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Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric JT-S1AP-W-NA Instruction Manual

Jet towel hand dryer
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The dangers arising from improper handling and the extents of the dangers are classifi ed and explained as shown below.
● Do not install in locations where they may be
leakages of combustible gas.
This may cause fires.
● Do not use at locations where salt damage
may occur or where corrosive, neutral or
reductive gases are present.
The above may cause fire, electric shocks or
● Do not use in a shower room or other
locations with a great deal of humidity in the
air or where condensation may form on the
Do not use
in the baths/
This may cause electric shocks or malfunctions.
shower room.
● Do not allow water to get on the unit.
This may cause electric shocks or malfunctions.
Do not allow
the unit
to get wet.
● This unit is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons unless they are
adequately supervised by a responsible person
to ensure that they can use the unit safely.
● Do not let children hang from the unit.
Young children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the unit.
● Do not use for purposes other than drying hands.
Inappropriate use may cause an accident.
● Do not use in the following locations.
• Outdoors • Locations where the temperature could be lower than 32°F (0°C). • Locations where there is a lot of dust.
• Locations where the temperature could be higher than 104°F (40°C). • Locations where there is a lot of condensation.
• Locations where salt damage may occur. • In vehicles (including ships and airplanes) • Near food or tableware
• Locations where the unit is in direct or strong sunlight (may cause the sensor to malfunction).
• Kitchens (Where there is a risk of water splashing.) 
• Locations where the unit may come into direct contact with water. 
• Rooms that have a sterilization basin, swimming pools baths.
• Locations where corrosive, neutral, or reductive gasses are present. (This may shorten the working life of the unit and/
or cause malfunctions.) 
● Do not use with chemicals on your hands.
(This may damage the surface of the unit or cause discoloration or cracking.)
● Please thoroughly wipe off any detergents or chemicals that may be on the unit. Do not use any detergents
other than those that have been prescribed.
(Failure to do so may damage the surface of the unit, or cause discoloration or cracking.)
Please refer to "Maintenance" (Page 5) for details on detergents.
● If water enters the unit, do not let the intake area come in close contact with water as this may cause the
machine to malfunction or cause the acoustic materials to absorb water and allow bacteria to grow.

Safety Precautions

− NA - 2 −
- 2 -
The following may lead to death or
serious personal injury if handled
● Do not modify or disassemble the unit.
Doing so may result in fires, electric shocks or
● When changing the installation place, consult
Do not
your dealer or installer.
There is a risk of injury.
● Input Power: 120 Vac Single-phase.
Using the incorrect power supply may cause fires,
electric shocks or malfunctions.
● Use exclusive wiring for the power source.
Important !
Using this unit with other devices on a branch
socket may cause abnormal heat, which may
cause fires.
The following may lead to injuries
or damage to property if the unit is
handled incorrectly.
● Wear gloves during maintenance work.
Not doing so may result in injuries.
● If the unit stops working or if a malfunction
occurs, turn off the power switch and ground
fault circuit interrupter at the branch circuit
Important !
to prevent an accident before contacting your
dealer for an inspection and repairs.
Failure to do any of the above may result in electric
shocks or short circuits or fires due to short circuiting.



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