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AEG COMPETENCE D2160 Operating And Installation Instructions

Build-in electric fanned double oven.
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Build-in Electric Fanned
Double Oven
Operating And Installation


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  • Page 1 COMPETENCE D2160 Build-in Electric Fanned Double Oven Operating And Installation Instructions...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION These warnings are provided in the interests of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using the cooker. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the information in this book contact the Customer Care Department.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS FOR THE USER FOR THE INSTALLER Important Safety Information ....1 Technical Details ......32 Description Of The Oven .
  • Page 4: Description Of The Oven

    DESCRIPTION OF THE OVEN Build-in electric fanned double oven. Electronic Timer Control Panel Top Oven Main Oven Please note that the handle type on your product may differ in type and shape from that shown in the diagram. Your build-in oven comprises of a conventional second oven and dual grill in the top compartment. The main fanned oven is the larger of the two ovens.
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Oven

    GETTING TO KNOW YOUR OVEN The Control Panel A - Main Oven Temperature Control B - Main Oven Indicator Neon C - Electronic Timer D - Dual Grill Control E - Grill Indicator Neon F - Second Oven Indicator Neon G - Second Oven Temperature Control The Cooling Fan for the Controls The cooling fan comes on immediately when the grill is switched on and after a short time when either of the...
  • Page 6: Grill And Oven Furniture

    (311409401) 1 grill pan handle (311468100) Note If you require an additional handle for your grill pan, this can be ordered from your local AEG Service Centre by quoting part number 311479800\6 1 grill pan grid (311419801) 1 grill deflector...
  • Page 7: Before Using For The First Time

    BEFORE USING THE OVEN FOR THE FIRST TIME When first switching on When the cooker is first switched on at the wall the timer will flash. Press buttons ( ) together, while holding them down press (+) button until the correct time of day is reached.
  • Page 8: The Electronic Timer

  • Page 9: Setting The Oven Timer

    by pressing the minute minder button ( ) as Fig. The minute minder will sound intermittently for up to 7 minutes at the end of the timed period. The sound can be stopped by pressing the ( ) button. TO CANCEL THE MINUTE MINDER If you change your mind and want to cancel the minute minder, press the minute minder button ) and then the decrease control ( - ) until 0 .
  • Page 10 B) TO SET THE TIMER TO SWITCH OFF ONLY Ensure the electricity supply is switched ON and that the correct time of day is displayed, e.g. 10.00am as Fig. 9. ii) Place food in oven. iii) To set the length of cooking time, press the Fig.
  • Page 11: Automatic Cooking

    6. THINGS TO NOTE A programme may be cancelled by returning the cooking time to zero. Press the cooking hours button ( ) while holding it down press ( - ) button until 0.00 is displayed as Fig. 15. Release all buttons. The AUTO display will flash.
  • Page 12: The Dual Grill

    THE DUAL GRILL CAUTION - ACCESSIBLE PARTS MAY BECOME HOT WHEN THE GRILL IS IN USE. CHILDREN SHOULD BE KEPT AWAY. The grill is a dual circuit grill which means that the full area of the grill can be used or for economy purposes, the centre section only can be used when cooking smaller quantities of food.
  • Page 13: The Grill Pan And Handle

    THE GRILL PAN AND HANDLE The grill pan is supplied with a removable handle. 1. To attach the handle, place the wirework under the cut out in the pan so that the metal plate hooks over the top of the grill pan. 2.
  • Page 14: Grilling Chart

    Note If you require an additional handle for your grill pan, this can be ordered from your local AEG Service Centre by quoting part number 311479800\6. GRILLING CHART FOOD...
  • Page 15: The Second Oven

    THE SECOND OVEN The second oven is the smaller of the two ovens. It is heated by elements in the top and bottom of the oven. It is designed for cooking smaller quantities of food on one shelf. It gives especially good results if used to cook fruit cakes, sweet and savoury flans or quiche.
  • Page 16: Hints And Tips

    HINTS AND TIPS All cooking should be carried out using shelf positions one and two using a cranked shelf. Shelf positions are counted from the bottom upwards. When more space is required, for example when roasting or casseroling, a straight shelf from the main oven may be placed on the second oven base.
  • Page 17: The Main Fan Oven

    THE MAIN FAN OVEN The fan oven is particularly suitable for cooking larger quantities of food. The advantages of fan oven cooking are: PREHEATING The fan oven quickly reaches its temperature, so it is not usually necessary to preheat the oven. Without preheating however, you may find you need to add an extra 5-10 minutes on the recommended cooking times.
  • Page 18: Hints And Tips

    HINTS AND TIPS Arrange the shelves in the required positions before switching the oven ON. Shelves are numbered from the bottom upwards. When cooking more than one dish in the fan oven, place dishes centrally on different shelves rather than cluster several dishes on one shelf, this will allow the heat to circulate freely for the best cooking results.
  • Page 19: Oven Cooking Chart

    OVEN COOKING CHART The oven temperatures are intended as a guide only. It may be necessary to increase or decrease the temperatures by 10°C to suit individual preferences and requirements. FAN OVEN SECOND OVEN FOOD SHELF SHELF COOKING COOKING APPROX. POSITION TEMP POSITION...
  • Page 20: Roasting Chart

    ROASTING CHART ROASTING CHART INTERNAL TEMPERATURES - Rare : 50-60°C; Medium : 60-70°C; Well done :70-80°C MEAT SECOND/FAN COOKING TIME OVEN Beef 160-180°C 20-35 min per ½kg/1lb and 20-35 min over Beef, 160-180°C 20-35 min per ½kg/1lb boned and 25-35 min over Mutton 160-180°C 25-35 min per ½kg/1lb...
  • Page 21: Defrosting

    DEFROSTING This main oven function enables you to defrost most foods without heat faster than some conventional methods as the oven fan circulates air around the food. It is particularly suitable for delicate frozen foods which are to be served cold e.g. cream filled gateaux, cakes covered with icings or frostings, cheesecakes, biscuits, scones etc.
  • Page 22 Joints of meat up to 2kg/4½lb in weight can be thawed using the defrost function. All joints of meat and poultry must be thawed thoroughly before cooking. Always cook thoroughly immediately after thawing. DO NOT leave food at room temperature once it is defrosted.
  • Page 23: Helpful Hints When Buying And Preparing Food

    HELPFUL HINTS WHEN BUYING AND PREPARING FOOD Care must be taken when handling foods in the 10. Cook meat thoroughly meat home. Always follow the basic rules of food thermometer if preferred, which penetrates the hygiene to prevent bacterial and microbial growth joint to check that the centre temperature has cross contamination...
  • Page 24: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING BEFORE CLEANING OVEN ALWAYS ALLOW THE COOLING FAN TO COOL THE OVEN DOWN BEFORE SWITCHING OFF THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY. CLEANING MATERIALS Before using any cleaning materials on your oven, check that they are suitable and that their use is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Page 25: Cleaning The Door Glass

    CLEANING THE DOOR GLASS To prevent damaging or weakening the door glass panels avoid the use of the following: Household detergents and bleaches Impregnated pads unsuitable for non-stick saucepans Brillo/Ajax pads or steel wool pads Chemical oven pads or aerosols Rust removers Bath/Sink stain removers Hinge location...
  • Page 26: Cleaning The Grill And Oven Furniture

    Soaking first will make cleaning easier. REPLACING AN OVEN LIGHT BULB The type of bulb required is a 300C 25 watt small Edison Screw. (Available through AEG Service Centres). Disconnect cooker from electricity supply before replacing the bulb.
  • Page 27: If Something Doesn't Work

    IF SOMETHING DOESN'T WORK Please carry out the following checks on your cooker before calling a Service Engineer. It may be that the problem is a simple one which you can solve yourself without the expense of a service call. In-guarantee customers should make sure that the checks have been made as the engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Page 28 The oven light fails to illuminate The oven light bulb may need replacing see page If the Main Oven is set for automatic cooking the light will illuminate when the cook time begins. The oven fan is noisy Check that the oven is level. Check that shelves and bakeware are not vibrating in contact with the oven back panel.
  • Page 29: Guarantee Conditions

    This guarantee does not cover such parts as light bulbs, removable glassware, or plastic. Should guarantee repairs be necessary the purchaser must inform the nearest customer service office (AEG's service or authorised agent). AEG reserves the right to stipulate the place of repair (i.e. the customer's home, place of installation or AEG workshop).
  • Page 30: Service And Spare Parts

    Dublin 12 Telephone: 01 4090754 CUSTOMER CARE DEPARTMENT For general enquiries concerning your AEG appliance, or further information on AEG products, you are invited to contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone as follows: Customer Care Department AEG Domestic Appliances...
  • Page 31: Service Force Centres

    AEG SERVICE CENTRES 0870 5 929929 To contact your local AEG Service Centre telephone NORTH EAST CHANNEL ISLANDS SCOTLAND (M05) (M03) NORTHERN IRELAND BLANTYRE Unit 5 (M07) Block 2 Auchenraith Ind Estate Rosendale Way (M27) Blantyre G72 0NJ NORTH WEST...
  • Page 32 AEG SERVICE CENTRES 0870 5 929929 To contact your local AEG Service Centre telephone LONDON & EAST ANGLIA MIDLANDS SOUTH EAST (M23) SOUTH WEST (M57) &2...
  • Page 33: Technical Details

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TECHNICAL DETAILS Voltage: 230/240 Volts AC 50 Hz Loading info: Second Oven: 2.0kW Dual Grill: 2.8kW Base Element: 1.3kW Main Oven Fan Element: 2.5kW Fan Motor: 0.03kW Oven light: 0.05kW Wattage: 5.0/5.4kW Height: 897mm Width: 592mm Depth: 563mm (excluding handles and knobs) Weight: 56kg...
  • Page 34: Warnings

    WARNINGS: This cooker must be installed by a Red or Earth (Green or qualified electrician/competent person. Brown Green/Yellow) Safety may be impaired if installation is not carried out in accordance with Blue or these instructions. Black This cooker must be earthed. Do not remove the screws from the earth tab extending from the oven mains terminal block (Fig.1).
  • Page 35: Things To Note

    THINGS TO NOTE This cooker is designed to be fitted in cabinets of the recommended dimensions as shown (Fig. 3), page 35. If your cabinet interior dimension is between 565-570mm the oven may still be fitted. However, a minor modification to the cabinet will be required.
  • Page 36: Recommended Cabinet Dimensions

    RECOMMENDED CABINET DIMENSIONS (IN MILLIMETRES) 6 0 0 m i n 5 6 0 m i n 5 5 8 5 7 0 m a x 907 min Below m i n 5 5 0 & Cross section through cabinet showing oven positioned Fig.3 Built In Installation...
  • Page 37: How To Finish Unpacking

    HOW TO FINISH UNPACKING Place packed cooker next to the cabinet in which it will be installed. Remove the cooker packing except for bottom tray which should be left in position until the cooker is ready to be fitted into its cabinet. It is imperative that the cooker is left in the base to protect both the appliance and the floor.
  • Page 38: To Remove Cover Of Mains Terminal

    TO REMOVE COVER OF MAINS TERMINAL From the rear of the cooker, remove mains input terminal cover to gain access to terminal block. First remove retaining screw with pozidrive screwdriver. See Fig. 4. Fig.4 Prise cover loose using screwdriver in position (1) then lever off with screwdriver in position (2) at either side.
  • Page 39: Connecting To The Mains Terminal

    CONNECTING TO MAINS TERMINAL WARNING: This cooker must earthed. Make connection as shown in Fig. 7 by proceeding as follows:- Preform wires to the appropriate shape to suit fitting into the mains terminal block. Strip inner insulation wires using wirestrippers. Twist the bared wires using pliers.
  • Page 40: Fitting Into The Cabinet

    FITTING INTO THE CABINET IMPORTANT: Ensure that the oven is switched off at the wall before any Fig.8 further work is carried out. Using a tape measure establish the internal width of the cabinet. Refer to page 34 if greater than 565mm.
  • Page 42 COMPETENCE D2160 - 311489803.
  • Page 43 RATING PLATE REFERENCE MAKE AND MODEL NO. PRODUCT NO. SERIAL NO. DATE OF PURCHASE IMPORTANT NOTICE In line with our continuing policy of research and development, we reserve the right to alter models and specifications without prior notice. This handbook is accurate at the date of printing, but will be superseded and should be disregarded if specifications or appearance are changed.
  • Page 44 AEG DOMESTIC APPLIANCES, 55 -77 HIGH STREET, SLOUGH, BERKSHIRE. SL1 1DZ. TELEPHONE 0870 5 350350 PART NUMBER : 311489803 ©Electrolux Household Appliances Limited 2000...

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