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Adjusting The Height Of The Basket - Siemens Dishwasher Operating Instructions Manual



Table of Contents
A djusting the height of the
A d j u s t i n g t h e he i g h t o f t h e b a s k e t
basket *
* depending on model
If required, the height of the upper utensils
basket 1" can be adjusted to provide
more space for tall utensils either in the
upper or lower basket.
Appliance height 81.5 cm
Setting 1 max. ø
Setting 2 max. ø
Setting 3 max. ø
Select one of the two following procedures
according to the design of the top basket
for your appliance model:
Top basket with side levers
– Pull out the top basket 1" out.
– To lower the basket, press in the left
and then the right lever on the outside
of the basket. In doing so, hold the
sides of the basket along the upper
edge to prevent it from suddenly
– To raise the basket, hold the basket on
the sides of the upper edge and lift it
– Before re-inserting the basket again,
ensure that it is at the same height on
both sides. Otherwise, the appliance
door cannot be closed and the upper
spray arm will not be connected to the
water circuit.
Top basket
22 cm
30 cm
24 cm
28 cm
27 cm
25 cm
Top basket with upper and lower
roller pairs
– Pull out the top basket 1" out.
– Remove the upper basket and re-
attach it to the upper (stage 3) or lower
(stage 1) rollers.

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