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Yamaha Apex RX10RZ Owner's Manual

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Read this manual carefully
before operating this vehicle.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha Apex RX10RZ

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. RX10RZ RX10LTZ RX10MTZ LIT-12628-02-88 8FP-28199-15...
  • Page 2 ESU10041 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold.
  • Page 3 U.S.A. 1st Edition, July 2009 It represents the high degree of craftsmanship All rights reserved. and reliability that have made Yamaha a lead- Any reprinting or unauthorized use er in these fields. without the written permission of This manual will give you an understanding of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
  • Page 4 Important manual information ESU10151 Particularly important information is distin- guished in this manual by the following nota- tions. This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury haz- ards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Pre-operation checks ..... 31 Location of the important labels ..1 Pre-operation check list ....31 Safety information ......6 Operation ......... 33 Starting the engine ....... 33 Description ........8 Break-in ........34 Riding your snowmobile ....34 Control functions ......
  • Page 6 Replacing a fuse ......74 Troubleshooting ......78 Storage ..........82 Specifications ......... 84 Consumer information....86 Identification number records ..86 Vehicle Emission Control Information label ......87 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. SNOWMOBILE LIMITED WARRANTY....... 88 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.)........91...
  • Page 7: Location Of The Important Labels

    Read and understand all of the labels on your vehicle. They contain important information for safe and proper operation of your vehicle. Never remove any labels from your vehicle. If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replacement label is available from your Yamaha deal- RX10R/RX10LT...
  • Page 8 Location of the important labels 2 RX10R/RX10LT NOTICE Do not exceed the combined maximum capacity of 30W for the auxiliary jacks. ATTENTION Ne pas dépasser la capacité totale de 30W des prises pour accessoires combinées. 8FR-2815S-E0 ATTENTION NOTICE 8ET-2815K-10 8ET-2815K-00 TUNE-UP SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS DE LA MISE AU POINT ENGINE...
  • Page 9: Location Of The Important Labels

  • Page 10 Location of the important labels 11 RX10LT This spark ignition system meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference Causing Equipment Regulations. Ce système d’allumage par étincelle de véhicule respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. 3JK-82377-10 88C-77769-00 8FA-E0...
  • Page 11 Location of the important labels 16 RX10MT 17 RX10MT LOAD LIMIT / CHARGE LIMITE 10kg {22lbs} 8ET-24897-00...
  • Page 12: Safety Information

    Become familiar with all of the operating This snowmobile is designed to carry the controls and their function. Consult a OPERATOR ONLY. Passengers are pro- Yamaha dealer about any control or func- hibited. Carrying a passenger can cause tion you do not understand. loss of control.
  • Page 13 Many surfaces such as ice and hardpacked cessories or offer other modifications for snow require much longer stopping distanc- Yamaha vehicles. Yamaha is not in a position es. Be alert, plan ahead and begin deceler- to test the products that these aftermarket ating early.
  • Page 14: Description

    Description ESU10260 RX10R RX10MT 5,6,7 9,10 5,6,7 9,10 RX10LT 5,6,7 9,10 1. Battery 2. Main fuse 3. Air filter 4. Oil filler cap 5. Fuse box 6. Coolant reservoir 7. Coolant recovery tank 8. Strap (RX10MT) 9. Tool kit 10. Storage compartment 11.
  • Page 15 Description 4 5 6 7 8 20 22 24 26 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 21 23 25 27 1. Brake lever 21. Fuel level warning indicator “ ” 2. Parking brake lever 22. Thumb warmer indicator “ ”...
  • Page 16 Description The snowmobile you have purchased may differ slightly from those shown in the figures of this manual. Design and specifications are subjected to change without notice.
  • Page 17: Control Functions

    Control functions ESU10292 Main switch The main switch controls the ignition and lighting systems. The various positions are described below. 1. Throttle lever ESU10346 Throttle override system (T.O.R.S.) EWS00041 1. Off WARNING 2. On If the T.O.R.S. is activated, make sure that 3.
  • Page 18: Multi-Function Meter Unit

    “84” will flash in the When the key is turned to the on position, the meter display. If this occurs, have a Yamaha tachometer needle makes one sweep, and dealer check the system as soon as possible.
  • Page 19 Control functions and then push the “SELECT” button for at least 3 seconds while the snowmobile is stopped. Odometer, tripmeter, and barometer modes 1. “SELECT” button 2. “RESET” button 3. Clock Push the “RESET” button to change the hour setting, and then push the “SE- LECT”...
  • Page 20: High Beam Indicator Light

    Control functions ESU10472 Low coolant temperature indi- cator light “ ” The low coolant temperature indicator light comes on when the coolant temperature is low and informs the rider that the snowmobile should be warmed up. After the engine is started, warm it up until the indicator light goes off.
  • Page 21 Control functions Grip/thumb warmer level indicator When the grip warmer adjustment switch is pressed, the grip warmer indicator comes on and the display switches to the grip warmer level. When the thumb warmer adjustment switch is pressed, the thumb warmer indicator comes on and the display switches to the thumb warmer level.
  • Page 22: Fuel Level Warning Indicator

    Control functions If the fuel level warning indicator, the warning light, and all segments of the fuel meter flash, have a Yamaha dealer inspect the snowmo- bile as soon as possible. 1. Thumb warmer adjustment switch The grip/thumb warmer level is displayed for 5 seconds after releasing the grip/thumb 1.
  • Page 23: Coolant Temperature Warning Indicator

    If the oil level warning indicator and the warn- age. [ECS00820] ing light still remain on, have a Yamaha dealer check the snowmobile. ESU10512 Coolant temperature warning indicator “ ”...
  • Page 24: Headlight Beam Switch "Lights

    Control functions ESU10661 Headlight beam switch “LIGHTS” Push the headlight beam switch to change the headlight to high beam “HI” or to low beam “LO”. 1. Thumb warmer adjustment switch To raise the temperature, press the respec- tive switch to “HI”. To lower the temperature, press the switch to “LO”.
  • Page 25: Helmet Shield Heater Jack (Rx10R / Rx10Lt)

    Control functions After using the auxiliary DC jack, be sure to remove the accessory power plug from the jack and to close the auxiliary DC jack cap. ECS01002 NOTICE To avoid circuit overload and a possible fuse blowing, do not use accessories re- quiring more than the maximum rated capacity for the auxiliary DC jack.
  • Page 26: Parking Brake Lever

    Control functions 1. Brake lever 1. Parking brake lever To release the parking brake, move the park- ing brake lever to the right. When the brake lever is squeezed, the brake light comes on. The brake lever is equipped with a position adjuster.
  • Page 27: Shroud And Covers

    Control functions 1. Pull out. 1. Shroud 2. Slide to “FWD” (forward). 2. Right side cover 3. Release. 1. Left side cover 1. Pull out. 2. Slide to “REV” (reverse). 3. Release. ECS00072 NOTICE Do not use the shift lever while the snow- mobile is moving, otherwise the drive train could be damaged.
  • Page 28 Control functions Make sure that the drive guard is tight- ened securely before operating the snowmobile to protect against severe injury or death from a broken V-belt or other part should it come off the snow- mobile while it is in operation. ECS00930 NOTICE Never run the engine with the V-belt re-...
  • Page 29: V-Belt Holders

    Control functions ESU10760 V-belt holders Keep a spare V-belt for emergency use by placing it into the V-belt holders provided. 1. Rear carrier Maximum load limit: 10 kg (22 lb) 1. V-belt holder EWS00140 ECS00180 WARNING NOTICE Do not use the rear carrier to lift the snow- Make sure that the V-belt is installed se- mobile.
  • Page 30: Suspension

    ONLY Fuel tank capacity: 35.6 L (9.41 US gal, 7.83 Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane number [(R+M)/2] of 86 or higher, or a research octane number of 91 or higher.
  • Page 31 A, shown in the illustra- out shock absorber yourself. Take the tion. The longer distance A is, the higher the shock absorber to a Yamaha dealer for spring preload; the shorter distance A is, the any service. lower the spring preload.
  • Page 32 Control functions ESU10975 Spring preload setting*: Adjusting the spring preload of the Minimum (soft): center shock absorber and the rear 115.5 mm (4.55 in) torsion springs (RX10MT), or the rear Standard: shock absorber (RX10R / RX10LT) 116.5 mm (4.59 in) Maximum (hard): The spring preload can be adjusted by turning 126.5 mm (4.98 in)
  • Page 33 Minimum (soft): Standard: Maximum (hard): 1. Rear shock absorber damping force remote The spring preload can be further adjusted by adjusting dial changing the position of the spring seat. Have a Yamaha dealer make this adjustment as it requires special tools.
  • Page 34 Control functions Rebound damping setting: Minimum (soft): Use the special wrench in the owner’s tool kit 22 click(s) in direction (b)* to make this adjustment. Standard: With the adjusting dial fully turned Loosen the locknut. in direction (a) To increase weight transfer, turn the ad- Maximum (hard): juster in direction (a), and to decrease With the adjusting dial fully turned...
  • Page 35 Control functions 1. Special wrench Locknut tightening torque: 35 Nm (3.5 m·kgf, 25 ft·lbf) RX10MT EWS00770 WARNING The left and right adjusting nuts must be set to the same position. Uneven settings can cause poor handling and loss of sta- bility.
  • Page 36 Control functions 1. Red paint area 2. Adjustable range 3. Standard position Tighten the locknut while holding the ad- justing nut in place. NOTICE: Always tighten the locknut against the adjust- ing nut, and then tighten the locknut to the specified torque. [ECS00860] Locknut tightening torque: 25 Nm (2.5 m·kgf, 18 ft·lbf)
  • Page 37: Pre-Operation Checks

    • Make sure that drive guard is tightened securely. Drive guard • Check the drive guard mounts for damage. • Check operation. • If soft or spongy, have Yamaha dealer bleed hy- draulic system. • Check brake pads for wear. Brake •...
  • Page 38 • Check the deflection. • Adjust if necessary. Drive track • Check for wear and damage. • If necessary, have a Yamaha dealer replace track. • Check for wear and damage. Slide runners • If necessary, have Yamaha dealer replace slide runners.
  • Page 39: Operation

    2. Off position the engine does not start or if it stops again, Turn the main switch to the start position ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect the snow- and release it when the engine starts. mobile. NOTICE: Release the switch immedi- an engine overheating prevention system, ately after the engine starts.
  • Page 40: Break-In

    After 800 km (500 mi) of operation, the engine oil must be changed and the oil filter cartridge replaced. If any engine trouble should occur dur- ing the engine break-in period, immedi- ately have a Yamaha dealer check the snowmobile. ESU11333 1. Start Riding your snowmobile...
  • Page 41 Operation Pay particular attention to the safety informa- Braking tion on page 6. EWS00220 WARNING Please read all warning and notice labels on Many surfaces such as ice and hard- your snowmobile. Also, read the Snowmobil- packed snow require much longer stop- er’s Safety Handbook that is supplied with ping distances.
  • Page 42 Operation Improper riding techniques such as abrupt throttle changes, excessive braking, incorrect body movements, or too much speed for the sharpness of the turn may cause the snow- mobile to tip. If your snowmobile begins to tip while turning, lean more into the turn to regain balance. If necessary, gradually let off on the throttle or steer to the outside of the turn.
  • Page 43 Operation Snow and ice are slippery, so be prepared for the possibility that your snowmobile could be- gin to slip sideways on the slope. If this hap- pens, steer in the direction of the slide if there are no obstacles in your path. As you regain proper balance, gradually steer again in the direction you wish to travel.
  • Page 44: Maximizing Drive Track Life

    Recommendations recommendations. Track tension Yamaha does not recommend track stud- During initial break-in, the new drive track will ding. tend to stretch quickly as the track settles. Be sure to correct the track tension and align-...
  • Page 45: Strap (Rx10Mt)

    Operation ESU11360 ESU11393 Strap (RX10MT) Driving The strap should be used only by experienced EWS00300 WARNING operators to assist them when traverse (side- Be sure to read the “SAFETY INFORMA- hill) riding. TION” section on page 6 and the “Riding your snowmobile”...
  • Page 46: Stopping The Engine

    Operation Squeeze the throttle lever slowly to start out. Turn the handlebar in the desired direc- tion. Squeeze the brake lever to stop the snowmobile. Apply the parking brake by moving the parking brake lever to the left. ESU11411 Stopping the engine Turn the main switch to the off position to 1.
  • Page 47 Operation for your snowmobile is best. This will help keep foreign objects out of the cooling vents, and also help protect the snowmo- bile against damage from debris on the road. If transporting the snowmobile in an open trailer or truck in areas where road salt is used, coat metal suspension surfaces light- ly with oil or another protectant.
  • Page 48: Periodic Maintenance And Adjustment

    Yamaha dealers are trained and equipped to perform these particular services. ESU11461 Periodic maintenance chart for the emission control system Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills. INITIAL...
  • Page 49 Periodic maintenance and adjustment INITIAL EVERY Seasonally 1 month ITEM REMARKS PAGE or 800 km 4000 km (500 mi) (2500 mi) (40 hr) (200 hr) • Check and adjust valve clear- Every 40000 km (25000 * Valve clearance ance when engine is cold. •...
  • Page 50: General Maintenance And Lubrication Chart

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment ESU11563 General maintenance and lubrication chart INITIAL EVERY Seasonally 1 month ITEM REMARKS PAGE or 800 km 4000 km (500 mi) (2500 mi) (40 hr) (200 hr) • Change (warm engine before Engine oil draining). Every Engine oil filter car- •...
  • Page 51 Periodic maintenance and adjustment INITIAL EVERY Seasonally 1 month ITEM REMARKS PAGE or 800 km 4000 km (500 mi) (2500 mi) (40 hr) (200 hr) Skis and ski run- • Check for wear and damage. ners • Replace if necessary. •...
  • Page 52: Tool Kit

    If you do not have a torque wrench available during a service operation requiring one, take your snowmobile to a Yamaha dealer to check the torque settings and adjust them if necessary. 1. Shroud stay...
  • Page 53 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Be sure to fit the projection on the rear of the side cover into the hole in the lower side cov- Top cover To remove the top cover Remove the shroud. (See the above pro- cedure.) Remove the screws, and then remove 1.
  • Page 54: Checking The Spark Plugs

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment To install the top cover down and erode. Consult a Yamaha dealer Connect the main switch coupler and before changing to a different type of spark auxiliary DC jack coupler, place the top plug. cover in the original position, and then Specified spark plug: tighten the quick fastener screws.
  • Page 55: Adjusting The Engine Idling Speed

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment Before installing any spark plug, measure the Turn the idle adjusting screw in or out to electrode gap with a wire thickness gauge adjust the engine idling speed. and adjust to specification. Spark plug gap: 0.7–0.8 mm (0.028–0.031 in) When installing the spark plug, always clean the gasket surface.
  • Page 56: Adjusting The Throttle Cable Free Play

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment ESU11835 Adjusting the throttle cable free play Place the snowmobile on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Remove the shroud. (See page 46 for re- moval procedures.) Remove the headlight unit bolt on each side of the snowmobile and loosen the quick fastener screws shown on the top 1.
  • Page 57: Checking The Throttle Override System (T.o.r.s.)

    33. by turning the main switch to the off Hold the pivot point of the throttle lever position and consult a Yamaha dealer. away from the throttle switch by putting Operating the snowmobile with a mal- your thumb (above) and forefinger (be- functioning T.O.R.S.
  • Page 58 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Remove the shroud. (See page 46 for re- Slightly lift up the headlight unit, and then moval procedures.) remove the air filter case cover. Unhook the air filter case cover fasteners. Lift up the air filter element frame and check the air filter element.
  • Page 59: High-Altitude Settings

    Yamaha dealer. The dealer can tell you if there are any changes necessary for the al- titude where you plan to ride. NOTICE: The...
  • Page 60 800 km (500 mi) of operation, and every 20000 km (12000 mi) of operation thereafter. Have a Yamaha dealer replace the oil filter car- tridge. To check the engine oil level Place the snowmobile on a level surface and apply the parking brake.
  • Page 61 Place an oil pan under the oil tank to col- tridge replacement) lect the used oil. Disconnect the oil level gauge coupler. Have a Yamaha dealer replace the oil filter cartridge. Place the snowmobile on a level surface and apply the parking brake.
  • Page 62 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Remove the oil filler cap, and then re- Tightening torques: move the engine oil drain bolt and its gas- Engine oil drain bolt (crankcase): ket to drain the oil from the oil tank. 30 Nm (3.0 m·kgf, 22 ft·lbf) Engine oil drain bolt (oil tank): 16 Nm (1.6 m·kgf, 11 ft·lbf) 12.
  • Page 63: Cooling System

    Do not use hard wa- ning, immediately turn the engine off ter or salt water since it is harmful to and have a Yamaha dealer check the the engine. If water has been used in- snowmobile. Continuing to operate...
  • Page 64 The cooling system must be bled if the cool- ant reservoir becomes empty, if air can be seen in the cooling system, or if there is a Recommended antifreeze: cooling system leak. Consult a Yamaha deal- High-quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containing corrosion inhibitors Antifreeze and water mixing ratio:...
  • Page 65: V-Belt

    If it is not full, remove the cool- ant reservoir cap, fill the reservoir with the recommended coolant, and then install the cap. If you find any leaks, consult a Yamaha deal- Install the top cover. 1. V-belt wear limit ESU12066...
  • Page 66 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Rotate the secondary sliding sheave clockwise and push it so that it separates from the secondary fixed sheave. 1. Secondary sliding sheave 2. Secondary fixed sheave Pull the V-belt up over the secondary fixed sheave. 1. Edge of the secondary sheave assembly 2.
  • Page 67: Drive Chain Housing

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment 10. Rotate the secondary sliding sheave clockwise and push it so that it separates from the secondary fixed sheave. 1. Secondary sliding sheave 2. Secondary fixed sheave 11. Install the V-belt between the secondary sliding and fixed sheaves. 1.
  • Page 68 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Recommended drive chain oil: SAE 75W or 80W API GL-3 Gear oil Install the dipstick, making sure to align the notch in the dipstick handle with the projection on the drive chain housing. 1. Dipstick Remove the dipstick and check that the oil is between the maximum and mini- mum level marks on the “REVERSE”...
  • Page 69: Brake And Parking Brake

    4.7 mm (0.19 in) You could lose braking ability, which could lead to an accident. Ask a Yamaha Install the right side cover and the shroud. dealer to inspect and repair the brake Checking the parking brake pads system.
  • Page 70 5. Parking brake cable length fluid and may result in vapor lock. If the brake fluid level goes down, consult Parking brake cable length: a Yamaha dealer. 43.5–46.5 mm (1.713–1.831 in) ECS00550 Tighten the parking brake cable locknut. NOTICE...
  • Page 71: Extrovert Drive Sprocket

    EWS00471 damage. Replace if necessary. WARNING Make sure that the brake fluid and the fol- lowing parts are replaced by a Yamaha dealer. Brake fluid replacement is necessary when the following components are replaced during the periodic maintenance or if they are dam- aged or leaking.
  • Page 72: Steering System

    To align the skis Turn the handlebar so the skis face straight ahead. Check the following for ski alignment: If excessive free play is felt, consult a Yamaha Skis are facing forward. Ski toe-out (distance A – distance B) is dealer.
  • Page 73 Periodic maintenance and adjustment material is visible or support rods are broken. Otherwise, track damage or fail- ure could result in loss of braking ability and snowmobile control, which could cause an accident. Checking the drive track EWS00490 WARNING Do not operate the snowmobile if you find damage to the drive track, or if it has been 1.
  • Page 74 Periodic maintenance and adjustment 1. Rear axle nut 1. Left adjusting bolt 2. Right adjusting bolt Lift the rear of the snowmobile onto a suit- 3. Locknut able stand to raise the drive track off the Shifted to right ground. Start the engine and rotate the drive track one or two turns.
  • Page 75 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Shifted to left 1. Rear axle nut 1. Forward Lift the rear of the snowmobile onto a suit- 2. Gap able stand to raise the drive track off the 3. Slide runner ground. 4. Drive track Start the engine and rotate the drive track 5.
  • Page 76 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Adjust the drive track deflection to speci- fication. NOTICE: The right and left ad- justing nuts should be turned an equal amount. [ECS00592] Drive track More than Less than deflection specified specified Left adjusting Turn in Turn out Right adjust- Turn in...
  • Page 77: High-Profile Pattern Drive Track

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment ECS00350 EWS00511 NOTICE WARNING Ride on fresh snow frequently. Operating Do not grease the throttle cable because it on ice or hard-packed snow will rapidly could become frozen, which could cause loss of control. Apply a dab of grease onto wear the slide runners.
  • Page 78: Replacing A Headlight Bulb

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment RX10MT 1. Grease nipple 1. Grease nipple ESU12221 Replacing a headlight bulb Remove the top cover. (See page 46 for removal procedures.) Remove the screws, and then remove the headlight access panel. 1. Grease nipple RX10R / RX10LT 1.
  • Page 79: Adjusting The Headlight Beams

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment 1. Headlight coupler 1. Do not touch the glass part of the bulb. 2. Bulb holder cover Bulb type: Unhook the bulb holder by pushing it in, Halogen bulb then clockwise. Install the bulb holder cover, and then connect the headlight coupler.
  • Page 80: Fittings And Fasteners

    KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. fuse could cause electrical system dam- age or A FIRE HAZARD. Charge or have a Yamaha dealer charge the battery as soon as possible if it seems to have ECS00631 discharged. Keep in mind that the battery...
  • Page 81 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Remove the shroud, the left and right side covers, and the top cover. (See page 46 for removal procedures.) Remove the headlight unit bolts, discon- nect the headlight couplers and multi- function meter unit coupler, and then re- move the headlight unit.
  • Page 82 Periodic maintenance and adjustment Disconnect the negative battery lead. Replace the blown fuse with one of the proper amperage. 1. Spare fuse 2. Fuel injection system fuse 3. Main fuse 1. “HEAD” (headlight) fuse 2. “SIG” (signaling system) fuse 3. “DC TERM” (auxiliary DC jack) fuse 4.
  • Page 83 Headlight fuse: 20.0 A Signaling system fuse: If the fuse immediately blows again, ask a 10.0 A Yamaha dealer to inspect the snowmobile. Auxiliary DC jack fuse: 3.0 A Ignition fuse: 20.0 A Backup fuse: 3.0 A Radiator fan fuse: 4.0 A...
  • Page 84: Troubleshooting

    Clean fuel line. Compression ↓ Insufficient • Clogged injector: • Loose cylinder head nuts: Ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect. Tighten nuts properly. Fuel supplied to combustion chamber ↓ • Flooded engine: • Worn or damaged gasket: Crank engine or wipe the spark plugs Replace gasket.
  • Page 85 Troubleshooting Be sure to pull the lead covers back over the terminals completely. If the termi- nals are exposed, they could come into contact with the frame or a metal part of the snowmobile and this can cause elec- trical system damage or A FIRE HAZ- ARD.
  • Page 86 Engine stop switch is pushed in: Pull it out. Faulty wire connections: Check connec- tions or ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect. Discharged battery: Charge battery or see “Discharged battery” above. Seized engine: Seizure is caused by poor lubrication, inadequate fuel, or an air leak.
  • Page 87 Engine does not upshift or downshift properly or engages harshly Worn or damaged V-belt: Replace the V- belt or ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect. Incorrect V-belt clutch settings for altitude or conditions: Ask a Yamaha dealer to in- spect.
  • Page 88: Storage

    (gaso- the fuel increases the chance for water to en- line), rust removers or inhibitors, brake ter the engine. Use Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine fluid, antifreeze or electrolyte. Fogging Oil, or an equivalent fogging oil, to...
  • Page 89 Apply a coat of wax to painted surfaces. Apply that you have your snowmobile checked and suitable protectants to the exterior of the en- tuned by a Yamaha dealer. The dealer has gine, drive track, and to other metal, plastic, the experience and training to help you get and rubber parts.
  • Page 90: Specifications

    Specifications ESU12468 Minimum pump octane (R+M)/2: Starting system: Dimensions: Electric starter Overall length: Chassis: RX10LT 3000 mm (118.1 in) Drive track: RX10MT 3335 mm (131.3 in) Material: RX10R 2805 mm (110.4 in) Molded rubber, fiberglass-rod reinforced Overall width: Type: RX10LT 1225 mm (48.2 in) Internal drive type RX10MT 1165 mm (45.9 in) Width:...
  • Page 91 Specifications Bulb voltage, wattage × quantity: Drive chain housing oil: Type: Headlight: 12 V, 60/55 W × 2 SAE 75W or 80W API GL-3 Gear oil Capacity: Headlight bulb type: 0.25 L (0.26 US qt, 0.22 Imp.qt) Halogen bulb Reverse system: Tail/brake light: Primary reduction ratio: Meter lighting:...
  • Page 92: Consumer Information

    Record the frame serial number, engine serial number (Primary ID), and key identification number in the spaces provided for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. Also, record and keep the ID numbers in a separate place in case the snowmobile is sto- len.
  • Page 93: Vehicle Emission Control Information Label

    Consumer information ESU13460 Vehicle Emission Control Infor- mation label 1. Vehicle Emission Control Information label The Vehicle Emission Control Information la- bel is affixed at the location in the illustration. This label shows specifications related to ex- haust emissions as required by federal law, state law and Environment Canada.
  • Page 94: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.s.a. Snowmobile Limited Warranty

    WARRANTY PERIOD: WARRANTY TRANSFER: To transfer any remain- 1. All Yamaha snowmobiles shall be warranted for a ing warranty from the original purchaser to any subse- term of one (1) year from the date of purchase, plus quent purchaser, it is imperative that the machine be a special early-season extension (if applicable).
  • Page 95 Post Office Box 6555 specified in the Owner’s Manual? Cypress, California 90630 A. No. The warranty on a new Yamaha cannot be “voided” or “canceled.” However, if a particular failure is caused by operation or maintenance other than as shown in the Owner’s Manual, that failure may not be...
  • Page 96: Customer Service

    If the dealer is not able to do so, he is expected to contact Yamaha Motor If you should move after you have purchased your new Corporation, U.S.A., for clarification or assistance.
  • Page 97: Yamaha Extended Service (Y.e.s.)

    Consumer information ESU12510 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.)
  • Page 98 Index Air filter, checking........51 Identification numbers ......86 Auxiliary DC jack ........18 Location of the important labels ....1 Battery............74 Low coolant temperature indicator light ... 14 Brake and parking brake ......63 Lubrication..........71 Brake lever ..........19 Break-in............
  • Page 99 Index Throttle override system (T.O.R.S.), checking..........51 Tool kit............46 Transporting ..........40 Troubleshooting ........78 Valve clearance........53 V-belt............59 V-belt holders ........... 23 Vehicle Emission Control Information label ............87...

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