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Battery And Power - Sony bloggie MHS-PM5 Handbook

Mobile hd snap camera.
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Battery and power

Cannot turn on the camera.
The remaining battery is low or depleted.
Connect the camera to a computer that is turned on, and charge the battery fully (page 16).
If you cannot turn on the camera, even after you have charged the battery, remove the battery
once, then insert it into the camera again.
Check whether the battery is inserted in the correct direction (page 16).
If your camera turns off automatically, rotate the lens portion back and rotate it again.
You cannot charge the camera.
No indicators appears on the LCD screen in the charging mode.
Close the rotating lens and make a USB connection with your computer. Nothing appears on
the LCD screen.
Confirm that the Power/Charge lamp (orange) is lit.
The temperature of the battery pack is too low.
Remove the battery pack and place it in a warm place.
The temperature of the battery pack is too high.
Remove the battery pack and place it in a cool place.
The USB connection support cable is not properly connected to the computer.
Disconnect the USB connection support cable and then connect it again.
Be sure to use the USB connection support cable (supplied).
The computer is not turned on.
Turn on the computer.
The computer is in the standby (sleep or hibernation) mode.
Release the computer from sleep or hibernation status.
You are using a USB hub.
You may not charge the battery when using a USB hub. Connect the camera to the USB
connector of the computer directly.
The Power/Charge lamp does not light correctly while charging the battery
The temperature may be outside of the recommended operating temperature. Charge the
battery pack in an recommended ambient temperature of between 10°C to 30°C (50°F to
For details, see page 68.
The battery life is short.
The charging time is insufficient.
Depending on the conditions of the computer, it may take some time to charge this camera.
Charge the camera until the icon shows the


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