devices on a branch
socket may cause abnormal heat, which may cause fires.
Be sure to install a ground-fault circuit interrupter.
Not doing so may result in electric shocks.
A means for disconnection must be incorporated
in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring
The following may lead to injury or damage to
property if the appliance is handled incorrectly.
Install securely in a location strong enough to
support the weight of the appliance.
Injuries may be caused if the appliance falls off the wall.
Wear gloves when installing the appliance.
Not doing so may result in injuries.



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