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SONY MHS-CM1 Instruction Manual

Mobile hd snap camera.
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Mobile HD Snap
For details on the advanced operations,
please access
"'Mobile HD Snap Camera Handbook" contained on
the supplied CD-ROM via a computer.
Instruction Manual
tile unit,
this manual
and retain
it [or [[lltlre reference.
© 2009 Sony Corporation
4-123-313-11 (1)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 For details on the advanced operations, please access "'Mobile HD Snap Camera Handbook" contained on the supplied CD-ROM via a computer. Instruction Manual BeR)re operating tile unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it [or [[lltlre reference. MHS-CM1/CM3 © 2009 Sony Corporation 4-123-313-11 (1)
  • Page 2: Read This First

    1-801t-822-8837, or visit • Be sure to charge tile battery pack using a genuine Sony battery charger or a device that Caution: Do not handle damaged or leaking call charge tile battery pack. Lithirnn-lon batteries.
  • Page 3 The supplied interface cable must be used with the equipment in order to comply with the limits for a Declaration of Conformity digital device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15 of Trade Name : SONY FCC Rules. Model No. : MHS-CM1 Responsible Party: Sony Electronics lnc.
  • Page 4: Notes On Usingyourcamera

    I Disposal of Old Electrical & connection with an incorporated battery, this battery should be replaced by qualified service Electronic Equipment (Applicable staff only. in the European Union and other To ensure that the battery will be treated properly, European countries with separate hand over the product at eud-olLlife...
  • Page 5 I Notes on recording/playback • Do not hold the camera by only holding the LCD panel. • Belore you start recording, make a trial recording to make sure that the camera I Note on disposal/transfer working correctly. When using snl:ware embedded ill the camera, •...
  • Page 6 _'3 Japan Electronics and lnfk_rmation Technology Industries Association I Warning on copyright Tele,Asion programs, fihns, _ideotapes. and other materials may be copyrighted. Unauthorized recording of such materials may be contrary to the provisions of the copyright laws. I No compensation for contents of the recording The contents of the recording cannot be compensated...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Read this first .................... Notes on using your camera ..............Enjoying the camera ............... Getting started ................Checking the accessories supplied ............1 Charging the built-in battery ..............2 Inserting "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media (sold separately) ....
  • Page 8: Enjoying The Camera

    Enjoying the camera Enjoying high definition images The movies shot with this camera will be recorded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Main Profile, approximately 30 frames per second, Progressive, LC, "MP4 format". MPEG: Movie Pictm'e Experts Group AVC: Advanced Video Codec Progressive playback The camera supports...
  • Page 9 Flow of use For types of "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media, you call use with your camera, F • Getting started page 4. Select the image size suited for your purpose. For the image size and image quality, F • Shooting in HD(highdefinition)imagequality see page •...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting started Checkingthe accessoriessupplied • AC Adaptor (1)/ • USB cable (1) Power cord (mains lead) (1) • Hand strap (1) • Lens cap (1) • Component A/V cable (1) Mounted on the lens at lactory. • CD-ROM (1) (page 22) PMB (Picture Motion Browser) including •...
  • Page 11: Charging The Built-in Battery

    1 Charging the built-in battery AC Adaptor CHG lamp DC IN jack Power cord (mail lead) • The battery is built in within the camera. _Connect the AC Adaptor to the DC IN jack of the camera, making sure power is off.
  • Page 12: Inserting "memory Stick Pro Duo" Media (sold Separately)

    2 Inserting "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media (sold separately) "Memory Stick Duo" media cover Insert the "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media all the way in as shown in the illustration until it clicks. 0Open the "Memory Stick Duo" media cover. Olnsert the "Memory Stick PRO Duo"...
  • Page 13: Turning The Camera On/setting The Clock

    3 Turning the camera on/setting the clock ON/OFF button • button A/T/_I/I_ button button MENU button _])Open the LCD panel to turn the power on. Opel1the LCD panel lip to u 90 degrees angle from the camera ((_)), then rotate it to the desired ungle _@).
  • Page 14: Shooting Images Easily

    Shooting images easily PHOTO button Zoom lever DISP button Power lamp • button ON/OFF button A/V/,*I/I_ button ___j_ Self-timer button UGHT button Macro button button MOVIE button (Play) button MENU button _]_Open the LeD panel to turn the power You can also turn Ihe power on by pressing ON/OFF. Confirm the composition.
  • Page 15 (_ Press PHOTO fully down. • Black bands appear on the top and bottom of the image when the image size is either [1080 30P] or [720 30P]. • You cannot shoot still images while shooting movies. • When shooting still images, the angle of view will change from that in shooting standby. When shooting movies:...
  • Page 16: Usefulfunctionsfor Shooting

    Usefulfunctionsfor shooting I W/T Using the zoom ff you press PHOTO, countdown timer Slide the zoom lever toward T to zoom ill, displayed, and after rapid beep sounds heard, the camera will shoot. slide the zoom lever toward W to zoom out.
  • Page 17 ISelecting a camera mode I Selecting image size Press "_l/'_ (hnage size) button to select Press MENU, then select the desired item in (Photo Size) or _ (Movie Size) with (Camera) (page 21). ,/1_ on the control button, then select Auto: desired image...
  • Page 18: Viewing/editing Images

    Viewing/Editing images Zoom lever Power lamp ON/OFF button MENU button button A/T/•/I_ button Control button [_] (Play) button (Sharemark) button L"_,"j/'@ (Delete) button OOpen the LeD panel to turn the power You can also turn the power on b> pressing ON/OFF. Press (Play) button...
  • Page 19 3 Select the images you want to delete with &/V/'_/_', then press • to display the "_ (Delete) indicator on the selected image. 4 Press [_I/'_ (Delete). 5 Select [OK] with _', then press •. • To delete all the images in the folder, select [All In This Folder] with &/V in step 2 instead of [Select], then press O.
  • Page 20 Connecting to a non-high-definition 1 6:9 (wide) or 4:3 TV [ruages recorded with HD (high definition) quality is converted to SD (standard definition) and played back. [rnages recorded with SD (standard definition) iruage quality are played back with SD (standard definition) iruage quality.
  • Page 21: Changingthe Settings- Menu/setup

    Changingthe settings- Menu/Setup Menu items The available menu items vary depending on the camera mode. The shooting menu is available only in the shooting mode, and the viewing menu available only in the playback mode. For details on the menu items, see "Mobile HD Snap Camera...
  • Page 22: Enjoyingyour Computer

    Enjoyingyour computer Viewing "Mobile HD Snap Camera What you can do with a Windows Handbook"(PDF) computer For advanced use of your camera, see Take either of the following ways to connect the camera with a Windows "Mobile HD Snap Camera Handbook" (PDF).
  • Page 23 The inslallalion menu screen appears. Display: DirectX 7 or later-compatible video card, Minimum 1,024 × 768 dots Camera Application Software Others: _ USB port (this must provided as standard, Hi-Speed (USB 20 compatible)) * For "PMB Portable", the disk volume required on using the program temporarily is approximately 1 GB.
  • Page 24 The User Agreement screen appears. [Snny Picture Utility] _ [PMB] to start "PMB" 5 Read the agreement carefully. If you or click [Start] ---* [All Programs] ---* [Sony accept the terms of the agreement, click Picture Utility] _ [Help[ ---* [PMB Guide].
  • Page 25 Mass nlaiutenance or lk)r other reasons. Storage Device]. • If tile operation of tile Sony server is to be terminated, you will be notified of the termination ahead nf time on Snny's website, etc. • Tile URLs to which you are redirected by the...
  • Page 26: Using Yourmacintoshcomputer

    Copy image files to the Macintosh Using yourMacintoshcomputer computer. @ Double-click the newly recognized You call copy images to your Macintosh icon _ [DCIM] (still images) computer. IMP_ROOT] (movies) the folder • "PMB" is not compatible with Macintosh where the images you want to copy computers.
  • Page 27: Indicators On The Screen

    Indicators on the screen Each time you press • (DISP) on the control button, the display changes (page 16). Battery remaining In shooting standby Shooting mode • When switching to the shooting mode, appears for approximately two seconds. Playback mode •...
  • Page 28 !!!!! !i!!i!! iii_i_ii!_iii!ii!!iii!!!i!!!iii!!!i!!!iii!!!i!!Liii_Ni!!i®iiii ¸liii!!;iiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Print order (DPOF) mark _c, ON Video light Protect hnage size L=NL-"TG Still image shooting mode [400] Remaining number Self-timer recordable images Menu/Guide menu [_"_]30P Image size _30P _aoP • Pressing MENU switches • AE/AF lock the melm/guide menu on/ off.
  • Page 29: Battery Life And Memory Capacity

    Battery life and memory capacity Batterylife andthe available Sufficient power remaining recordingand playbacktime The tables show' the approximate time (min.) that the images call be recorded/ played back with the built-in battery at full capacity and at all ambient temperature 25°C (77°F).
  • Page 30: Number Of Still Images And Recordingtime Of Movies

    (4:25:00) • Wben tbe number of remaining shootable • All numbers measured when using "Memory images is greater than 9,999, the ">9999" Stick PRO Duo" media made by Sony indicator appears. Corporation. The recordable time for movies • Wben images recorded using earlier Sony...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    Stick PRO Duo" media (page 30). If it is full, do one of internal memory in order to improve the following: condition. However, Sony dealer will Delete unnecessary images (page 18). neither copy nor save your data. Change the "Memory Stick PRO Duo"...
  • Page 32: Viewing Images

    "PMB Portable" does not start. click [Uninstall]. • Change the USB mode of the camera to • [Sony Mobile HD Snap Camera] in [Other [Mass Storage]. Devices] When [Confirm Device Removal] screen appears, click [OK] and delete it.
  • Page 33 10Re-install the USB d river by taking the following steps. (_) D ouble-click [My Computer]. @Right-click [SONYPICTUTIL(E:)](disk drive)*. * The driver letter (such as (E:)) may difler depending on the computer ynu are using. @Click [Openl, double-click [USB Driver] and then double-click [setup.exel.
  • Page 34: Precautions

    I On disposing the built-in battery • Near strong magnetic place • In sandy or dusty places Contact the nearest Sony dealer when disposing Be careful not to let sand or dust get into tire the built-in battery. camera.
  • Page 35: Specifications

    Duo", MEMORY STKK PRQ DUO, "Memory Stick Micro", "MagicGate", LCD panel: 6 cm (2.5 type) TFT drive MaXGICGZ_.TE are trademarks of Sony Total number of dots: 153 6t)(t (64(t x 240) dots Corporation. [Power, g eneral] • Microsofl, Windows, Windows Vista and DirectX are either registered trademarks Power: Lithium ion battery (built-in), 7.2 V...
  • Page 36 Additional int_rmation on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website. (Volatile Organic Cempeund)-free vegetable oil based Printed on 70% or more recycled paper using VOC ink. Printed in China 4123313110...

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