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Rinse Aid; Setting Amount Of Rinse Aid; Switching Off Rinse-Aid Refill Indicator - Siemens Dishwasher Operating Instructions Manual



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Rinse aid %

As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator )"
is lit on the fascia, there is still a rinse-aid
reserve of 1 – 2 rinsing processes. Refill
with rinse aid.
The rinse aid is required for stain-free
utensils and clear glasses. Use only rinse
aid for domestic dishwashers.
Combined detergents with rinse-aid
component may be used up to a water
hardness of 21° dH (37° fH, 26° Clarke,
3.7 mmol/l) only. If the water hardness is
over 21° dH, rinse aid must be used.
– Open the dispenser 1j by pressing
and lifting the plate on the cover.
– Carefully pour rinse aid up to the max.
mark in the filler opening.
– Close cover until it clicks shut.
– To prevent excessive foam formation
during the next rinse cycle, remove any
rinse aid which has run over with a

Setting amount of rinse aid

The amount of rinse aid dispensed can be
set in 4 stages. Accordingly 0, 1, 2 or 3
displays are lit (see water hardness table).
Factory setting: 1.
Do not change the amount of rinse aid
unless streaks (select lower setting)
or water stains (select higher setting)
are left on the utensils.
– Open the door.
– Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
– Hold down button > P and press
START button h until the End
display ` and salt refill indicator )*
– Release buttons.
– Keep pressing button > P until
the rinse aid refill indicator )" flashes.
The rinse aid refill indicator )" flashes
and the display # is lit (= Setting 1).
To change the setting:
– Press the button < H until
the required setting has been selected.
– Press START button h.
The displays ` and )" go out.
The selected setting is saved.
– Close the door.
Switching off rinse-aid refill
If the rinse-aid refill indicator )" is
impaired (e.g. when using combined
detergents containing rinse-aid
component), it can be switched off.
– Proceed as described under "Setting
amount of rinse aid" and select
setting 0.
The rinse aid refill indicator )" is now
switched off.

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